A hard working day, Survival instinct, Wilderness alone, Episode 90

Sudden heavy rain Beautiful misty morning I feed the pigs, chickens and work early The bushes are very good for growing food My food crops are growing very steadily I have to take care of drafting and taking care of food crops carefully, every day I It needs to be opened around the garden so that my food crops have enough light to grow. If nothing changes, then this year will be a good year. Due to heavy rain, the itchy taro tree grows well, I need careful monitoring and care every day.

After inspecting the garden, I walked into the forest and set a trap. In order to get more food, I had to move to the jungle to hunt more wild animals. I used the fruit of taro to induce it to itch, bird’s The fruit is red and sweet, and the baby is very attractive and seldom eats. Traps are such simple and effective traps after moving How it works is very accurate , I was about to close the tent, This location is very good and cool I will barn because of the location The new stable boar here is too wet, there are a lot of venomous snakes, I need to make the new pigpen stay in a higher, cooler position to keep it safe.

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