🚨 How to make a $30 72-hour EMERGENCY FOOD Preparedness Kit! Every home needs this!

A lot of us were caught really
unprepared with the recent global situation that
we're all facing so i've decided to start a budget
emergency preparedness series that's going to teach you how to
feel more in control and be prepared for whatever the world
throws at you on a dad today we're going to start with how to
make a shelf-stable 72-hour emergency food supply for two to
four people with a cheap five-gallon bucket
the whole thing can be done for 30 or less let's get into it a little back story about me i am sarah
wilson also known as budget girl here on the internets
and i used to be a prepper and i've gotten lazy
at the wrong time i was in high school when hurricane katrina hit the
mississippi gulf coast where i lived and i had to
evacuate for several months with nothing but
a backpack full of clothes pretty much i've lived in places where tornadoes
were a common occurrence hurricanes and now i live somewhere where natural
disasters don't happen that often so i've gotten lazy and i used to have
bug out bags and a ton of food storage and a bunch of like emergency supplies
and just over the years i've kind of gotten less serious about it but i think
if anything has been learned from the current global
situation it's that we can't necessarily afford to
get lazy on this kind of stuff i like many other people
once we started hearing news of what's happening and i'm sorry i can't say it
it's for monetization purposes found myself needing to go to
the grocery store because my pantry was low i hadn't shopped in a
while and not necessarily feeling super safe to do so so i decided
that one of the first things that i wanted to do to get
more prepared going forward was to make myself a 72-hour
emergency food kit now this is one of the
several things that fema and ready.gov recommends that
every single citizen have in their home a shelf-stable 72-hour food supply now
there are a few ways you can go about this
now right now you can't really purchase an emergency kit
online if you do it's not going to come for several months
but i think that could be a good thing if you're watching this because
the food that comes in those emergency food kits is usually
ration bars which quite frankly nobody wants to eat
if you do have to shelter in place if there is an emergency where you lose
power water you can't leave your house because something's happening in the
world any of those emergencies and the only
food you have on hand is ration bars that's gonna make the whole situation i
don't want to say worse but it's not going to make it any better
because any food is better than some but what if you could
spend about 30 and make it so you had three full days worth of food breakfast
lunch dinner and snacks for your entire family that they would eat
that they would enjoy that would meet all of their nutritional
needs and would be comforting in a time of crisis that
sounds a lot better right the other options that i've seen
on the internet are the kind of long-term food supply survivalists kind
of camping backpack things and when you look at those it's about a
hundred dollars usually like a 72-hour kit sometimes more and
when you look at the meals inside those kits it's always like
potato soup oatmeal kind of very bland things that
you wouldn't necessarily choose to eat if it was in your choice to do so
and the other problem with those is that they usually don't come pre-portioned
into single serving packs so you get one of
these big square 72-hour emergency food kits and you get
like a big bag of potato soup that's all anybody's eating because it
says like nine servings of potato soup you have to open it you have to pretty
much cook it all at once there's no way to reseal anything
i think that's also a problem so i put together
this 72 hour emergency family food kit to cold costs under 40
including the bucket let's talk about why a bucket is pretty much the perfect
thing to keep a 72-hour emergency supply of food in
one this is highly portable you can grab it and go if the emergency
that happens is maybe a fire or an evacuation
earthquakes you have to leave your home for some reason you could grab
this and have 72 hours worth of food for your family ready to go it has a
handle perfectly portable two this is
fairly protected if you store your emergency food supply in your pantry
there's a chance you're gonna eat it if you store it in a backpack
there's a chance something else could eat it nothing is really chewing
through this additionally having something that is sealable
that is hard plastic is going to be fairly durable
it will keep air out it will help keep the food that you put inside it fairly
fresh and we'll talk more about how to choose
the correct items to put in here in just a little bit
this is a food safe bucket i got it from lowe's just recently but
i'll tell you right now you don't necessarily need
a food safe bucket with a gamma lid i got this because it's easy
to screw on and screw off what would also
work perfectly because all of the items that you're going to
put in here are already sealed you don't necessarily need a food safe seal
but you could put if you were a really big prepper
you could put straight food in here grain flour etc
we're not going to do that i'm just saying i like the white you could also
just get one of these suckers this is a lowe's five gallon bucket i think it was
three dollars and then the lid was another two this will also protect
your food they sell them at home depot they sell them at academy
you can get one of these for less than a meal at mcdonald's
is absolutely going to withstand whatever you need to put it through and
it'll store your food safely these are also stackable they can fit in a closet
really easily you can just have it on hand for when the emergency happens
so that is why i chose a five gallon bucket for this
also in my experience it was able to fit more than enough food
for two to four persons for three days so easily
you can add a bunch of extra stuff in there if you want let's move on
to what food i'm choosing to put in here for my personal 72-hour food kit
and what other options might be good for you and your family
here we have everything that i have in my emergency bucket as well as an
inventory list and a meal plan which i will show on screen
and down below and also i'm going to show the costs of
each item here if we were not in a pandemic
situation you could probably wait and save up and
find these on sale you can definitely still do that but i bought all of these
at a normal to premium price on april 1st 2020 so
i just added these additionally when i went to the store for some groceries and
the main thing is that i made sure to check the expiration dates on every
single one of these to make sure that they did not expire
within the year so all of these don't expire until at least
march of next year and my plan is essentially around my birthday which is
january 30th i will break out the tub next year pull
all of these out put them into my normal pantry so we can incorporate them into
normal eating and meal plans before they expire
refill the tub and we're golden the total cost of everything here was just
thirty dollars that's not including the tub including the tub depending on what
type of five gallon bucket you're able to pick up
it's gonna cost between thirty five and forty dollars or if you already have
something similar laying around thirty dollar three day emergency kit
for two to four people so i have created this and i've purchased
these specific items based on what jacob my boyfriend and i will eat what
we enjoy eating and i think it's very important that you
curate your emergency food supply to what your family will eat if your
kids will not under any circumstances eat
rice maybe don't put rice in there for your kids and then expect them to eat it
in a time of super crisis so this is breakfast
lunch dinner and a snack for each day there was also plenty of
room left in the bucket so i could add additional needs if
necessary but i wanted to keep it as low cost and as simple as possible
i'll have everything i have in here in a list down below
for breakfast or a snack and these are going to be interchangeable you have
a choice of pop-tarts or granola bars of which there are
six servings each in there so i'm counting this has 12 pastries
each person could actually have two per day situation
and then also i have three cans of fruit here that we could have for breakfast
and a box of milk okay everything you see
see here came from either walmart or heb with uh
exception to the milk which actually came from the dollar tree and the can
opener which came from dollar tree yes it's not necessarily
the healthiest thing on the planet to eat but this is
a a hell of a lot better than ration bars
or the very generic soupy messes that come
in the long-term food storage things b we'll eat all of this easily and it will
actually provide us with protein carbs energy
vegetables fruits everything that we actually kind of need and this is also
going to be comfort food for us in the case of in case of an emergency
for us for breakfast or a snack we have some options and i've just put these
together because they're very similar for snack you could also have these
chicken salad packets which don't expire until april of next year now there are
no crackers in here because it's kind of hard to find those that don't expire
but figure you can make do you probably have those laying around in case of
emergency anyway so for lunch you have the choice of a
noodle or rice pack which are very easily made with
just a little bit of water garlic parmesan rice
chicken fried rice teriyaki noodles cheesy cheddar noodles
and parmesan spinach fettuccine noodles all of these can just be made with just
some water and a pot including the supplies in my regular
emergency kit or if it's an emergency like we're in
now and we're stuck at home these just go on the stove i also have
some options here if you just need to heat something or you could potentially
even eat these cold i've got a can of southwest style
chicken tortilla soup a can of tomato soup and a can of chili
with beans all of those you just have to eat heat
you don't necessarily have to cook and with the tomato soup you can either
use the milk which is the favorite way to cook it of mine
or water and that is a total of nine servings assuming everyone just kind of
gets the entire thing for themselves so that has an alternate option for
dinner in there too so for dinner i have these
big soup mixes so this is a bear creek 8 serving size soup it cooks fairly
quickly you don't want to buy one of the like
bean soup kinds it takes you know eight to ten hours to cook
because you're not necessarily going to have that much time
or heat in an emergency but both the creamy potato and the chicken noodle in
here are really good i've had them before
i've just them up a little and i have two cans of
canned chicken here which i could use to add protein to we also have
some vegetables which could be either served alongside
or in the actual soups so that'll juice that up a little bit make it nice
and of course with the potato soup you can add milk to it make it a little
creamier essentially it's not that different from
if we were just cooking regularly at home all of these would be
delicious things to eat that wouldn't feel that
far off from normal things that we make and eat obviously you could also
use the vegetables or the chicken with some of the sides that are a little bit
smaller for lunch and essentially switch these around as
much as you'd like but it's a good series of options you
wouldn't get sick of it in an emergency it's not just eating
an energy bar or a ration bar every single day
it'll give you a little bit of variety oh and i should mention that
most of the cans in here have pop tops but
some of them do not simply because they were cheaper to buy without so i just
added a dollar tree can opener in here it's not the type of thing you'd
remember to grab as you were running out the door
just keep one in the bucket now let's talk about some of the things
that you could put in here that might be better suited to your needs
taste preferences or family all of these i skipped
in mine but i would eat them in fact i took them out of my cupboards i'm not
going to put them in because the expiration dates are sooner
but let's just talk about them so first you could easily add
some instant coffee or some tea if those are your preferences if those are things
that soothe you in the case of an emergency
absolutely stock some and put it in there it'll provide some comfort
these cute little chicken salad kits that they sell at
aldi walmart heb etc have crackers in them
they usually have very long shelf lives extremely easy to just pop open
eat if you need a snack or something on the go if you're feeling
low blood sugar or tired work really well a similar vein
things like salami meats summer sausages and trail mix would all be excellent
options to go into emergency meal kit either for snacks
or easy on-the-go meals all of these have long shelf lives
this was uh weirdly out of my kit but my boyfriend and i actually eat ramen
fairly regularly i know that sounds bad but we choose it
up with like real vegetables and meat and eggs
and it's actually a favorite of ours so this could easily go in
to the emergency kit as a comfort meal and obviously
their cheap as heck take up no room whatsoever and are very easy and fast to
cook oatmeal is a favorite of the
pre-prepared emergency kits that is pretty much the only option they
give you for breakfast and it's specifically why i didn't put it in mine
but little packets like this would be very easy to make with just some water
no refrigeration needed a jar of peanut butter that doesn't expire for a while
would be an excellent savory treat easy easy easy same with crackers
just make sure that the expiration date is far enough out so you're not eating
five-year-old crackers and you could also stock your kit with
other bars that you like doesn't have to be the ones that i have
or something nice like some chocolate or
hot chocolate once again to soothe your family in the time of our
crisis instead of just having the food to survive oh yeah and
pudding shelf stable as heck delicious these
would be going in my kit if they didn't expire in november because i'm gonna eat
them okay so that is my 72 hour emergency
food kit for a family of two to four i would love to know what you think of
this what you would put in your emergency bucket
if you're planning on making one it is cheap it is an easy way to feel
in control and prepared and to make it easier on your family if you're going
through a crisis so you know you have something
that your family will eat and will enjoy eating so tell me something that you
will absolutely need to put in your kit down below and tell me if you were
planning to take on this project i would love
to have a lot of friends out there with at least three days worth of shelf
stable food in their closet somewhere ready to go in
case of an emergency also let me know below what else you
want me to do in this preparedness series i have
a previous video that i did on my car emergency kits that i would love to
update and if you are interested in that the previous video will be down
below and if you want me to update it tell me that in the comments below
and also if you would like me to go over a bug
out kit for various emergencies and also a cleaning hygiene and toiletry
emergency bucket i can make that happen as well
because believe it or not i happen to have one of those
it also allows me to more easily cook all the stuff
in my emergency food bucket makes life a little easier all right i would love to
talk to you more about being prepared in emergency
preparedness below let's chat in the comments don't forget
to like and subscribe to this video i sincerely hope that it helped you and
stay safe out there

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