Bug out Bag, get home bag, 72 hr bag, whatever you call it bag

hello YouTube John with new h7 here I'm going to talk to you briefly us today this is something I've been putting off for a while I've had this this is my bug out bag my get home bag 72-hour bag whatever you want to call it and we have had this on my workbench down here and wanting to do a video for awhile and I put it off I don't know why but anyway here goes let's start out with what you're looking here is an ALICE pack roll military pack this is the medium-sized Alice it's on a frame pictures up with their surplus store I think I paid 25 $30 for it something like that relatively inexpensive and on the bottom this probably needs to be stashed flashed on it will better anyway say wool blanket wrapped in a military poncho that can serve as a shelter and sleeping emergency sleeping kit turn that light on also can be used for keeping the rain off me now the reason that I built this usually keep it in the back of my car and I don't expect a whole lot of trouble in this area where I live but sometimes it's hint come in handy I've had it with me on a trip I was out of state and hotel I was at the storm came through knocked off the power well as a motel anyway knocked out the power so I did what they're able to raid my bag brought it in and I used some candles that were inside there for lighting and I had some snack there you second see for this if I happen to get get to work and something happens it has happened in the past where they will not allow us to leave because of the place where I work sometimes they have to run 24 hours a day if someone can get in to relieve me or leave us and there's stuff going on they require us to stay so sometimes this may came in come in handy if I have to have change of clothing and stuff like that this is all in the car for emergencies like that done a couple of quick mods here we'll talk about I've added a quick-release buckle straps with a flap just added those in where the Alice things were in the back I've added a piece of foam that can be used for sitting on I think a wilderness Outfitters guy Dave Canterbury has done something like that or maybe your Sarge furry I forget the place I found it and then I've also added a handle on top so it's easier to to move it around main compartment I've got some plastic there I'll start going through there some lighting there's my handles this is some walkie-talkies in the back here in this inner pouch I got an MRE and some other snacks and goodies and stuff like that here's a box with just a miscellaneous kit chapstick soap matches you know all the other stuff I mean you got to make it your kit fit you here is a metal pan here that has some paracord in it wire mesh for making a small stove if need be what else is down in there so pocketknife some matches there's a sharpening stone and then this thing can be used for cooking if need be pick that up somewhere like its surplus see Erica and quick here's some t-shirts some dry socks and stuff like that there again that's for comfort if you get wet it's nice to have dry socks and clean underwear to put on papi I have a water bottle in here okay to dine with the filter all ready to go that's going to be my water source fill that with water I can drink right from the bottle and pray and that's pretty much it I'll put the cheese out over here my first aid stuff put a booklet with paper there's more matches in there first aid kid comes in the bottom here we have some emergency blanket probably to that to this put more birthdate here some tongue presses triangle benches and stuff like that this is another sharpening stone I have a knife down here there's some twice duct-tape camouflage duct tape and in the middle there something else some cord and there's a roll of electrical tape the knife back in wipes let's look and see what's in here some cordage there's a fishing kit light sticks and a compass and this is another case what do I got in here is my fire kit it's a flint pit probably has some tinder in there so I got fire in one of those outer package here my first aid kit see what's in this next one in this last outer top is some more first-aid stuff some small birthday personal kits tylenol snakebite kit don't expect to get fit – April Hanover now and here is some baby lotion iodine tablets ethylene there is alcohol in here looks like it might have leet that's why you put it in plastic so we'll have to deal with that and there's some soaps and dental floss first date I'm not toothpaste again first aid hygiene is here easy to get to recommend going through your bag for every 6 to 8 months just to update stuff define problems like leakage here like I did you can address it nice thing about this pack it has some external spots on here we can add pouches there is expandable if you a bigger pouch of course my experiences you want to try to fill it up so I go with the smallest act as possible its size and weight out I'm not a big person so I don't want to have to carry a lot of stuff get a scale little way this thing's about 28 pounds it's a little heavy will see it stays in my car so I'm not expecting to travel far with it if I have to I could probably shed some weight there's no weapons in here where I work for not allowed to have my own grounds so hopefully it's whatever kicks off doesn't kick off while I'm at work if I need to this is mostly to get home I'm only about 14 miles from work to home don't know how long it would take if I have to put it on on foot shouldn't take more than two several hours two or three however you don't know when it happens what's going to be in here are hurdles in their way some of the things I'm just now going over it on the camera here with you need to address some another knife or two probably want to put a Leatherman in here some kind of tools I need another water supply or not unless buy something else to carry water I can always put an exterior canteen pouch eyes more paracord here a couple more light sticks another Bic lighter have another magnesium fire starter I'm going to find it to make your bag fit your own needs one what you see on the internet what someone else has may not necessarily fit you or work for you so you need to tailor it to your needs and it's always a journey trying to make it work alright that's pretty much it didn't want to go on too long thanks for watching rate comment questions please leave them thanks for watching and this is John with no h7 sign out

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