2012 survival prepping

survival of the fittest 2012 and this video we'll be going over static and dynamic defense of your home for the up and coming year of 2012 many people have thought that this will be the last year humanity will survive the end of days however we'll go over static and dynamic defense of your home will go over essentials that you must have at your home now this is just a small beginning but here we go static defence long-term eventually the food shelves are going to be wiped clean this isn't half of what we got but I'll show you static defence you're stationary you could go ahead and stock up on canned goods right now while you could get them eventually when the economy goes down you're not going to be able to get the fresh meats vegetables and other things that you would need I would highly recommend you get yourselves something that has protein spam beans okay salman let's go with some chicken okay protein is going to be p it's going to keep you fit it's going to keep you healthy okay you could also go ahead and get yourself some other items some vegetables such as let's say corn green beans etc let's carry on that's static everything's okay let's say martial laws in place you at least have some kind of food to feed your family without having to go into bread lines let's go over here okay this type of food that you're going to see before you is if you're on the move you have some rice boiling bags let's say you have a kid children can I such as I you're going to have some mixed grain cereal you're going to have some something to go ahead and feed your children to give them the nutrients as they may need through liquid formulas if you look up top you're going to go ahead and have some coffee okay carry on medical supplies

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