30 Items We Keep In Our 72 HOUR “BUG OUT” BAGS

hi guys and welcome to the family fudge i'm jennifer and in today's video i'm going to be putting together some hour emergency bug out bags for myself and my family now you might be asking yourself what is a bug out bag and why do i need one basically a bug out bag is a portable kit that's going to contain the bare necessities that you're going to need to survive a 72 hour evacuation situation so whether it's a hurricane an earthquake tornado wildfire or some other natural disaster if you have your bug out bag ready you'll be able to grab it quickly and you know it's going to have the items that you and your family will need now a couple of weeks ago i shared the items i keep in my prepper pantry in case of an emergency situation where we can't leave the house and i'll go ahead and link that video down below if you missed it besides the emergency food i also like to store at least a three-month supply of health and hygiene items as well the items in today's video are specifically for a situation where we need to leave our house quickly so i organized my family's bug out bags into five main categories which include food and water clothing health and hygiene comfort items and survival gear and what i put in my kids bags are a little bit different than the adult bags and i've also decided to put all of these things into backpacks so that in the event where we might have to leave on foot each member of the family will be able to easily carry their own backpack with what they need and you guys keep in mind this is just what i'm putting in my family's 72 hour bags of course what you need might be a little bit different especially if you have older or younger family members than i have definitely take that into consideration and definitely don't forget about your pets if you have them now you guys a lot of the items i'm putting in these bug out bags i didn't already have and i needed to buy them new so if you're like me and you also need to pick up a few things for your emergency bags you should definitely check out fetch rewards that way you can actually earn points on your purchases that can be converted into gift cards and i'd like to thank fetch rewards for partnering with me on today's video now if you guys are new to fetch rewards they have a really easy to use mobile app and basically after your shopping trip all you need to do is just upload a picture of your receipt and effect rewards will hook you up with all the points you earned on your trip you don't need to worry about where the receipt is from it is a super simple process and you guys if you shop amazon like i do you can also enter e-receipt you just link your app to your amazon account and your email and then with the tap of a button fresh rewards will find your online purchases and add the points to your account and finally you guys for a limited time you can download the app and use the code fudge to get 2 000 points when you scan your first receipt again i want to thank fetch rewards because having sponsors definitely helped keep this channel going okay guys now the first category is the food in a water category and when i was choosing foods for these bug out bags i tried to keep a couple of things in mind first off i made sure to pick foods that had a very long shelf life so all the things i'm putting in here will last at least a year or more i was also looking for foods that were ready to eat right out of the package so no cooking required no water required and then finally i also made sure to include foods that i already know my family enjoys now to keep these food items as protected as i can i'm going to be adding each person's food supply to a ziploc bag not only will this ziplock bag keep everything together but in an emergency situation a ziploc bag might be a really nice item to have because you'll be able to reuse it for a lot of different purposes and you guys i'm putting the same foods in everybody's bags except for a few differences you'll see in the adult bags so first i'm starting off by adding a bag of lentils now these are a great option if you have any vegetarian family members these are fully cooked and ready to eat this bag actually has two servings in it so it can last for two dinners and i would actually pair half of the lentils with half of a package of ready rice now there are lots of different flavors of a ready rice but i opted for the garden vegetable one because it has the peas and the carrots and the corn in here as well and then i'm also adding in a can of chef boyardee but this one is actually the rice with chicken and vegetables and of course this is fully cooked it has a nice easy pop lid so i don't have to worry about bringing a can opener now as far as lunches go i'm also gonna be packing my kids these lunch on the run chicken salad kits in here there is a container of chicken salad some crackers and then this also has a little fruit cup and a cookie so it's really all you need in one for another lunch i'm also going to throw in this little chicken salad pack and because this package isn't very large i'm also going to throw in a little can of vienna sausages now i know not everybody likes these but my kids are okay with them and they are really portable shelf stable and convenient and then for that third lunch i'm throwing in another chef boyardee can but this one is actually spaghetti and meatballs and now as far as breakfast go i wanted to make sure to pack items that didn't require any extra water because i want to save all of our water for drinking and not cooking so that means these breakfasts are going to be pretty simple not necessarily what we eat at home but definitely good in an emergency situation all three breakfasts are going to start with a granola bar i like these because they don't have any chocolate so i don't have to worry about them getting all melted and sticky these ones have almond butter nuts and seeds and it just seems like something that's going to keep them fuller for longer also for each breakfast i'm including a little fruit pouch but instead of being straight up applesauce i thought it might be a good idea to throw in the apple and vegetable sauce that way the kids are getting both and then to bulk up breakfast even further i'm also going to be including a packet of these gift to go cups now i found these at the dollar tree so they were a really good deal and you guys each of these little cups has 250 calories so you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with these and now finally i am also including a couple of snacks per day first i'm including several of these packs of nuts and i like these ones because it's not actually trail mix there's no m m's in here or dried fruit it's just nuts and to go along with these i'm also including several boxes of raisins and then for a sweet treat i'm also going to include several fruit leather bars again these stay good for a very long time and fruit snacks tend to have a lot of vitamin c in them so they're a good item to include in your emergency kit so now i'm just going to add all of these items into the ziploc bags and i am using a two gallon size bag because i think it fits everything a lot better and i definitely don't want to forget some utensils i'm actually gonna put in these little spoon and fork combos so we're getting the best of both worlds and these are definitely reusable now as far as the adult bags go i'm adding pretty much the same stuff but one thing i am going to change is the chef boyardee i decided to add cans of chili mac and that's not because i'm a huge fan of chili mac or anything i just think it's a good option because it's ready to eat right out of the can it does have that easy open lid and out of all of the different kinds of ready to go soup the chili mac has the highest amount of protein now that brings me to water water is a very important in an emergency situation but unfortunately water is also very heavy so for our go bags i'm going to start by adding three bottles of water to each backpack but to go along with these bottles of water i'm also going to include three packets of this hydration multiplier when you add it to water it actually helps you get three times the hydration so if you can't carry a bunch of water this is the next best thing i'm also going to be including another way that my family can get water and i'll show that to you a little bit later in the adult bags i'm also going to be adding in three of these energy multipliers which are very similar but include some caffeine okay guys next up is the clothing category and of course this might be a little bit different depending on where you live doesn't get super cold where we are in florida so i'm just adding for each kid a pair of comfy pants a long sleeve shirt one change of underwear and one change of socks i'm just going to fold those all together roll them up as tightly as i can wrap a rubber band around them and then to make sure these clothes stay nice and dry i'm going to store those in a gallon size ziploc bag not only will the bag keep the things dry but the bag can also be reused later now moving on to the hygiene products for each member of the family i went ahead and picked up a travel toothbrush and toothpaste i also picked up one stick of chapstick for each person i'm also adding in a little travel soap and you guys for the kids i got a three in one so this includes body wash shampoo and conditioner i also have a package of tissues for each person i have one pack of baby wipes this is multi-purpose for sure each person will get their own hand sanitizer and then i'm also including a little travel hairbrush i only have one of these so we're gonna have to share i'm also including some little washcloths now i pick these up at the dollar tree and they come nice and small like this and of course when you get them wet they will expand now for the adult hygiene items i'm adding pretty much exact same stuff except with a few extras that adults might need next up is the comfort category and of course this is where you're going to want to include anything that comforts you in an emergency for my kids i'm just going to be including some activities and basically everything i'm adding came from either the target dollar spot or the dollar tree so i have little coloring kits puzzles i also have a little thing of play-doh for each kid i have bubbles for my younger kids i have a couple of books for my older kids and then for all of my kids i picked up these little dollar store writing boards what type of comfort items would you include in your emergency bag and now besides food and water the emergency category is probably the most important first up i'm going to be including a lifestraw for each person in my family now you guys these are not cheap but i think they're totally worth it a lifestraw is a personal water filter this doesn't require any electricity or batteries thankfully we've never had to use these before but they do say that they can filter up to 1 000 gallons each so definitely a good item to have in your emergency supplies also in the emergency category you're going to want to have some kind of first aid kit now this is really going to vary person to person depending on what your needs are i just have a very basic kit and then i've added a couple of things that i think are important to my kit i'm also adding one little tube of sunscreen per person now of course these things are only meant to last for 72 hours so i think this will just be enough i'm also adding some emergency ponchos these aren't nothing fancy they were only a dollar but they can definitely help keep you dry and then i also have some emergency blankets now i know these don't look like blankets it's basically just a sheet of mylar and speaking of keeping you warm i'm also adding in some hand warmers and then definitely in the adult bags i'm adding in some lighters and some matches and i did go ahead and get these storm proof matches so these come in a little waterproof container and these seem a really heavy duty as well next i'm including some plastic bags now i already told you about the ziploc bags but i'm also including some of these big black outdoor trash bags because in an emergency situation sanitation might be really challenging so these black trash bags can really come in handy for that but they really can be used for lots of different emergency situations as well and then this next part might be a little bit of overkill but i'm also including three different kinds of flashlights the first ones i picked up at costco and these are actually reusable glow sticks plus a flashlight and there's actually a built-in whistle in here as well also from costco i picked up this triple pack of head lamps these definitely come in handy when you need to have your hands free and then in each of the adult backpacks i'm adding in some lanterns another thing i wanted to make sure to put in our emergency bag is a hand crank radio so you don't need to have batteries for this next i'm including a solar powered charger so this can definitely charge things like my phone and other small devices i'm also adding in a waterproof document holder this is great for things like birth certificates insurance papers or even maps in my husband's bag i'm adding in an emergency knife and then in my bag i'm including a tarp and we can use this to make a makeshift tent if we need to now if you found this video helpful don't forget to give it a big thumbs up hit that red subscribe button if you're new i want to thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you in my next video

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