Best Places To Bug Out Make a Bug Out Plan Prepping A Bug Out Vehicle – How To Get There Safely

best places to bug out how to make a bug out plan prepping to bug out how to live in your car emergency evacuation tips for success emergency survival prepper hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I'm out at my Granny Camp which is my remote Alaska off-grid cabin I love coming out here in
the summer and spending a lot of time and just getting away from it all and
sometimes I think about what would it be like if you actually needed to bug out
what would make a good bug out location I always just think of this remote cabin location in Alaska as Granny Camp but what if I actually needed to bug out what are the best places to bug
out and what are the characteristics of a bug out location that you need to look at the first characteristic of a successful bug out location would be somewhere away
from the city you probably wouldn't be able to walk there but you would need to
probably be able to get there with one tank of gas if you look at what's going
on in the cities the protests the rioting the looting the anarchy it's a
good time for thinking about where would I go what should I do what kind of place
can I look for the cities just may not be safe so you need to find a get out of the city bug out place that
you could get out of the city you need to probably be able to get to your bug out location with one tank of gas in case there's major disruptions gas stations aren't open and
you're not able to access more fuel along the way you would want to find a
bug out place that's secluded that's off of a main road maybe hidden off in the trees
and have more than one way to get there know an alternate route around to where
your bug out location could be located then what supplies do you need at your bug out location you need a shelter something to get out of the wind the rain the cold
and even the heat in the Sun if you're in a very hot desert summer climate you
need to have a stockpile of emergency survival supplies food water tools lanterns flashlights
first-aid kits all the same emergency stockpile of supplies things that you would need no matter where you were located in an emergency situation it's great if you can have a water source at your bug out location and
if you do then make sure you have a way to filter purify the water because the last
thing you need in an emergency is to drink unsafe water and make yourself
sick your bug-out location should be a place that you could hunker down
stay for a while until whatever the emergency situation is blows over make sure you have some sort
of communication whether it's a cell phone or radio so that you know what's
going on around you you need to be able to determine when it's safe where it's
safe and when you might need to bug out and leave the location that you are an
important part of your bug out plan is your bug out vehicle you need to think
about what if I had to bug out I don't really know a location what if I have to
live in my car what can you do to make your vehicle ready for you to bug out
and stay in your car if that's what you need to do figure out where there's room
for you to sleep figure out where you can put layers of clothes so that you
can put more on if it's cold take them off stow them away when you don't need
to have them on look at ways to store and organize things like food utensils
water and all of the supplies that you would absolutely need make sure you only pack in your car take the absolute necessities don't clutter up your vehicle with unnecessary
gear and supplies take just the basics think of your car van truck vehicle like a bug-out vehicle what do you put in your bug out bag and those are the categories that you're
going to need in your bug out vehicle you're going to need some food water
utensils and a way to heat or prepare your food you can look at little
backpacking stoves make a little alcohol stove never cook in your car make sure
you set it outside and cook outside your car so you don't start a fire in your
car or be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning canned foods are heavy but
dehydrated foods require extra water try to plan the simplest meals possible that
require the least amount of preparation make sure you have trash bags so that
you can get rid of any empty cans food containers any trash don't clutter up
your vehicle which is now your little home have an idea where you can go
are there campgrounds near you parks out of the way maybe BLM forest service
public lands a little bit remote maybe you're allowed
to just stop and camp there check out the public lands the campgrounds the
parks around you ahead of time so that you know what the regulations are and
you know about seasonal road closures you don't want to be trapped or unable
to get in or out of someplace that you thought might be safe to go make sure
you have paper maps of any areas where you're going to be traveling to your bug out location evacuation plan so that
you're familiar with what's going on in rural areas don't just rely on GPS
because a lot of times they send you to roads that don't exist forest service roads
that don't go through and you've heard about people on the news who have
followed a dirt road because the GPS told them to and ended up getting
stranded in a remote area and sometimes losing their life don't rely on GPS rely
on paper maps that you know are accurate you can look online you can find there
are lots of people who actually live in their cars they live in their vans maybe
they bring a tent along they have a mattress in the back and they have
figured out how they can carry food water water filters fire starters
camping stoves and all kinds of gear check it out for ideas on how you can
make your vehicle suit your family and your needs maybe you need a roof rack or
a way to organize the trunk of your car or the bed of your pickup look for nooks
and crannies and figure out how you can adequately carry the things you need
while you still have room for yourselves if you need to stay in your car you can
put your food in a cooler set the cooler outside at night so that you have room
to lie down you can even find portable toilets portable toilets aren't ideal
but they certainly make it more comfortable when you need to relieve
yourself in a hardship situation have a well-stocked first-aid kit some hygiene
supplies and any medicine that you rely on have copies of your identification
your insurance information and a written out paper with your emergency contact
information on it everyone needs cash make sure you have some small bills and
get as much as you can put it with your emergency gear if you
really needed to bug out and then you had to rely on living out of your car or
in a remote location there's going to be things that you're going to need and
possibly having cash can help save the day it's up to you to determine where do
I live where can I go how could I get there and what's the safest possible way
to protect myself and my family no one wants to think about leaving their home
it's our castle it's our safe place that we love we have all the things around us
that we know that we need we have that normalcy bias of this is great we're
home it's at peace it's our castle and everything is going to be fine but in
the blink of an eye things can change you may have a hurricane you may have a
tornado you may have a forest fire requiring you to evacuate there are all
kinds of emergencies that could force you out of your home
be ready with your bug out bag go through it carefully make sure that it's
complete check it out seasonally and update it then have a plan what would
you need in your car how could you make yourselves comfortable and where could
you possibly go if you need to being a prepper means you've taken control of
your life you're ready to face all of the tragedies all of the consequences
all of the emergencies that come along we don't know what's coming and if we
look at what's been happening in the world lately it's all the more reason
it's important to make a plan and be prepared then no matter what the future
brings you'll be able to face it to the best of your ability because you're
prepared if you enjoyed my video I hope you'll share it with someone else you
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