10 Survival Life Hacks Compilation #1

we're gonna need an orange and an oil guess what we're gonna do yes or scandal we're gonna go up our orange and cuddly needle but not cut it in the middle cut it like that you know just the skin of the orange and then just peel it off don't just sleep it off the bottom be careful and just pull out you see now you got launched with this week over here then we're gonna get vegetable oil or olive oil any kind of oil then you wanna put it on top of the wig so it's all sucked up then grab a lighter and light it up as you can see it's already own but you might want to keep it longer up there all right there now it's gonna feed on oil and shouldn't die that's how you build zombie apocolypse orange candle it's gonna last quite a while – let's check it out in a dark all right now we're gonna test it out in the dark as you can see once again you can see a lot over here today I'm going to show you how to pick a lock all you're gonna need is just aluminum ten first thing we're gonna do is cut aluminum can so then we got this small piece so like that and then we're gonna cut a V shape style piece I'm gonna show you how if you start cutting it like that and then go around it smooth out all the ridges so we don't want any bumps um on there so we ended up with this piece side here and then usually if you face the lock it's usually on your left side it's on my light here then we're going to need to grab this peak we just made and put it next to the ballot here and cannot smoosh it in like that smoosh it inside like that got it inside all the way and then tie to turn it but these two pieces sometimes it's not so easy all right looks like we got it to you see how we turned it around and not now just pull it up and you see this big kind of book so you can use it easily use it one or two times but I would recommend and make the new one yeah don't forget about fire extinguisher before doing this experiment then I'm going to show you how to start a fire so all we need is steel wool and any kind of butter you can use cellphone butter caramel butter this I got 9-volt battery pretty much any kind of butter then we're gonna need some cotton balls that's it let's get to it so I got a small piece of a steel wolf and all we're gonna need this touched like that let's see and put a cut on Bowl on top sometimes open it like that makes it easier alright check this out and we got a fire already you see the cotton bond cotton bowls on fire what do you guys think skirt or like a tuck a ball like pretty much a weapon so kids be careful do not try this at home the Dalton dos Parisienne remember safety is number one priority so put those safety protection and all you need is a bottle empty plastic bottle we don't need a cup so and then I'm balloon and then bunch of skirts so first thing we're gonna do is cut the bottom pretty much get the tip of it then what you're gonna do put the balloon on top of a bottle like that that's it so pretty much that's it let's say I'm going to hold it and should load one of this skills and then we can shoot let's go test it out all right time for test I'm gonna load it up just put this on bottom like that go up by the bottom stage it out and be careful again do not try this at home on point at anybody and then we're going to stitch top point it at the empty bottles and shoot one two tees what if you gonna go find some items and you only going to find couple of bodies little light bulb staples couple of staples and duct tape so today I'm gonna make a flashlight out of these things so the first thing you wanna do get two bodies and tape tape them up together make sure they connect into each other so it's going to look like that it's connected to each other then we need to throw the staples we want to break them apart oh snap it built but it's okay hopeful it will it be enough you see sometimes in a zombie apocalypse you're going to find some old stuff which fall apart so we got one and we got to make it like a small wire and then we need to intervene them together right here like that and put a layer of tape so they would they will not fall apart all right we got our staples together like that then we wanna then you wanna hook up light bulb like that and this is like support so the light bulb will not fall out and then in the bottom we're gonna do it like that and get our thing and like see how far it's gonna go here and then pretty much fold it touch here and as you can see it works and let's go check out in the dark as you can see it works pretty good in a duct here is a door you know and today I'm going to show you how to cut a flush like you know you know zombie apocalypse flashlights are very important so I'm gonna make another video about flashlights so all you have is one body but the flashlight a quiet – how can we make it work you know with one body it will not work well all you need is aluminum foil big easy to find and I'm gonna show you how to hawk it let's do it alright so we're gonna get our Limina form not too much this is would be enough and just tape it off that this idea and then we need to pull this aluminum foil in there this shape so pretty easy fold it in half then another half then in other half you see it's almost the same size you can fold a little bit more but you don't have to I'm gonna do it but so that's the same size set here and the next step all we gotta do is all it up hold it up like that so yeah and then we got this shape of thing that will feel good it it's okay then this one a little bit thicker it's so good then we're gonna get our flashlight unscrew it and then drop aluminum for first dump it in there you see how they send that and then down the button and then screw the flashlight back on as you can see it works just with one father so yeah as you can see it works pretty cool stuff just one body and aluminum foil you're gonna need gums you know with this aluminum foil thing we're gonna get one of this Caesars and the body you see I have EE body and higher will work pretty good first thing you're gonna do is unwrap your gum and you can eat it later become and we're going to need aluminum foil of this one right here you can use it three times pretty much you can cut it and take pieces make you got one two and three you got here take pieces so save this too for later you know you want to have it in a stock because you might gonna have to make fire many times so then you got one of these pieces you want to fold it in half like this and then grab your scissors and cut it from this side to the top and you see how I leave it a little bit not too little but so it looks like that and then you want to go up by this side and unallowable it like that this is whenever you're going to be touching this two sides is going to be a little hard so I commend you to use gloves so then you want to go out one side and put it on one side it's not and then the other side and grab grab it with the other finger let's see what happens see how it's smoking and you be got fire and you can put it with the two something you gotta be quick today we're gonna need some magnets sewing needle store glass of water and scissors one and two so we got two little pieces like that then we're going to put our needle and magnify on the magnet I took these magnets from a hard drive because they have a real stone magnet so all right after you magnify it get your store and poke it to the middle make sure it's kinda in the middle first one put it on the back like this and then go up the other one and do the same be careful do not poke yourself and just leave it on the tip and then we need like a water surface so then grab it and place it on top of water as you can see with a single time at the rapid it points same direction there we gonna do all them under $2 things you're gonna need aluminum can knife or scissors and then I got I got torch Floyd or you can use olive oil I'm gonna tie both of them see what's works better let's get to it and we're going to need a cutting short 100% cotton so first we're gonna cut this in half then we're gonna cut this like that oK we've made this miniature ten now and now we just need to make a hole over here oh that's big enough so we going to be able to put these two first I'm going to tie with the torch fluid I'm going to put in this scam then I'm gonna then I'm going to put the cotton cloth in the lighter fluid soak it up for like couple minutes after it's all set up I'm going to take this cloth spin it a little bit so I can I will be able to pull it to the hole right here so I'm just gonna stick it in probably use help of that and just you should turn but first you wanna just fill the length over cloth so and then close it like that I'm going to get my lighter and see if it works or not because I'm doing it for the first time – as you can see that works pretty good under a dollar all them so hope you guys enjoy and subscribe and have a nice day and this time I'm going to test out all the foil see how it works that's how much I put it little not too much gonna waste too much oil then we're gonna get another cotton piece roll it up nice then we're going to put it in oil olive oil let it soak for like a minute or two and I'll take this out and put it in this hole later you don't want it too big so then we're gonna light it up without oil the cloth would be like burn out very very soon so give it to me give it a minute to start it off and here go what if more olive oil works as good as lamp oil and boom but you know let's let's see it again so all you have to do is grab it by this thing all the way inside and put your elbow down this way and you just like go that way and lap your short

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