Bug Out Bag Necessities for Preppers Prepping To Bug Out Or Evacuate

Bug Out Necessities for Preppers Prepping 
To Bug Out Or Evacuate there it is   we made it to Granny Camp Alaska Off Grid Cabin 
it's still buried in snow come on let's go hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I'm out at 
Granny Camp Alaska Off Grid Cabin I came out   today to see how everything looks it's still a lot 
of snow out here that's springtime in Alaska on   my way out here I thought what if I had to bug 
out what would I actually need to have if this   was where I had to come because it was no longer 
safe to stay in my home and that's something you   should think about when you set out for the day 
do you have a bug out bag 72 hour kit get home bag   with you or some kind of get home gear in your 
car the first thing you might want to make sure   that you always have in your car is a paper map 
if for some reason you don't have your phone your   phone dies the internet isn't working we rely 
on electronics when we shouldn't we should rely   on our own actual skills and being able to read a 
paper map and decide how to get from here to there   with just that map is a real skill that 
a lot of people don't realize that they   need to know anymore so get a paper map of any 
areas that around your home or where you might   be traveling in any kind of a situation you want 
to make sure that you keep your car full of gas   and you have the proper oil and fluids so that 
if you did need to take your car and go somewhere   and stay there you have the means to do it in a 
lot of emergencies the gas stations aren't open   or they're not working properly maybe there's 
a power outage a storm or the line is two miles   long because in an emergency everybody needs to 
go get gas if you've already made sure that you   keep your car with gas you don't need to get 
at the end of that line you've prepared ahead   for any kind of an emergency that could come along 
to bug out evacuate make sure that you only have   essentials with you you don't want to burden 
yourself with your load that's so big that you   can't fit the emergency supplies things that you 
need properly or that the people that are with you   aren't comfortable on your journey then you need 
to plan out your route if you live in a city area   it may not be safe to travel at night you have to 
decide what your route is and where you could go   and you always want to keep your doors locked at 
all times if you've ever seen on the news when   people get carjacked guess what they're sitting 
at a light or at a gas station or at a stop sign   and somebody runs pulls open the door and jumps 
in if the doors are locked they run on to the   next car so just that simple little thing 
of keeping your doors locked can help keep   you safe in an everyday situation make sure you 
have some open and eat foods with you this isn't   a time when you want your beans rice and pasta in 
an emergency you need things like granola bars or   instant open and eat meals meals that are already 
cooked that would be maybe heated up and be nice   but it isn't necessary you can buy emergency 
bug out bag easy MRE meals in a pouch a dish   you can even use some canned food and anything 
that you anything that you can open and eat and   oh look who's here
Teddy  and make sure you have supplies also for your pets have enough water that you have some to drink and 
make sure that you include a little dish so that   you can have water for your pet as well if you 
take life-sustaining medication make sure you have   some of that with you in your emergency gear so 
that you have at least several days worth so that   you can figure out what to do next if you have 
prescriptions keep a paper copy of it with you   because if you run out or if you don't have 
them or in certain kind of situations you can   go to a pharmacy and a pharmacist can help you 
figure out what to do next if you just want to   go in and you don't really remember the name 
of your medication or where you got it you're   going to have a lot harder time trying to track 
down prescription medications than if you can   show a copy and explain your situation so along 
with your paper prescriptions make sure you have   your identification your insurance information 
and any of the important contact information of   people that you would want to get a hold of in 
an emergency have some cold weather clothes in   your car because even in the summertime when the 
sun goes down it gets cold many places maybe have   a few blankets some kind of a sleeping bag some 
kind of a way that you could sleep in your car if   you needed to or whenever you got to wherever you 
were going you had some way that you could sleep   on every day-to-day situation we need enough food 
we need water and we also need enough rest to be   able to do the best of whatever situation is 
presented to us have some first aid supplies   and some hygiene supplies make sure you have 
a way to communicate even if it's just a radio   so that you can find out what's going on in your 
area if you do have cell phones and they're able   to be used make sure that you have them fully 
charged or that you have something like the cord   to charge it up or some of the little battery 
packs that allow you to charge it up some more   have some flashlights and maybe a few tools if 
you're going out in the snow you better make   sure you have at least a shovel so that you can 
dig your way out a shovel is also handy if you   get stuck in any kind of a dirt road situation a 
shovel is also nice if you find yourself looking   for a way to go to the bathroom behind a bush 
a little shovel is nice keep a roll of toilet   paper in your car keep it in a ziploc bag so 
that it stays dry and clean and you'll really   appreciate toilet paper if you ever need to use it 
we never know what the future holds we never know   what can happen we know that we like to stay in 
our homes we have the things we need and we're   the most comfortable there but we can't always 
have that option storms happen disasters come   along there are many reasons why you may not be 
allowed to stay in your home and you would need   to leave in your car or you go somewhere in your 
car and you become stranded those are all top   reasons to have supplies with you think about 
where you're going and what you can do always   be thinking about it because the more ways you 
think about how to face a challenge if it comes   along the more likely you are to make the best 
of it if it does come your way if you have any   tips or suggestions on bug out supplies things you 
should think about before you set out for the day   in case you actually need to evacuate in your 
car leave them in the comments below so that we   can all learn from each other and be as prepared 
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