5 in 1 Emergency Survival Tool Must Have Prepping Gear

5 in 1 emergency survival aid tool by coghlan product review how to use the 5 in 1 survival tool features of 5 in 1 survival tool best survival mini kit tool bug out bag essential hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper 5 in 1 survival tool by coghlan I like it Improve your chances of surviving a backcountry emergency add Coghlan's 5-in-1 survival aid to your first aid kit, camping gear or daypack. bug out bag survival gear hunting gear •Includes a waterproof match box so you can light a fire for signaling or warmth •Shrill signal whistle announces your whereabouts to others; also may scare off wildlife •Liquid-filled, luminous dial compass helps you determine which direction you came from or should head in has a whistle but I discovered some
things about the whistle and hunting in Uganda in Uganda and I did blow this because i am praying and then
on that day i in the camps said we'll never hear that
isn't very loud I'll make sure that should I really
need it I'm going to have my 5 in 1 emergency survival tool here and pleased
to have this one to help me in an emergency has a reflecting signal •Fire starter flint enables you to start a fire without matches •Nylon lanyard lets you wear the Survival Aid around your neck so it is accessible at all times •Made of ABS plastic; weighs only one ounce so there's no reason to not carry it add cotton balls rubbed with petroleum jelly or vaseline some cotton balls and put strike anywhere matches a small Swiss Army Victorinex Knife wrap in saran wrap and I think that in there in
case there is an emergency I had my fire starter kit I also have my strike anywhere matches
it all fits in the little screw top container inside it is getting more useful to me small holds a lot has a lot of features I have traveled with the 5 in 1 survival tool cord allows you to wear it around your neck keep a 5 in 1 emergency survival tool by Coghlan with your gear get a Howler Whistle for a louder whistle and should something happen you have a tool that can help you get out of emergency situations safely may save your life survival tool blaze orange color These have been around since the 1960s .

For the low price it's excellent has a matchbox. the whistle is a nice the mirror is a bit small but useful and takes up no room or weight small compass that works this is a waterproof match case few attachments which may prove handy. learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel.

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