Bug Out Bag Must Have Emergency Gear- Documents, Idenitification, Important Papers

financial bug out bag must have emergency gear what paperwork do i need in an emergency financial emergency kit financial first aid kit hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you thought about
preparing your financial Bug Out Bag there so many important
documents that you need in an emergency it's extremely important that you
prepare being prepared is smart have your essential gear ready at all times get a folder to contain all of those important documents keep it with your Bug Out Bag and if you need to leave for any reason you grab that and take it with you and you
will be extremely glad if you have the papers that you need if you talk to people in things like
Hurricane Katrina where everything was blown away they
couldn't even prove who they were or what property
belonged to them or what if you were sick and then you
didn't have your information for your health insurance
you don't want an emergency of any kind like that when are you need to
do is prepare a financial bug out folder so you need to think about the most
important things you need in an emergency and the articles that you want in here to think about cash investments
identification and medical records things like that
the first thing I have is guess what some cash because in a real emergency cash is king
get lots of it put it in there make it small bills don't use this as your
personal piggy bank this is for emergencies keep it in there and leave it there for an emergency
because you will be extremely glad if something happens that you have some
extra cash on hand then you want to make sure you take a copy of all the cards in your
wallet keep those with you what if your purse is stolen that can be a huge emergency I also have a pen and a pair reading glasses and an extra checkbook so if I need to write a check and something happened
my purse was stolen my house blew away I can still write a check and access
my bank account I have most important medical and ID cards and I have different
categories each section that I have put away for an emergency you want to have birth certificates adoption records marriage certificate those are important
for claims you need to make for certain types of things you want a copy of your social
security card you can't even get a driver's license without your social security card and if you try
to get another one you have to
wait weeks to get it to even prove who you are so you want to keep
a copy of that too you want a copy of your driver's license
a copy of your passport and so that would be all the things that would be your
identification then you want to have things like deeds and titles anything that shows property that
belongs to you cars RV's boats businesses any deeds titles contract things like that you need a
copy of that in here never put the original in here these are your copies your
originals are put away safely in a safe deposit box but you want to have
a copy each these things you I have a copy of your
insurance whether it's your medical insurance your
life insurance property auto insurance all those things
you need a copy in here and how you contact those people should you need
to you want to have copy of your bank accounts because people tend to forget if you've ever had to deal with a
grandma who has forgetting problems you'll wish they had a copy
of their bank accounts because it's almost impossible to track it down if there's an emergency and they can't
tell you and you don't know where their papers are you want to have a copy of your credit cards
like say you have a Credit Card with Visa you need the contact information how to
get a hold of them and you want to have your investments papers retirement account like that you
also want to have a copy of your income a mortgage or landlord information then
think about having a folder with medical information your
insurance your medical history any prescriptions that you take you need
a copy of that if you go somewhere and lose your
medication and you can show copy of your prescription the
pharmacist can help you get more you don't have any proof they can't help
you it's against the law but if you can give them some proof they will
help you get what you need please write a list of your
contacts get paper written down the important
peoples names phone numbers addresses and email if you lose your phone your computer
whatever you don't know these things no one
remembers these things anymore we are always pushing a button to find
out you won't remember you need to keep those things on piece of paper written down and keep it with
your financial bug out folder then you
need to have the names your doctors
your employer your neighbors that you trust people you would
need to contact in an emergency also put in some photos of
your family because did you remember after 9/11
people put up photos of their missing loved ones
and I'm thinking wow that would be horrible but how many people wouldn't even have that so you wouldn't even be able to begin to say help me find this person I also have a
copy of my income tax in here because you can't
believe how many times they ask you for that for silly things that you wouldn't think
related to that so keep a copy of that as well please
make a financial bug out folder it's very important keep
track of these most important papers and store this carefully so you don't become a victim of identity theft guard these things but put them together and
I know it seems like a complex deal take it one at topic in time this week work on all your
identification next week work on all deeds and titles
then work on gathering your bank accounts that find a time to do each topic whether you
can do it in a day a week or a month please get the things
together because if anything should happen you're
going to be extremely happy and glad you have it and if nothing
happens you're going to be glad to know that you have your financial life organized please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com

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