Bug Out Bag for Kids; Revisited

hey folks a lot of you might remember that last year I built a bug-out bag for my 11 year old daughter and it was done on a budget well here we are she's 12 now she's still real interested and we've done some upgrades alright folks as some of you may remember my daughter requested a bug-out bag last summer and we needed to do it on a budget so I went around to Salvation Army stores hospice stores Goodwill stores and we put together a pretty decent bug out bag initially we had to trim it down because the weight limit was so high but we got it down to a manageable weight well here we are a year later she's a year older and she's still very interested in maintaining and upgrading her bug out bag so we've added a few items I'm gonna put the link to the original video down below so you can see exactly how much I spent on each item and the bug out bag and I'm not gonna go back over the old items but I will show you some of the upgrades that we've made first off one of the most important things that we didn't have in there was maps we didn't have maps of any kind so what we've done is a compromise that's gotten this old old road atlas and put in there so at least she has some navigation ability with that she already had this combination whistle compass and match holder in there and what we've added is an inexpensive but sturdy carabiner compass that she can actually attach to the pack strap and with navigation and signalling we've also added one of these UV pack lights and here's one of my favorite new items which is a survival bandana it's blaze orange so it can be used as an aircraft panel and it also has lots of good tips for survival printed right on it last year for warmth all we had for her was a space blanket this year I've added the old reliable poncho liner we've added some trash bags just to use as a shelter as waterproofing and as flotation we've added this handy folding pocket guide to edible wild plants of North America something that was severely lacking the first time we built the kit was water purification sure I've taught her about solar disinfection and boiling water but I wanted to include something that was actually water pure of an actual water purifying device what we went with was the aqua mera frontier which is a straw type device now I gradually like to upgrade this to something better but this'll do for now we've added a small fishing kit so that she has the ability to get more food and we've added these surplus camouflage trousers which she's already into which she's already into a small regular size and they're virtually indestructible she needed a good hat and here's a good floppy surplus desert camouflage hat we've added just some inexpensive garden gloves these are sturdy and they'll serve for a degree of warmth and just for working in rough terrain because she's gotten bigger and she can haul more weight we've added some more water in the food department we added an XM re and an additional MRE entree we've also added two 400 calorie made a mini mini meal bars some of you may remember that we had an old pot and some miscellaneous knife fork and spoon well I've gotten a camping set and an actual mess kit for as far as health and comfort we've added some insect repellent we've added a package of these easy towels which expand into a towel when wet and one of these super absorbent shammies in the fire and heat department we've added a couple of these little tea candles flint and steel with the magnesium bar two old packages of heat tabs and an additional bit lighter we've also added a paracord bracelet and some additional 550 cord and one of these inexpensive but handy ready lights it's a crank flashlight in the first-aid Department of added some gauze pads butterfly closures an additional an additional space blanket more of the large-size gauze pads some gloves and a basic trauma dressing and to top it all off we line the inside of her pack was one of these super-sized zip blocks which if it's noon in good shape with no tears will actually provide some positive buoyancy if she happens or PAC happens to fall into some deep water it'll also keep her stuff relatively dry so work-in-progress we'll add to it some more this summer some of the things that glaringly that I don't have yet for her as I'd like to get her a small sized tarp that she could use as a shelter I would like to get a dedicated pair of boots or sneakers to put into this pack and of course we can always upgrade on the items that we've already purchased anyway just some ideas I'd love to hear yours it's it's good to get your kids involved and to make them a part of the solution rather than just have be dragging them along with you thanks for your time stay safe you

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