(2016) My Top 10 List of Survival/Prepping Gear

hi there I'm gonna do a video today about my top 10 survival or prepping items that you can't do without choosing 10 things we're gonna go into specific brand this is just showing off gear just ala do this it's one of those things that's going on YouTube know the cool guys have tagged me in it but I thought I'd do it anyway um so let's get started first one is torch now I thought of bringing my little tactical torches around this yeah 123 battery using regular chargeable cool boy light ones but then I settled on this mag light with the LED bulb and the three cells runs for like 300 hours just you leave this on and forget about it I let this go in my shed here after the last bit after the video where I am tested it and I came back the next day and we're still just on and still just bright I don't think I've actually changed the battery so that's what I bring and it doubles this you know like a cudgel in for lesser stuff say if weight was no option which I'm not factoring in this time magma with the LED modification is the torch they'll bring towards a multi-tool this is a lemon surge the system of backups to your other tools that you're going to bring and the pliers are boon to the things you don't want to touch with your with your hands pliers are great this is pretty pretty well well filled out multi-tool lots of different tools drive the capacity knife capacity saw capacity file capacity very well made stainless steel I love them and said you really can't go wrong Adam to free a companion knife there's no a few knives here I don't see me silly because not going to use ten things but companion knife is kind of like your outdoors EDC nice little comfortable knife that you're gonna always have on you and this is the S III this is what I'm choosing lately nice and thin and just like comfortable to use really good shape we're scouts felt very very happy with the S III as a companion knife so item three my companion knife the S III before in a nice wool coat because a wool jacket just wool is excellent it doesn't bother you too much in summer if you wear it doesn't just doesn't absolutely kill you like heavy cotton does and winter of course great insulator its flame-retardant very very good fabric just a nice walk coat very good thing to have just base layers just layering night time lots of different options nice flexible like this one single layer of wool how much really to it good stuff so item for item five this first aid kit pretty self-explanatory if you hang yourself in a first-aid kit yes Trump with some of the heavy stuff in there too if it fits they say kit item five item six is a container that doubles as a cooker my go-to is the Klean Kanteen I choose a server pots and pans if I was being forced to choose just because the holds a bit more favor later got a nice little loop here you can attach it to your gear or just tie it around your showing a bandolier style very very cool pretty safe to just chuck throw in the fire good quality steel they get a bit beat up but that's all pile of chap so item six steel container Klean Kanteen my choice item 7 is a fire starter I like the big groups fire starter it's good it's an starts fires who will compartment for tinder in the back nice thick Ferro rod good quality yeah I really had no problems with this one at all it's probably the best big rooms item that I ever made number seven fire starter no mate folding saw so if you saw gone boy I think we're up to number a this is the store I'll take I'd take this over an axe lately just nice to have those clean cuts when you're cutting heavy timber this will go through anything that's probably from there to there you want a little bit of wiggle room but very very good quality saw cuts like a beast very fast three comfortable use very sturdy definitely won't failure have a folding saw number nine is a heavy-duty father knife foking of an a.1 this will do the wood splitting tasks if I have them which I probably don't really know great another thing I do a great deal when I'm actually out in the woods here I do it a lot of my videos because it's good knife testing but this was doing my heavier tasks that a hatchet could also do so I've chosen this and the saw over this in the action door the action in the saw just because I'm liking this a lot lately so big heavy survival knife item number nine Wow beautiful blade over a company highly recommend the fallkniven a one space was an option item 10 would be the personal swag Co straily motorcycling swag it's basically a bag of you sleep indeed with somewhat of a foam mattress on the bottom very very cool very G good canvas quality yeah this is the thing I'm bringing for my sleep system if the spacing was no issue at all almost a video on this on point it's quite good now runner up items would be heavy gloves probably the X I'll bring as well if I could bring say I went up to 15 hey there little get heavy leather gloves an axe probably trappers frame or a backpack of some sort if I was being more realistic in mobile what else yeah probably the other gloves proved the next one I guess you thinking Maps compasses water filters the more technological sides of things if you're doing more than just surviving and you going trekking outside but it's all I can think of today and those are my choices say thanks for watching dudes I'll see you next year

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