April bug out trailer update.

we got a trailer update seats trimmed got the blackout blind that's the same material that just drops down got the LED lights in got this car pictured this is coming on nicely now that section there that's going to be cut out in the middle of square leaving the frame on the outside I've got two triple drawers that are gonna be coming just out of there so you'll have all the drawers there these are sliding cupboards got the water book on that side at the minute got the pump and everything into it she need a momentary switch over there to pump the water that eventually when they get little hatch on the outside the wearer can put water in and that with on there then the barrel will be firmly fixed in that corner because I can feel it on the outside then the cooker the three bonus mouth hub that is now all plumbed up and working this section here I've got a sheet of half mil Hallie I'm gonna do like a splash back type thing I'll see how that looks I can't decide which can be good or bad yeah that'll stop all the condensation everything all this is white damn that's why it's like that that I've got the alley trim and everything to put on all the rubber seals round there to tidy up today we've just put a roof vent in caravan roof and really nice one must need pop-up tide just need to sort out some kind of blackout so thing just to go in there so the more you know they'll get woken up at first light yeah I've got the wolf boxes triple stack in there this and say I've got storage under all these seats this is where all the pillows duvets things like that all go under here this side there's another sleeping bag leisure battery the solar control you and it's going to go under here as well got the marine-grade fuse box controlling all the lights and everything that's about this and you Molly belt fantastic thank you Mike I'm gonna give that a test this week at work I'm taking a taster to me normal bag on the outside excuse the garden with digging in you cannot see the pain jive don't focus very well it's very disruptive the camera doesn't like it I've put a proper caravan on it on there that'd be nice to sit under and if I just hit this button here full LED strip light for once that's four on a night and got all the tie-downs so everyone can put the bashes on if other people are wanting to camp next to me or anything you can hook on all the way down tie bashes on if it's raining you know it's like it's half a dozen of you everyone wants a central point got the awning on that I put my shoes on this side everyone's together then I'm gonna get a secondary pump so I can have another water outlet here so flight showers or things like that that's about it so far so I should be good to go for the prepper meet next week and there's gone thought

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