Air Rifle Hunting Ground Squirrels Catch & Cook Day 12 of 30 Day Survival Challenge Canadian Rockies

[Music] I'm Zachary Fowler and I'm Greg ovens and this is the 30-day survival challenge Canadian Rocky there's only one rule if you want to eat you got a catching cook in the 30-day survival challenge season two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by doctor Squatch soap hidden woodsmen gear go prepared survival outdoor vitals wazoo survival gear simple shot shooting sports and rim workshop check out the link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 days of bottle challenge good morning day 12 we are on the top of the mountain almost feels like it yeah and close to our final resting place where we're gonna stay for the next 18 days I don't know they're all blurring together oh my goodness I almost don't want to go out there look at them I don't know if you can see this there Skeeter's everywhere Skeeter's everywhere here goes nothing dad's looked up [Music] [Applause] I'm going get the caviar [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] here's one good size dang it okay he's right there forty yards I lie down find him he's gone all right four shots for Gophers four Gophers for the stewpot I'm gonna get those cleaned up and put them in there so we can go down and check on the fishin if we have Gophers like this every so often and we can find some more spots like that and we got fish down at the lake we are gonna be set time to clean some Gophers I'm gonna skip this part you I wanted to clean some of my stuff so I could put my clean gopher meat into the signal blanket that I used for stuff like this fish and I haven't stopped moving I haven't had a chance to do my laundry here take a bag this is way harder than Texas this hole oh man right Gophers are on whoo go for Stu yeah again well le le le they even taste good it's just I don't know how many can you eat I mean these ones will taste good and they'll taste good with a butovo they're just small it's a lot of work to eat them all right still prefer the fish yeah they're okay it's a good change from fish Wow mother does not look good mountains are disappearing slowly there were there were other mountains over there they're gone now your gun now cook faster cook faster Danya fish cook oh it's looking so good though there we go Suns poking through Greg's being a debbie downer these are the temporary sons there and it should be probably over there at the lake we're at the lake right now I would probably see the rainbow be getting really wet I like catching fish more than I like pop and Gophers I think oh yeah they are girls everybody calls them Gophers I keep thinking I keep calling them woodchucks earlier was just the average size of a white fish were they um yeah that's kind of a bird they got a little bigger sometimes smaller very plain flavor yeah it's good as a joke this way fish is pretty normal pretty plain taste good with of adobo tastes like it cooked up a little bit on the dry side but I'm thinking that Greg's head smoked any of these fish excuse me I like to talk to my mouth full apparently oh here comes again smoked anything it tastes better all right I had enough of that I've been out there for huh two and a half hours waiting for it to stop raining and just enjoy in the and enjoying the rain I don't know guys I don't know this has been a difficult challenge this whole challenge the shifting camps the you know the thin amounts of food they're getting stuck up over the mountain and then the fish being rather small up there it's surprisingly tough I mean I kind of knew coming into the Rockies at this time of year would be a little hard since we're not here at hunting season my goal and this whole thing is to see that I am established by the time we're done with bear safe shelters that we feel secure in and that from an area that we can venture out in and could continue to sustain ourselves until well indefinitely but you know for now in the short term it would be until fall came you know if we were to stay hypothetically until fall came and we were able to you know get a deer and get it you know keep working your way up the food chain and and make yourself secure for the winter and yes you could hammock right through the winter I don't know if you want a hammock 20 feet up in the trees in the middle winter up in the middle of the Rockies where you couldn't or it'd be 20 feet of snow but after you harvest your fall game that's when you pack it all out and move to lower valley or something right All Right game on looks like we got a window of opportunity get our gear head down to the lake see what the situation is [Music] or down to the lake I don't know it's a little bit of up a little bit down yeah we'll see up uphill in both directions this place here [Music] I mean beautiful all right we're here oh yeah little ways to go around the corner and then we'll be able to test the waters for fishing I don't see any in here in the shallows but that doesn't mean we won't spot some smaller stuff in there as we come close to the water's edge a couple times but we need big stuff that's what we need so we gotta find big holes monsters monsters they're so heavy it's hard to carry them back gorgeous gorgeous Gregg spotted some big fish jumping but I'm look at this rock face up there look at that it's like perfectly flat it's amazing oh my lens can't see far enough the sun's hitting the other side Oh Gregg's found the big fish nice I'm coming I'm just looking at all the resources make a raft paddle around the lake hit all the great fishing this looks excellent excellent oh we spend enough time here we saw some grizzly poop on the way in and I'm guessing we'll be seeing some grizzly before too long this is beautiful this is worth it what a trek to get here so many days so many miles unreal let's go catch us a big fish oh my goodness Oh what is that it's pink I mean it's red oh my goodness but regardless we're taking him yeah that was my second cast and I caught that it must have been a three pounder oh wow yeah I saw it was huge I don't know if the camera could see it but oh my goodness there's like six or so over there I'm moving over to that side Oh little pool I don't see any fish in there though they were jumping over here oh look at him holy cow just sitting right there each one of those that's like two pound fish each one right there just sitting there let's rig up all right I'm all rigged up I think that's a Silver Fox I'm gonna try a dry fly see how I can do and they're still just cruising back and forth out there alright tip number two a little streamer didn't like the dry fly so see if we can make this do something then hang a little split shot down there if not I can always move to my telescoping pole and I'm the old worm action I just want to catch big one on the fly rod I think Greg's already up by two fish so I got to get on the game don't Big Bird Adam to see if that does it at this point I have no idea I haven't had been here from where in a couple minutes and I'm just throwing things out there see what it's dicks what do you think fourth time's the charm I'd eat that hey about this guy lost count with how many flies have tried now they're just hanging around they're not interested in what we're dishing out Great Scott yet to grexit – but now they're not following anything wow that stinks I organize my stuff so well and then the rain came and then I reorganized it some more and I literally organized it out of my backpack and left it right there behind at camp I can't believe it I just but that's ok I mean I feel like if I had dug around for a worm right when we first got here and they were biting I could have had one but instead I had decided mess around with a fly rod but I once again I organized the flies that I wanted to bring and set them all aside with my tackle box for my telescoping pole and set everything and put everything that wasn't supposed to be let's get back to camp Greg got to fish I got four Gophers today it's not a loss it's a learning lesson they take up the whole signal blanket he's a huge huge look we've even seasoned them already with with spruce needles what you want to talk about Greg bears no lions and tigers and bears oh my lions and tigers and bears oh my of course now I have the backpack on blue with the fish in it yeah what you think or ourselves on fish and save the Gophers for the morning they'll be better if they stew over night that's good rock for what I need one they'll do there's a good one that's a good one I am collecting happy rocks have you've seen me do this before maybe you think you've already got it figured out what I'm doing but you're wrong I've got happy Rock but this time instead of putting on my hammock to stay warm because I have plenty of stuff to stay warm right now with my underquilt and sleeping bag I'm fine but these happy rocks our boot dryer and sock dryers heat them up in the fire and put on my boots and in my socks but if you do this this thing is a very good way to ruin your boots you got to make sure that you can handle them so that they don't burn your boots you don't want to go and put your foot in your insert of your boot is like all mangled down in there so we're gonna warm them up in the fire drop them on my boots my boots are soaked these are expensive boots I don't like them anymore I think we got figured out we found a spot halfway of the lake and halfway back to here well that wouldn't make sense halfway to the lake halfway to Lake and halfway back to here that we're gonna check out tomorrow and see if we can't move in I think we're gonna be pretty stylin it's just yeah there is some big ones in there yeah yeah so I had a few big ones follow it I had it I had two big ones on but they got off yeah so I just wish I didn't lose that pink lure we have to locate it Gophers do is look in the delicious but they are very stiff chill so they will stop them on the simmer again tonight yeah baby this is like catfish big meaty in Carthage my favorite thing in the world button I think it just took number two to this and I mean because it's like as much meat as a giant catfish has but Laura median besides catfish how they're just so meaty but flaky rich fatty tasting trout me all right in bed whoo what a day what a boon finding those big fish in that Lake I can't believe there's so many big fish in there I was starting to wonder you know question Greg sanity's like are there big fish here big fish there and we never find any big fish anywhere let me just find regular size fish and then oh wow tomorrow I won't forget my lures and the right stuff to go I came back and I had packed my haversack with all the right stuff but taking the backpack I just it's just a little bit a little bit out of it I am full full full for the first time I think so I'm gonna go to bed I see you guys next episode I'll air out

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