7 Life Saving SAFETY Hacks You Must Know | Anaysa

ohh pammi don't give kiss!! i have life hacks what? i'm waiting for you shut up today you will not safe from me you gone today i do have safety hacks police don't need safety this video is having so many good hacks so hit 1,50,000 LIKES to this video your father will ask to do subscribe the channel Please SUBSCRIBE the channel. What's your age? 70 mam wait wait please remove shoes brother my legs will get burn in this sunshine mam you are too hotter than sunshine mom iwent to office and they removed the shoes outside ohh why don't you did a hack? what? wear polythene on shoes so that you won't bring virus to office or to home and remove polythene instead of shoes and the way you put everything in sunshine dry the polythene in sunshine also and reuse it dogs walk in street you came just like them by smelling they are male and i'm female version by the way don't need to be hot these mango will take 2 hours to get chill i have hack for this also so firstly cut the mangoes and put in on plate from backward like this and put in fridge for only 5 minutes let's go and make this video do this in good way ? mad!!! are you mad? do it properly.

You are making it bad ohh what are you doing? don't you see go baby go you can't do this what are you talking? i can play from your life!! oh i'm just asking why you guys are fighting? i want to make a slo mo video. now this is the situation because of this so there 's no need to fight in it!! Let's make it from VITA app see first i import our video in VITA app now let's cut the video let's add the slo mo and music is also in it. here it is added now let's add effect in it also our video is ready now and you know there are so many templates in it let's go and send it to jia let's go and upload it now brother how much amount? 200 rupees give me brother now how will i unlock the phone? give me fast so you have to remove mask again and again to unlock the phone so in this add password or pattern on your phone for this you don't need to remove mask to unlock the phone and also remember to keep changes notes so that you can pay the exact amount of bill so that you and also people of you nearby will also get safe i'm bored to see your same look how can i tell you my situation? all cosmetic shop that will help to add beauty to ladies look are closed now you are becoming indra here you want menka here do you think i'm a dancer!! love, you don't worry i'll come right now after doing a hack so firstly we have to do mid partition of hairs from both side keep hair in front and put let hairs on back now take these hair on backward and pin up these hairs after twisting now take this type of band and tie where you did pin up and at last spread whole hairs equally like this do comment and tell us that how's it looking? and you should try this what is this love? this is finished this is also this one is also i have only lipstick and mascara left you are on youtube be on yotube mata anaysa devi i'm just about to call you yes call me i'm free sitting i don't need to stitch my husband's pant but it seems yours don't interfare in our personal things i'm so tired by telling hacks Mata everything is finished what will i do? what is remaining? This lipstick or Mascara ok bring these products i'll tell you!! i have only these two products left lipstick or mascara so i created the pink ponky eye shadow from pink lipstick as you all know thathow much i like the pink colour now it's turn of blush so i take the blush in blend and blend like this way and yes don't forget to blend the blush ends and i took the same lipstick and fill the lips and now it's turn of mascara from mascara i took little product and with the help of liner brush i applied liner now i flatter the lashes and the product that remained in brush i fill the eye brows so our makeup look is complete from 2 products of makeup how's it and please let us know by comments

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