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hello everyone this is all everyone here welcome to another video now I've always had a fishing stroke hunting kit in some kind of format for you know I've had a small one put together for about four years now and I've used it on a couple of occasions but recently have modified it and expanded it to make it a bit more all-encompassing so let's go ahead and have a look at it first up we have the pouch this is actually made by Krieger which is actually a motorcycle equipment and motorcycle gear company make good quality solid products this is a nice little pouch here it's meant to sit on your belt as you can see has a belt loop here just simply thread your belt through on the back we have a little hidden compartment so to speak and in here as my main kind of fishing hunting knife using this Ontario right quite slim blade dimensions good sharp point on the end of it there make it perfect for incision and game and fish prep we go ahead and pop the clasp what we have on the inside is a multi-tool this isn't a really expected one it's made by rosin but the pliers are good on they're perfect for cutting wire the wire that I have inside the kit my spring-loaded and comfortable to use obviously can also be used to pick up hot pots and plenty of other uses there and as usually have your knives your blade can opener bottle opener flathead screwdriver a small flat-head screwdriver philips screwdriver and the main blade which is actually not bad comes at a good level of sharpness especially with a little work on it then so that's the multi-tool this top section here we have another small knife this one's definitely designated for game prep it's the Pinkerton thumb overdrive just a point basically which will be perfect for game prep haven't actually tested it out in that capacity yet but we'll be doing so soon I think the front cookies yes ma'am snake yes obviously a main component of the fishing cap this is basically the real you may have seen some years ago a review on my channel I think it's called survival fishing kit something along those lines and then this is made by BCB it's probably kit made by BCB which basically it's a real you hold it like so cross your line and then wrap it around to a real your fishing comes with a high test line there I think it's about a 40-pounder something along those lines it's intended for sea fishing so it you know tends towards larger fish basically and the final component of this kit is my tackle box substrate so nicely compartmentalized box we'll just go through everything real quickly so start over here in the main compartment we have a lighter which is unused nice you know good quality bit lighter good for thousands of strikes pretty much next we have a another real of eight pound test strain fishing line there's about forty foot there not a huge amount can add more definitely but you know for smaller you know rivers where you've been charactering smaller fish then that could be a solution obviously there's no point burning your fingers on hot fish we have a small fold-out fork alongside that we also have some nails some small nails just because they can always come in handy for a variety of purposes so that's that compartment over here we have a couple of sinkers and some medium-sized lead weights in this compartment up here we have a couple of yours with the hook attached there's some larger sea fishing hooks over here we have some red already attached fishing hooks with some line already attached to make rigging up your tackle easier over here we have some jute twine a good length of G twine there and that's perfect for a variety of uses including snares potentially although preferably the use of designated it for is fire lighting as tinder this top section up here we have three gauges of wire which is obviously perfect for making a variety of snares and traps alongside that we have another 15 foot of four pound test string fishing line just for the little ones and finally in the last two sections down here we have two smaller sized fishing hooks again for smaller fish and we have four of each and in this section here we have three different sizes of shot I'm reserving these two last sections for a gun ammunition each one should fit about what I know about 30 or 40 rounds so that's potentially 80 rounds Plus that I can carry along there to complete my hunting kit I will shortly be making a video on on this kit in actual use I'm going to do some river fishing shortly and possibly set some traps so that's my fishing and hunting kit I hope you found this video useful and or interesting and I hope it's given you some inspiration too as to what's putting your uncle and to get out there so please rate and subscribe to my channel and also please subscribe to my other channel alpha bushcraft so this is all out the one signing up for now take care

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