9 survival myths that can actually hurt you there are many rules explaining how to act in it dangerous situations, but are they all real? in fact, some techniques are just myths which are not only useless, but also potentially dangerous myth 1: when a snake bites you you have to suck out the poison actually the poison reaches the blood very quickly and is spread quickly sucking out the poison is very dangerous even more, if you put it in your mouth it can make you seriously ill it is best to go to the hospital, as quickly as possible in order to slow down the poisoning process, the victim must remain calm hold the wound under the heart and drink a lot myth 2: when you get lost in the woods you have to find food right away in fact, it can be a healthy person Survive 6 weeks without food you must be the first to find potable water and make a shelter where you can shelter from bad weather do you know how to build a good camp? myth 3: a lean-to is a good shelter from bad weather building a lean-to is not enough first look at the objects around you and the weather you need a shelter that can withstand wind, rain and sun that's why you need a low shelter for the cold night myth 4: the liquid in a cactus can save you from dehydration and thirst but in reality only some can cacti contain potable water.

You can get moisture from the cactus opuntia but usually cacti are poisonous if you drink it there is a high chance of vomiting and can dry you out more after drinking myth 5: pretend you're dead when you come across a bear bears are not going to attack you and certainly not eat they just want protect their territory if you suddenly see a bear, stop and slowly step back and watch out for the bear keep a lot of distance that shows the bear that you have no ill intentions myth 6: when an animal eats something can I eat it too. Actually, some things are poisonous to humans but not to animals SO EAT JUST THINGS YOU WITHOUT DOUBT CAN BUY IN THE STORE Myth 7: Moss grows on the north side of a tree moss can grow on any side of a tree it depends on the environment don't believe in this or worse you get lost! myth 8: when someone becomes hypothermic you have to submerge that person in warm water NEVER DO THAT also do not rub frozen areas as wounds may occur do not use a warm lamp or hot water for the victim use warm blankets and clothes instead to warm up the person and put bottles with warm water under his / her armpits myth 9: if a shark attacks you you have to hit its nose you may have heard this from movies and the news even though this technique works, many people don't have the power, and certainly not under water, to do that actually the eyes and gills are more vulnerable also try to put a fixed object between you and the shark for example a diving mask or surfboard What is the most dangerous situation you have ever been in? what helped you survive? let us know in the comments! and if it's your first time on this channel subscribe to join the light side

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