BOB: Urban Tools (Part 2) – 5 lb Tool Bag by TheUrbanPrepper

all right so this is what I currently have set up for my five pound tool bag a lot of guys they have garages and they have full-sized tool bags that that they use often for home repairs and stuff this is going to but I have other tool kits as well this is going to be dedicated to the bomb and this just has the core basic tools that I feel that I'll need in any kind of bug out situation so this is the Cato I have right now for it I might switch it up later I might go put some of these tools in one of the the Maxpedition pocket organizers this is the one for my EDC bag I just haven't decided on right now I'm still just kind of ironing out the tools that I want in there and I'm going to have this labeled with an ID tag that will say that it's tools so just in case someone else needs to get into my BOB bag and grab my tool bag they'll know exactly which one it is so let me you bring the scale out here as well get it ready again a lot of the items in here are specific to emergency situations in an urban environment if somehow if I make make it out to the woods for some reason I need to go there I'll probably be dumping this and before I go on the items that are in here as well a lot of you might say well you could use a five pounds for something better like a like what do you get like a tent and you know I have a here's a tent right here it's a someone almost weighs five pounds it's four pounds something's the REI quarter dome tg+ I'm kind of thinking that I would include this in my wife's bug out bag and I would have a minimal shelter just so I could carry the tools you know if I needed to in an urban environment I often look at a lot of the homeless guys in the area and I don't see any of them with ten servant bought no they can have their own box but if you never seen any of them with the tent you might see them with some kind of shelter so I'm kind of looking at a tarp shelter for my specific bug out bag but if I'm going if I'm going out with the wife and with my one-year-old I'm going to want to tent for them and that's a I'm six foot five and so I need a real long ten to that one kind of meets her needs so let's go on first item that came out is uh this is a little mini hacksaw it's a stanley it's around $3 at Walmart I'll probably include an extra blade in here currently I do not have wd-40 but I would probably include that as well to help lubricate now this would be something if I don't know if I was in an earthquake and I was trapped in some under some kind of a piece of metal I needed to cut through this is where that would come into play I haven't even broken this one out yeah this is a chisel it a lot of different uses I was also planning on using this first for for prying as well I don't currently have a pry bar in here but uh this would if I needed to pry into something this would be a use where I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep the size for it or if I'm going to get a larger or smaller one that's why I still have it in the package so I might return it we'll see go along with that chisel I have yes a little hammer this hammer is the lightest one that I could find it's said that it weighs 8 ounces so let's see I just got it yesterday so ok they lied 13 ounces anyway it's still smaller than most of the hammers that I've seen you know in an urban environment I might need to board up some windows or I could use it for prying different nails use it with along with this chisel so that's my mini hammer so here I have a little collapsible magnet and it's getting when I do a lot of repair work on semi clumsy with the different nuts and screws and stuff and I often drop them especially if I'm working on my car and this thing comes incredibly handy and it's cheap to and lightweight I don't have to weigh it here's a little mini our razor used for cutting different things nothing to this actually really it's fairly light it's not the lightest in the world right here I have a precision precision screwdriver sorry for a lot of different bits on there I have the same one in my EDC bag this is a new one this one you put I haven't seen it in any evolve videos I got this idea from mr.

Monkey man fifty actually mr. monkey man fifty helped me with a lot of ideas I have right now this is a sillcock it's a four-way so it's for opening water faucets outdoor water faucets so if I'm bugging out and if I run out of water this will be one way of gathering water that a lot a lot of times you'll walk outside of buildings and you'll see that they have a water faucet but they don't have a you know knob returning it they take that off so people won't get into the water and I know yeah I can probably get in there with my Leatherman but this is designed for specifically for that for getting into and for gathering oh you know getting into the water faucet stuff and it's fairly lights about five ounces I have a little bit of measuring tape I got this one because it's extremely flexible if I need to wrap around something that's you know not straight or flat it'll work for that entry ten feet and it's also very light here's a spring-loaded brass punch I could I could probably use it with a hammer if I wanted to but this is mainly for me for breaking glass on my keychain I also carry we'll talk about this in my EDC videos I also carry the other rescue me a device and which also has the glass punch in it as well but this is dedicated to the Bob see is popping out I was like my mini sewing kit I got this at a craft store and it's very lightweight it's about 2 ounces this is for you know repairing this bag or repairing my backpack or a piece of clothes the meat that gets torn here's a carpenter's pencil I'm gonna take this bag off and just have everything laid out here so see you next in the bag here we go a little fiberglass screwdriver a lot of different bits in it extremely cheap at Walmart probably three dollars have that included extremely lightweight for the knife I have a knife sharpener this is one of the Smith's I can get it at REI or Amazon stuff $8 I think okay here's an item that I you will not carry in the woods with you a bit a crescent wrench or adjustable wrench I could I could definitely use my Leatherman if I wanted to but this is I could run the risk of stripping any kind of nuts so this is a better student for those kind of situations and this is the lightest well it's not the lightest but the one I it was light enough for me in the right of another size that I thought I would be used for most scenarios going along with that this one's probably my heaviest item I see some guys have had wire cutters in their kids this is a bolt cutter so I think he pronounces NIT backs it's made in Germany my brother is a mechanic and I bought this off of him this one runs about sixty-five dollars I bought it from him for 20 bucks because it's used but this thing would go through we I wanted something that would go through a wire fence basically so if I needed to get into some if I was pinned down or really need to cut something thick this thing we did a demo we really tore apart his wire fence out of his backyard with this thing so it went through like butter so I wanted it in my kit I thought it was pretty cool thing to have no problem with this kit that I've seen already is it kind of turning into it especially with items like this and this is kind of burglary 101 tool bag so one thing I've been thinking about I have some scissors these are not these are placeholders for the scissors that I want to get I would like to get a heavy-duty scissors something that's going to be a lot better than you know what's on your Leatherman tool so should I have this as place holder for a better one when I you know when I could buy it extra razor duct tape everyone's has this here's a song cry like little mini crellick glue the spool of wire another one that you won't see in another bob videos I don't think this is a socket wrench the socket on it but this is one of those Gator grip sockets so I didn't you know I could carry if I was really stupid I'll just carry oh you know big full socket set that has all the different kind of socket sizes in there but that little thing alone is over five pounds this is a would be able to fit a lot of different sockets and especially stripped ones if I'm in a location that has the older building for example that has you know Sokka setter strip this would be extremely good for that it's out kind of on the heavy side so this uh the ratchet alone is probably ten ounces so what I'm thinking of what I'm leaning towards now is going with a stumpy ratchet instead which is a lot lighter than that one let's just finish and that might do the job another option that I was also thinking about was to not have a ratchet can't I use this little this came with the Gator socket using my fiberglass screwdriver which is extremely light as one and maybe having and using the wrench engine kind of get some kind of you know torque to it but right now I think I'm leaning towards using the stumpy and in addition with that you know I might not get a lot of leverage you know I have to have pretty strong wrists for that so I wouldn't be using this this for example but something like this maybe plastic it's a PVC pipe and using it to get a little bit more angle on it I have a longer one here that I could also use if I really need to crank into something and that's just not cutting it so if you have any ideas for a light version of this and I'd like to hear it I could also use that for my crystal and shears well if I need to need to dig into something I guess I don't know maybe if the hammer wasn't cutting it I needed more angle I could use my duct tape but that probably won't work for the scenario but what stuff that I'm thinking about let's see yeah last thing I have in there just this little magnifying I need to get down into something that's really small so that's currently what I have for my fight on tool bag I like to hear any comments like any ideas that you have things that are missing that some others items that I'd like to get in there is some gaffers tape but I'll put a list of items that I'm also leaning towards like to get any other input that you have or thit ways of making it lighter so now let's move on to electrical tools you

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