AE Shield Soft Body Armor

hey guys thanks for turning in picked up something here not too long ago and wanted to kind of show it to you now sure about the title you can already tell I'm talking about I picked up some soft body armor now this is a 10 by 15 plate of soft body armor by AE armor now i'm going to have links in the description box down below it's going to take you to their website along with to a couple youtube videos that shows them actually testing this armor out and then we'll take a close-up look of it here in just a second kind of go over a few more details and some of the specs and stuff but i kind of wanted to give you guys a good look at what this armor looks like up close to the body so you can get a good feel for the size of it and kind of the coverage area you would be looking at with something like this again is a 10 by 15 plate now that puts it a little bit larger than most of your standard plates out there you know especially hard armor plates that you would put into a plate carrier usually those are around 10 by 12 so you got a little bit more room here that has some pros and it has some cons and we'll discuss that here just a little bit but just a real quick this is kind of what it would look like up against the body it's a pretty good size to cover most of your torso you know from your belly all the way up to your to your clavicle here so there you go so let's go ahead and take close-up look I'll go over some more of the specs on this all right guys well here we are up close and personal score the specs here real quick I'll kind of show you some of the the pros and cons of this and kind of you my opinion right now we have here is a 10 by 15 plate soft flexible lightweight body armor and I do mean flexible you can take this hand roll it right up all right now I'll go into more about that and why it's so flexible and why it's so lightweight that has to do with the construction but first off keep something in mind this is soft body armor okay it is rated 3a so basically what that means is it will take up to a 44 magnum it will handle buckshot it'll handle slugs but it will not handle rifle rounds okay so if you're looking for something that's going to handle rifle rounds you want pretty much want to go with hard plate armor okay the kind of stuff you would put into a plate carrier now I do know some people who buy soft body armor and put them into plate carriers or put them into those vests that have the pockets in them this probably wouldn't work well for that just because of the fact of the size most of those pockets and most of the stuff for the plate armor is set up for a 10 by 12 inch plate this is 10 by 15 so it's little big she'd have to have something customized but that is not what this was designed for this was designed to go into a backpack whether it's a kids backpack you know whether it's for hiking for camping or like the reason that I got excited about it was for a good bug out bag this is kind of like the ultimate kind of topping off point for a bug out bag is to throw some soft body armor in there like I said it's very flexible extremely lightweight so you wouldn't even know it is there now going more into the flexibility and light weight of it that has to do with the construction this is not made out of Kevlar or any other type of blessing ballistic material like that this is made out of very thin sheets of plastic that are bound together and wrapped in nylon now I urge you guys to go check out the videos in the links down below and watch them put one of these to the test and really watch them torture these things and see how much abuse one of these plates can take because when you think about thin plastic sheets you don't automatically think about who that's got to be safe but I guarantee you it is and watching those videos will put your mind at ease at the abuse and the amount of rounds these things can take now keep in mind again this is soft body arm okay so while this is going to prevent handguns and shotguns from penetrating your body you're still going to absorb that kinetic energy so keep that in mind if that's something you're worried about you need to understand that because this will keep you alive but it will still feel like you got hit with a baseball bat and you probably break some ribs so that is definitely something you want to you want to think about um comes with a 5 year shelf life as most you know body armor out there on the market does they come with some sort of shelf life anywhere from three to five years some a little longer especially on the plate armor just depends on what you got but that's a good that's a good shelf life for a plate like this now I want to get real quick into the price because that's where this thing shines plate like this regular price 120 dollars and that's what drew me to it in fact I talked to the guy who owns this company they just started up not too long ago I mean they're actually here in Texas and it turns out the guy actually watches my channel on YouTube and so I thought that was cool so I ordered the plate and I don't usually do this in fact I've never done it before and I have actually stayed away from it and that is offering coupon codes but I'm going to do it this time just because I like this product a lot I like the fact that this is a us-made product made by a military veteran in my home state of Texas and if I can help him out and help him you know get his company going on this good product I'm going to do it so if you want to order something like this regularly 120 bucks and you go he gave me a coupon code of never enough ammo just all lower case and you can buy it for $90 and that's a really really good price for a good piece of soft body armor so I want to throw that got that out there guys if this is something you're interested in you know check it out because 90 bucks is a good price to pay I'm going to see if I can't get some more of these for the different bug out bags for my kids and for my wife and that kind of thing because that's just that 90 bucks is an amazing price so anyway that's it guys there you go definitely check out the links below check out their website check out the videos with them torture testing it and if it's something you're interested in hey try one out so anyway that's a guy's preciate you watching and we will talk to you later thanks

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