Best UPGRADE For Any Bug Out Truck | Uncertain Times Call For Extra Fuel Capacity w/ Titan Tanks

Hi, I'm Wade from Thoroughbred Diesel and
today we're going to be talking to you about extended range fuel tanks. Today is March the 19th, 2020 and one of the
things that we've got going on right now is the COVID-19 or coronavirus epidemic or pandemic
that's going on around the country. If you're watching this at this time, you
know that our restaurants are shut down. We're here in Kentucky in the Commonwealth,
our restaurants shut down, bars are shut down, a lot of other face to face places that you
go are actually shut down at this time. And Adam and I were talking about doing a
video today of what we could do to show you maybe a product that we sell that would be
helpful to you at this time. And I really think that extended range fuel
tanks are probably one of the things that we offer that you should consider for times
like this. So we're going to talk through that. This display that we have, this is from our
friends at TITAN Tanks. TITAN Tank makes an extended range fuel tank
for almost all of the light duty diesel applications.

They are molded plastic tanks. They almost double the capacity of some of
these trucks. Now with you having DF tanks on the newer
trucks, the fuel tanks are getting smaller, and smaller, just because of space constraints,
an extended cab or crew cab truck, short bed, you're looking anywhere 28, 35 gallons on
the tank, so you don't get a whole lot of distance out of these tanks. In times like this when you really don't want
to be at public places very much, when you've got things going on, you want to try to extend
the range of fuel so you don't have to go to the filling station to get more fuel. When you double the capacity of fuel that
your vehicle offers, you can fill up on days when the fuel is cheaper, or if you get around
at a place that's got a, it's got, I don't know, [inaudible 00:02:00] special on fuel
or whatever that is.

Cheaper fuel, you can stock up on fuel, save
you a little bit of money when you're traveling with your family, you don't have to stop as
much, and less stops and gets you to your pointed destination quicker. TITAN is a good company because not only do
they offer stock tank replacements, but they offer in the bed replacements, they offer
after the axle replacements.

So some of these combinations of tanks, just
depending on what your platform, you can add another, I don't know, quite a bit of fuel
capacity to the truck. Some of these tanks like this tank on, this
is a replication of a stock tank that goes from a what, 35 tank to 57 gallons. You do 80 gallons in the bed or whatever,
you're up over a hundred gallons of fuel capacity. If you're going on a pretty good size vacation,
you're probably not going to have to stop and get fuel in any of these places. That keeps your family out of harm's way,
keeps you in a fuel price that's not fluctuating or anything. It's a better all the way, better for you
all around. So that's what we wanted to do today. We want to talk about something that we offer
that can help you in a time like this and extended range fuel tanks is definitely going
to be one of those products. So if you've got a question about extended
range fuel tanks, just let us know.

You can get with us here in the comments and
talk to us about it. If you've got an extended range fuel tank,
tell other guys that are out there shopping for them, tell them what you like about it,
how much fuel range you get out of your truck, and so on. Share some of those stories with us as well. We're going to link you to our TITAN page
inside of this video where you can go to TITAN and be able to buy one of their fine products. So if you have question about anything, just
give us a call. Thank you for watching..

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