26 Road Trip Essentials and Tips

– How distracting are these hands, really? Maybe I just have really tiny hands, there's nothing wrong with that. We have road tripped all over the world, so we're kind of experts when it comes to road trip efficiency and
having fun on the road. – So in this video,
we're gonna break it down into four sections. – That's five, but four – That's five, but you get it.

We're gonna talk about how to be fuel efficient when you drive, we're gonna talk about where to stay for cheap or for free, we gonna talk about safety for yourself and the vehicle, and we're gonna talk
about staying entertained on this road trip, which is perfect because, we've partnered with Mattel whose sponsoring this video to help create this tip video for you. – We've decided to wear these throughout almost the entire video because really, it's hilarious. – Your hands are backwards, your thumbs are on the inside.

– Oh no! (Kristen & Siya laughing) There we go! (exciting upbeat music) (car engine running) – Saving fuel. – Driving at 90 km/hr is
the is the optimal speed for fuel consumption. If you
drive at 120 km/hr for example, you'll burn through your fuel 25% faster. – If it's a hot day and
you need to use A/C, because who wants to
sweat during a road trip? It's not enjoyable. If you're going fast, so if you're driving on the highway, you want to turn on the A/C
and put up those windows you're going to be way more aero dynamic. But if you are driving slower, turn off that A/C, put down the windows because it's gonna be
way more fuel efficient. – Reduce your weight. Any extra pound is just gonna waste more fuel. I highly recommend, to
completely empty out the entire vehicle. Empty the trunk, look under the seats, get
rid of all unnecessary weight and only bring the things that you need. (cheek slapping sounds) A little insider tip, if
you really want to save fuel then only fill your tank halfway,
because fuel weighs a lot.

So, if you only fill your
tank halfway that could be 50, 100 pounds that your car
isn't carrying around. But, you will have to fill
your tanks more often. (popping sounds) – If you're going on a
road trip with friends or family and all of you have a vehicle you're going to want to choose a vehicle that is most fuel efficient. So, you know those manuals
that come with the car? That are in the glove
box that no one reads, well take that out, read
it and see which one is the most fuel efficient
amongst you guys and take that. So if you have a truck, a Sudan, you're gonna want to go with the Sudan.

– Keep your tires pumped up. It's not just unsafe to
drive with low tire pressure, it's a complete waste of fuel. Think about when you we're
a kid and you rode a bike, if your tires are pumped up, you can fly. (radio static) – Entertainment. You wanna
have games when your on a road trip, especially if your
driving for hours at a time. To have fun, you need to have games, and also when you stop somewhere
on the side of the road it's nice to have games to play. – Word games are great to
play while you're driving. But, when you're stopped for the night you're gonna want to play some more interactive games or hands-on
games like, Pictionary.

Pictionary is one of my favorite games, because all you need- (box hitting the floor) because all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil and you can
have hours of fun with this. (cards hitting the floor) These are the cards that- These are the cards that
come with Pictionary and they have categories on them and things that you have to try and draw. These are the cards that
you can draw on with and- – [Kristen] Come on Picasso, you got this.

– Hey! (Kristen laughing) – Some classic games
are, Apples to Apples. And another favorite UNO. More difficult than it looks. What's so great about them is you're only playing with cards there's no little pieces that are gonna fall inbetween the seats and get lost. Just a stack of cards. (cards hitting the floor) (beeping) These games are great to play if you are stopped somewhere, say you're having lunch or you stop for the night
or if there are a few of you in the backseat and you
want to have some fun UNO, Apples to apples. I'm gonna try to deal
some cards. Okay, wait. I believe… slow and steady. – [Siya] Nice. – Yeah! Okay one for me. (cards hitting the floor) – While these hands are entertaining they are actually from a Mattel
game called "Handimonium." Where you try and complete
tasks using tiny hands. But, do not try and
drive with these hands. (car hazard signals) – Jumper cables, you are absolutely gonna need to have these in your car.

Because if your battery
dies, you're gonna need them. Or if someone else's battery
dies you can help them out. – Tire jack and spare tire. First of all, make sure that your car has a spare tire, make sure that it works, and make sure that it's inflated. Also
make sure that you know how to change a car tire,
that you have a jack to jack up your car, and you have
a tool to remove your tire.

– A tire pressure gauge and a pump. You're gonna want the two of them, so that you can check your tire to see if you need to
pump them and if you do you'll have a pump on you
and you're gonna want one that you can plug into a cigarette outlet or if you actually have
a socket in your car you can plug it into that as well. – Make sure that you
check all of your tires and all of your brakes,
before your road trip. You don't want to run into any issues while you're on the road. – A first aid kit. I feel
like not many people have these in their car and I
think it's something important to put in your car if you don't have one.

Say you are hiking somewhere
and you're far away from the closest town, you cut yourself then you'll have something in
your first aid kit to help you a bandaid, polysporin,
something to wrap up. – It's always smart to
have some basic tools when you're on a road trip. So, make sure you have a screw driver, you have a wrench, you
have socket wrench set, you have pliers, gloves, even like a lamp. So, if you have to fix something at night, then you're able to see. Like, a headlamp is so handy. – Paper maps.have you ever heard of them? They're like these pieces of paper that show you where you
are and where you're going.

I don't know, these days
everybody uses their GPS but, if you're somewhere
where you don't have a signal or your phone dies or your
GPS signal fails somehow you have your paper map to use and if you don't know how to use one start figuring out now, before
you leave for that road trip. – Having an emergency kit for your vehicle is a smart thing to have because if a light blows or a tire blows,
you get a nail in there and you are far away and you
don't want to call a tow truck because tow trucks can be very expensive, it's just good to have a little kit.

They're small little kits
and they can really save you if you get into trouble on the road. – Getting an oil change before you leave. You want to do this. Most
cars need one every 5000 km. So, even if you're on the road trip and you need to get an oil change go and do it because it's
gonna save your car's engine. – I would highly recommend
giving your vehicle a tuneup before hitting the road. You never know if something
needs to be replaced and you don't want to
spend, like half a day at a repair shop, when you're on the road. Just make sure you get
everything looked at, all your fluid levels are topped up, everything is checked before
going on your road trip. (window rolling down) – Places to stay for either cheap or free. Sleeping in your car. If you're up for it why not? It's gonna save you money and there are places like truck stops or parking lots that you can
stay in for absolutely free.

Another great thing about a
truck stop especially if you're on a road trip that's taking several days and you haven't had a
chance to shower yet, you can do so at a truck stop. – Stay with friends
when you're on the road. Stay with friends of friends. Stay with friends of friends of friends. But, just make sure you call them first. – Stay with locals.
Websites like Couch Surfing, Be Welcome, Global Freeloader are all great resources
for free accommodations. They offer their houses, their couches, sometimes even a bed for
you to stay in for free.

– If you bring a tent when
you're on your road trip and you want to do some camping, there's tons of camp grounds
all over Canada and the US, all of the world you can go camping. You can also use websites like, Boondockers Welcome, All
Stay, or Harvest Hosts you just signup and you can
find places to stay for free. – And using points. There are credit cards that you can signup for and you get free hotel stays just by signing up. Also, with these reward
cards when you spend money on everyday things like grocery or gas you accumulate points that you
can use towards hotel stays. We hope that this video
helps you for planning and inspires you for
planning your next road trip because, road trips are
some of our favorite trips. – Totally. They're so much fun. They're so- They can
be very affordable too and you can do it over a long weekend. I want to thank our sponsor, Mattel, for helping us put this video together and for keeping us entertained on the road and hopefully you guys
entertained in this video.

– And giving us little hands. – Little hands. – Little hands. (Kristen & Siya laughing) – Alright guys, see you later. (upbeat music) – How do I look? (upbeat music) – [Siya] You look great. – Thanks. (Kristen laughing) (Kristen screaming).

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