Bug out bag – Long Term Winter B.o.B. [Pt.1-3] [German/Deutsch]

elliot kassel so today let's take a look at the bio at von me and I hope I can inspire you a little respectively maybe you will find one or the other thing in your own bio die you can also add or expand it, but you could like to add it to the write comments if you have any ideas or anything else by the way, what's not going to happen in this today stay perspective today i need space so let's get started so today it seems to us that beck thinks less or less in principle i can't have my bank now thanks to outback but my people really determine from several things and from which they should I would actually say she is going to bank and not just in bangkok they just start I divided it into three lines military real 1 whoever wants to know more can google me I'll take everything on the subject again later because I'll do that with the three lions explain even better the app that is foresters which is never filed and that would be this package in principle the landlord has to, so to speak, at which something important is generated if we had a lamp for your students at the very beginning, then just one would be small led flashlight i now have another model like that that much more luminosity hand and you can see what is coming that is his bag is not a must have, it is nice to have it on I now insist on having research for it the most important bag in the first line is practical here is in there is in there we are not found when I'm on like that that any amount of stuff and [ __ ] fire jet fisherman can be one too nice left and crepes with him I have a letter with him seven matches are gone, you have a lighter here and a smaller one practical tip if you want a lighter in a new bio how or wherever packs wrapped rubber around it you can no longer use the throttle press there is nicely blocked by the google ring and you still have it nice a nice elastic band you can always need so out of here then i still have a rain poncho on it i still have a life blanket keeps you incredibly warm the body heat hero was wonderful paperbacks are always good too, the beautiful paperbacks are actually me at 99 I now have 11 percent no free would probably be lying except They are relatively salvo and a cut or a small one Injury can you can see the piece or whatever nice think and there is the danger that dirt gets into the wound important enough, and of course that's how prince2 was finished in brown and green green and whoever needs it would need it and what else is inside one today fits in with you three pieces of large clusters often in the camera to keep the mass transit and you can still see a beautiful girl with a triangular scarf no idea what is still inside, okay, everything fits into this little bag it's great because I have it on the back of my belt but a nice nice rain poncho contrary to the other part several times usable the good thing is that you can do it too guest and in that case also really sampled the color here sounds strange Austrian old tropical day that not necessarily together, however, the forest floor here I have with the troops made the best experiences but in principle everyone has to do this for themselves decide what he can best use for himself and I have to say I think perfectly perfect at the moment and as I said you can also use it as a act and the most important rules are super just hide then water then eat so and there until the end almost the next nice piece of equipment here in kohls is the ball used a few times is a really nice part and so trainees chop wood so at least smaller trees I am very ashamed of them because of her it took some time but style keeps the part simple and well you have to grind it if you get a decent one polish it partly sharp i can't get another nice one reception with the parrot is made up of me during the procedure similar from the other and spotlights yes by and large whole part of the cost I paid him 30 euro amazon the amount used to that this one is holding you that's a workhorse they are unbelievable what that part is made of becomes buy buy I have it so easily that is really a buy recommendation this is a high quality christi you get at most from 200 euros upwards there are times that it is just where africa produces no idea little sparrows cute little black hands no matter the part works, i don't care how totally racist to more it doesn't matter the [ __ ] works and they did a hell of a job and did a good quality so the part can withstand that was also important to me why did I choose the kuka, why not mark another one or survival knife or tralala quite simply first of all through the heavy one head it is nice for jogging so you can use it wonderfully smaller ones trees cut down smaller logs and so on goes wonderfully as I said on that front-heavy is great that brings into the wood and now let's do that cut and you can do a great job and it works really wonderfully secondly, you have to save somewhere in the wood or you already have one You can still do a little bit of everything here rasp down nice games with this surface and it works too flawless or did you catch the fish do you take the good why or just meat or whatever kassel is best then you can do that here Separate meat it just works wonderfully 3 1 1 what more could you want that share that simply it's sorry there love this concrete thing is still on a belt belt here is another one nice big bag so-called broadway construction again more militarily in the intended use but to be honest, you get boots through the wald man zb many mushrooms is the part on purely in the bags so that you can find something to light you have no idea [ __ ] taxi pure bag if you [ __ ] courage no idea great I have a lot of space as I said Rolled up works wonderfully well-fitted space to take away then I wanted a nice bag with a transparent cover at the bottom my cutterin have i do not rely on the gps gbs has batteries gps depends on satellites satellite connections can be interrupt because a card is empty inside the card nothing happens whatever may come dax here it can rain so the map is waterproof even the whole [ __ ] gets wet no problem I put myself here because I don't want anyone to know anyone knows that Austria comes good you can recognize cats but you don't have to know where exactly they come from Of course, there is also something inside, among other things, the map I wanted to mention this is a hot thigh part Polystar fastening is usually and deep sea wood for it Handguns attached here too this part in the fastening is great you can just walk around and you too just look down and have the card on your thigh here that is safe then lies here so is not in the way you need do not rummage out of the backpack, it lies here and you can always have a nice look nice to see where you are, where you have to go, you always have an overview of tralala so he's inside, yes, nice card Notepad for me very important as I said well representative of both group i'm just a boy notepad and pen waterproof writer tight then here again I don't show any more map material either absolutely what else there is so that is here that is now only the first line that's really the stuff you always have with me you can do it Here you can take off the card, but generally you carry the first lady always on the body with the sleeping bag may not have to be straight but it doesn't matter upper to poop behind the bush gesture you have it because the most important thing is in there had now seen that the principle is in it what is still missing here is the water filter pen I'll do it for myself she's not happy I think I can still do it well and yet so I would actually have known times here the video and after then simply in a second part then here with the for the most part further here we will see each other again soon

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