oh no that's that's not good let me hey is it I didn't get him oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh that was I was intense that was really intense what the hell is he doing no don't land up there don't don't land up there welcome back once again ladies and gentlemen to Ark survival evolved in this episode I'm gonna be showing you something that I've been working on a little bit in secret off-camera and which is this right over here if you kind of look around this is a really badass looking place there's some you know like some big tall rocks and stuff like that well this place that rocky in particular looked really cool to build something on top of so that's exactly what I did and it's not finished by any means it's it's got a long ways to go but it is the basic foundation so I figured why not let's go ahead and show it to you in this episode guys and we'll take it from there probably do some cave exploring or something and um don't move hey what do you what are you doing are you stuck wow you just stay right there I'll be right back anyway let's go and take a look inside this place and like I said it's not really nothing special there's nothing in here I just thought it was a really cool location way up here on top of this little flat rock hey we're you okay land oh man I almost got really freaking scared for a second I was like oh [ __ ] he's gonna fly down to the bottom what are you doing mr.

Megalodon I wonder if I can shoot him huh well I'm hitting the water right there next to a melee all right so anyway let's say let's go do some cave exploring if we can let's Quentin pullouts on map here where are we we are right in between no no nevermind we are south of two different caves um one of the caves I want to check out is actually a really big cave I just can't remember which one I've already got the artifact out of so hopefully we don't go into a cave of or divinian such a beautiful day to be out flying around on my teradyne oh yeah yeah Hey look there's an airdrop let's go check that out that's some the biggest thing for me right now I just go around and check the air drops because you can get so much from the air drops and then you don't even have to worry about crafting them or even learning the actual Ingram's put the you know like crafted items oh there's a car now what are you doing walking around on the bottom of the water that doesn't look right are you you need some assistance no okay all right well fun anyway just let me off here stay stay and I think my frames I think my frames went to [ __ ] guys yeah I'm pretty sure they did not really sure maybe it has something to do with this airdrop let's just go ahead and see what's in it I'm just swimming through the water is there any piranhas there's kind of looking I think that's a piranha right there I think he's coming for me isn't he he freaking is oh [ __ ] let's just um let's jump oh [ __ ] I'm sorry I'm sorry i'll leave please oh [ __ ] i'm leaving i can't shoot underwater leave me alone oh wow holy frig holy crap deal freakin die you little bastards so this is probably what they mean when they say shooting fish in a barrel that's kind of what it feels like doesn't it whoa what the hell is this doing calm down man yes Zeus must have got into the stimulants again you know any time that happens he just goes apeshit so you gotta watches ish you really do um let's just kind of see where the hell are we do we need to go this way no oh this looks familiar this does look familiar i think the cave is up here see this whole time I've been thinking it was right along the coast I don't know why either I guess because a lot of the caves are right on the coast in I do know of another cave that is actually really cool because it's like on the side of this cliff and there's this big long trail you have to take to get down to it and it just it seems like a really good location to to place a cave to tell you the truth it just seems like a really cool place um cave holy crapola guys there is there it is B stealer don't move all right you just stay right here Nexus oh oh okay almost startled me there for a second stupid dinos just look on the map and see exactly see it's so hard to guesstimate about the coordinates and stuff like that so I mean I'm fairly close to where the cave is with my little marker but yeah I'll just have to remember it's a little bit a little bit off to the side there but this is the game so let's go ahead and check it out witch a witch attachment do I want to take in let's go and put the flashlight attachment on the rifle here maybe that'll make things a little easier I don't exactly have a lot of ammo though for the the rifle so we'll just have to see what we can get done cuz this is a pretty big cave and I think it just locked up I like it just locked up for second flower okay we're world kite well we're fine get it oh they're so bright it makes it hard to hit him oh I don't want stone there we go yeah give me some crystal that crystals good stuff oh wait now you can't harvest the yellow crystals which is so freaking irritating sometimes you're like any more crystal cuz you do in this game you need a lot of crystal and a lot of silica pearls if I mean saying that right but you need a lot of that stuff just for crafting up you know like weapons and there's some metal but we don't really care about metal we're mainly looking for obsidian if if there's really any in here I don't even know I do know you can find the Obsidian like up on the the mountains and stuff like that too let's turn that back on see the flashlight sucks on the the rifle for some reason I don't even know why but it really does the system was taking off the rifle and let's put it on the pistol cuz it's a lot brighter on the pistol I mean look at that it's like night and day isn't it I have no idea why it is I guess it's just a glitch they haven't worked out yet which way do we need to go let's go down here oh [ __ ] doctor oh that was close wow this game is pretty big too i don't remember this cave so i don't think i've been in this one I remember finding it and I remember starting to go off down inside of here but it was already so late at the time I just said ah you know what I gotta do it I'm not gonna go down in the cave I'm just gonna say a hick with it but so far oh there's a there's a loot deal they always confuse me it makes me think it's a artifact but it's just loot but I do have like three or four of the artifacts gathered up plus all the trophies so as soon as we gather up the last two artifacts I think it's all we need I think it's all we need I think we only need two more we will be set to start summoning up the brood mother and the noises these things make that is so crazy it sounds like a motorcycle really you give me a slingshot design I come in here using freaking pistols and assault rifles and you give me a slingshot diagram that is just bull crap what is this what the heck is this supposed to be water I'm guessing it is isn't it supposed to be water it kind of looks a little funny but I I get the idea that's pretty nice i like that it'll look real good once they get it working right i guess um let's go see if we can harvest any of these crystals over here because we do need a lot of these crystals like I was telling you guys and I think yeah it looks like maybe a couple of these are white they're so bright I can't see crap here we go that's what I'm talking about nice is there any more white crystals right here maybe Oh Brock how the hell do you give rock from crystals and damn that thing flew a long ways now from what I understand guys um now inside the caves the the caves are generally empty like this like we haven't come across any dinosaurs or any spiders or snakes but as soon as you grab up the artifact that is in fact inside the cave the cave will then pretty much spawn a whole bunch of freaking enemies and it just makes it hard as hell to escape with the artifact so I mean we may come across the few little snakes and spiders here and there but once i go to make my way out of this place it will turn into a whole different story it really will and i have no idea if I'm going the right direction or not I'm just kind of wondering about yeah we should have like cave maps you know like when you go to your map inside the cave hey what is that it almost looked like that was a big cave leading outside or something i'm still looking for obsidian to just some insidious i really hope it doesn't take me two hours to find the freaking artifact that's how long it took me to find the last artifact I was looking for I went down in the cave and I was exploring just like I am right now but the cave was so massive that it took two hours before I was able to find the artifact and make my way out of the cave and I'm guessing should I jump into the water I'm kind of nervous because in my experience the water there's usually like crocodiles or piranhas you know what let's just go let's just go for it let's just go oh be quick be extremely quick oh crap anything coming I don't see nothing it's so hard to see it's dark get out of the frickin water what are you doing okay there we go Aaron weekend nice nice i'm not gonna worry about crystals oh yes this is what we're looking for now some obsidian I need lots of this stuff by the way guys I mean I need so much this stuff it's unreal but the fact is it's really heavy so it's really hard to gather up a lot of this stuff at once anyway at least for me yeah maybe if I was to go up to the mountains with like one of my big dinosaurs so that way they could carry it all or something but down inside the caves it can be a pain in the ass trying to leave out with all the good stuff in fact oh where am I who turned out the lights I can't see I feel like I've been going in circles I'll probably have probably been going in circles guys you'll have to be patient with me sometimes it takes me about six mistakes before I learn but that you know I'll get there I promise I'll get there and yeah it'll be fun it'll be epic this time let's go up last time we went down and that took and sent a big circle so we'll just go up and oh this might be promising this does look promising we're not going to talk about hook stores horrible sense of direction let's let any bad the talk on camera those who thought talk about those things what is this nothing it almost looked like there was another cave there that's such a fricking bummer I hate when they do that you're like hey hey look at this oh there's nothing there ha ha made you look why's this dude making all these funky noises he's doing fine he's not hungry he's he's not thirsty it's a yeah see he's not hungry or thirsty at all the the little slider that they give you for adjusting like how fast you get a hungry or thirsty I put it just a little bit down from the middle you know a little bit slower than normal and this is what I've got so far I mean it hasn't seemed to really be moving now I did just eat a little bit ago so I'm guessing that's why my food is still up but the water should have come down a little bit by now I'm gonna have to play with that some more because I don't really like that I like the I like actually have to eat and drink you know it keeps me into the game it makes the game feel a lot funner for me a turtle oh [ __ ] what are you doing in here hmm you are freaking awesome you know that just to see you you give me hope you do okay have fun I'm gonna this is the way move my last time right we jump down there and I think we we discovered that was a mistake can I I can't go that way oh here we go I think we're getting somewhere now maybe which way should we go should we go this way or the other way tough decision let's take a look over here real quick just kind of look around i would go ahead and gather up some of the metal like I said guys but I really don't want to put too much weight on my character in case i do come across a good amount yeah we don't want to go down there that's where we went last time and it led in a circle but I don't want to put too much weight on my character just in case I do run across some large chunks of obsidian I'd like to get the most amount of city in that I can and of course if I don't find that much obsidian i'll probably grab up a bunch of the metal on my way out so I'm not really worried about it at this point and we already know that that leads us in a circle to where in the hell is this damn artifact it should like like emit a beacon or something for people like me cuz I can't find the damn thing if I have no idea where the hell it is I could go in circles for like nine days and probably not even realize it oh man I've got so many choices so many choices that don't know what to what to do let's go this way let's go check this out oh wait no that just that just leads back to where we just came from I still can't believe I thought this was a dinosaur I don't know what I just did I thought maybe it was like a dye low or something because I do come across the dye oh here we go we found it this cave was not nearly as big but there is some more obsidian here and do I have this one no I do not have this one beautiful and my light went out so let's see how much obsidian do we have here just just a few little chunks oops scorpion nice stupid scorpion all right let's see if we could find our way out of here I just want to look and see how much obsidian I have in total now 52 nice that's not too bad that's not too bad we can go ahead and gather up a little bit of the the metal as well go and turn that light back on is there any more obsidian I do really need obsidian though that's like the main thing obsidian and silica pearls but we can go ahead and gather up a little bit of this this just metal here just kind of keep an eye out for scorpions you do not want the scorpions to sneak up on you in the caves because that can be a very very bad thing you'll be all paralyzed on the baths and the Raptors are not Raptors to via the dialer oh [ __ ] see that's what I'm talking about I'm already I'm already over encumbered here I'm already overweight let's throw the rocks down stupid rocks we don't need that how are we doing and we have to be careful at the same time because obviously my my dinosaur azuz can't carry a whole lot I mean he can carry that was weird he can carry pretty much me almost full but I still have to be careful otherwise it can be a pain in the ass trying to get him home I'll actually have to run and have him fly behind me and that's not very fun I've done that before it's oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] hmm freaking spiders hello hello hello listen to that echo that was beautiful that was a great echo guys and I wonder why this thing didn't fill up like the other caves do like normally I would have been encountered several vats several spiders or several snakes and we I think we've only come across like one scorpion a turtle and a spider that's a little um it's a little weird considering how big this KB is you would think there would be at least some bats and stuff up in here but hey i'm not bitching if they don't they don't want to spawn a bunch of stuff off in here that's fine by me holy crap we made it we freakin made it in it's raining it's raining that's that's the one thing you want to see when you walk out of a cave alright so at this point we're just gonna make our way up the river here back to the house what the hell is I didn't know bets and spiders were on the outside now do you think that because i was down inside that cave that somehow the bats and everything that we're supposed to be in the cave spawned on top of the cave like above-ground wow look at these guys go let's see what happens i just want to see what happens I have tried taming v bats oh wow okay we gotta go we gotta go but I have tried taming the bats but they they won't let you not at least not yet maybe in the future because a bat pet would be so cool is that obsidian oh it is there it i think it is I think that's obsidian I'm gonna have to remember that but anyway I think that's gonna do it for this episode guys it seems like it's a pretty good video for now oh he's tired alright guys this gonna do it for this episode till next time going hits the like money if you enjoyed the video and thank you for watching take care guys

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