bug out bag 1.mov

this is the contents of my bug-out bag I thought I'd go with you guys today have a tart which i'm not going to show you you all know what a tarp is start over here have a FG g PA 63 nine millimeter extra magazine for it first aid kit folding saw headlamp have a delta Ranger folding knife Air Force survival in life water bottle off bug spray Swiss Army knife spendable baton candle couple glow sticks utility gloves fire-starting kit y prif matches magnesium fire starter some dryer lint cotton balls mini mag led some safety pins compass safety whistle small backup compass cooking utensil spoon fork knife have a small military style can opening Gerber multi-tool extra batteries for headlamp and flashlight safety sunglasses machete some garbage bags emergency water bag emergency blanket poncho some chord paracord string rope cooking kit his frying-pan bold pot small coffee cup personal hygiene kit so Andy wipes sunscreen q-tips toothbrush toothpaste toothbrush tissues pink pin and soul notepads sticky notes still have a few items i need to get for this kit gotta get a fishing kit put together for water purification tablets a few other things so here is a contents of my kit bag it all games in so leave comments will be greatly appreciated you can have any suggestions of what I might need to add or what I might need to take out and like it ended

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