Bolas: Primitive Hunting Weapon

I tried to tie a monkey around the stone, but it's extremely difficult with this rope Later that day I thought that since it is so difficult to make monkey knots, it might be better to design clay bricks A few days later The clay is now dry and ready to put in the fire The high humidity made the lighting of the fire more difficult than usual. I will let the clay pieces cook for at least half an hour Two weeks later Forty-three degrees Celsius Now I will show how I tied the rope to make the bolas I made one set of clay balls with a groove on one side to hold the rope I thought the groove would protect the rope during the impact A simple knot at the end prevents the ball from slipping The three ropes are connected by a knot on the other side The other set does not have the groove and the rope can not slide, but the knot prevents it from falling off I waddle the length of the ropes so that the clay balls do not collide and break This other set is a more traditional method of making bolas I'm not taught how to do this, so this method is probably a little different from what you saw My idea is to cut a piece of bucket skin to hold a stone The bucket skin needs to be joined together above the stone so I can tie it with string The length of this buckskin is too long, so I have to cut it shorter It would be easier to cut it on a piece of wood Now I have to make holes in the bucket to pass the rope This is an easy method to make a perforation in a sticky goatskin without using a primer If you hear the sound of stone scraping stone, you know that the hole has formed I made four holes at the four ends of the goatskin, just above where the tips meet above the stone Now I will lead the rope through the two ends of the kid Next I go through the end of the rope between the rope and the stone But first I make a knot at the end Leave about five inches of rope length Then I tie a simple knot with the rope and leave it about seven inches excess length Then the short end of the rope goes through another hole in the goat Make sure the stone stays in position Then I cut the long end of the rope to a measure of about half a meter The long point then goes through the fourth hole I make sure that all ends of the rope and the rope meet in the middle I bring the ends of the bucket skin around the rope and the rope together Then I tie it all together with the long end of the rope Then I tie the two ends of the rope together Finally I cut the short end of the rope near the knot The three ends of the rope are connected to each other and the excess length is cut With this intense heat I drank a lot of water Now to test it out For this practice I am going to use the overarching method Care must be taken not to hit yourself in the head I used different lengths of rope and I like the longer rope The stone bolas are heavier than the clay and with the longer rope it is easier to throw Let's try again My accuracy improved with the exercise My target is actually the camera It was a direct hit for my audio recorder mounted on my tripod That one hit the tripod's legs Prosecute The intense heat turned my camera off today, so I'll make another video to show more later Log in, like and comment

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