72 Hour/ Bug out Bag – Part 2

and that's my hydration bladder let's go through some of the sustainment pouches here real quick this is got all my fun toys in it unfortunately i uh secured it a little too well there we go so first up is my msr mini works filter all these drawstrings with barrels on my head this time takes me a second so that's a ceramic filter there one had got ceramic i didn't want cartridges because you can clean this in the field it has a very long cartridge lifespan to it so as a primary filter method it seemed very very beneficial to have that got a brillo pad to clean it and i've put a small dripper bottle of bleach in there there's a water sanity there's a water sanitizer or uh also to sanitize off the filter um we got a keel bottle and msr dragonfly you excuse my freedom terrorizing the cats look at their msr dragonfly stove a lot of people would probably say that i should have gone with a pressurized gas stove and an isobutane sort of thing like a pocket rocket um to me the biggest thing for me was availability of fuel on a liquid stove just has a horribly huge availability of fuel um i've been into the local sporting goods stores that sell those uh the sell those stoves and then they don't always have fuel but uh i can run standard camping fuel i could run another gasoline whatever i wanted i believe through this so it gives me a really good availability of fuel it's got the pump in there goes in the fuel bottle hooks up and uh voila i haven't done much to it i played with a little bit um the only thing i've run in it's kerosene it's got a lot of power when you do it but it also has a lot of soot when you start up and you can see i'm getting some of it on my on my fingers as i'm going through some of this let's put a few things out of the way here for a second um last thing i got in here is a dry bag and this has got all of my extra fire starting equipment and a few things service kit for the stove service kit for the water filter i like to have a spur filtration cartridge just because i'm kind of paranoid but i haven't got one yet waterproof matches waterproof we got firepaste as a tender blast match with some white fire tender and some wrestling cotton balls just be really paranoid about being able to start a fire if you have to squeeze the air out of that here in a minute and this sustain the pouch it's got a um folding saw trim a few things with i put a lanyard of the hollowed out 550 cord on it it's got a interchangeable blade the other one there's a little finer tooth in there what else is that going in here it's one of my other nalgene bottles and actually still has water in it it's not that old but i need to do something with it that's from when we had fires recently packaged up there's still water in my bladder too i need to run the water here i need to clean out a little cup i got the um canteen cup as well as that with the gsi cup to go around um be happy that that would be um handy for single serving like rehydration square thing um i still got two shovels i don't know why but i saw this one first i thought this was pretty cool this would be a little backpacker sort of trowel to do minor work with just pops i think that was walmart a little pack to it and then a gerber it doesn't quite look as substantial as some of the other like entrenching tools and stuff out there most ones locally though or are pretty cheap i wasn't really comfortable with it's also got a hammer face to it for putting the tent pegs in which is handy roll that up and that's my two sustainment pouches

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