2 Easy Ways To Start Fires- Quick Must Have Prepper Prepping Skills

2 easy ways to start fires how to make fire starters start fires fast fire starters cotton balls petroleum jelly hand sanitizer dollar tree fire starters best tips for new preppers hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I'm going to show
you the two easiest ways to start a fire with Dollar Tree survival prepping supplies there are simple items that you can get
in just about any store you can even stockpile them from the Dollar Tree store the
first easy way to start a fire fire starter method is petroleum jelly on a cotton ball dip your cotton ball into
the petroleum jelly fluff it up a little bit and you need to have something
that's a striker or a lighter match set your cotton ball on fire and the petroleum
jelly will burn as a fuel it will burn hot and bright even in wet weather so
even if you're out at a rainy campfire environment your cotton ball rub with
petroleum jelly is going to light and stay lit my second favorite easy way to start a fire make a firestarter with
is hand sanitizer with a cotton ball squirt a little hand sanitizer onto your
cotton ball fluff it up and then you need a striker a match a lighter or
something to make the flame and the cotton ball with hand sanitizer will light flame right up and the hand sanitizer
will continue to burn hot and bright for quite a while if you're stockpiling for
emergencies packing a bug-out bag or getting ready for a campout light campfire or fire pit get some
cotton balls and petroleum jelly or hand sanitizer and some kind of lighter and
you'll be ready to start a fire no matter what circumstances you're in
another great tip if you're lighting your fire out-of-doors put a piece of aluminum
foil down under your cotton ball the heat will cause the petroleum jelly to
melt rather than run into the dirt the vaseline fuel will collect on the aluminum foil and will
continue to burn hot and bright try these easy way to start fire methods and see if they don't work for you learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny

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