Bug out bag (updated)

hi everybody this is dylan dewalt here for an updated bug out bag video I abandoned my idea for an inch bag because I had a bunch of useless crap in there and I've learned a lot more about survival shelters so I made an updated version and this is my updated bug out bag so starting from the bottom I have an outside first aid kit and survival guide has some useful tips in it then I got a water are a lifestraw really useful still in the package a lot bigger than I thought they weren't able they will hold up to 264 gallons of water and then I have rolled duct tape duct tape is always useful and then I have some little beef jerky and some energy boosts then I have fishing line fishing hooks fishing fish is a really good source of protein cell yeah then I have a spare one or two pairs of socks those are always useful some wash camp towels basically shower wet wipes battery charger goals er out solar panel charger then I have a goal zero Lantern baby wipes um you will have bowel movements in the while even if you're not eating a lot and you'll get infected if you don't clean yourself up so then I have some little fire sticks over here right there ones above my finger and that's a lot of them they actually work really well then i have this above my finger is a little light glow stick thing and then I have a right there is a orange whistle and then left corner of that is water purification tablets which are really really useful and then ni and then I have dental floss fishing line floss your teeth so give yourself some stitches emergency blanket next to that and then another one up there and then the deck of cards a little air horn thing ust stormproof matches if you guys want i will do a in detail review about those because those things are really good some dry wood burn wouldn't like that came in a wood burning kit and that's to start a fire in case I can't get any dry wood and then of course I have a bandana there to filter water start filtering the water stairs small fecal matter sometimes in water and can't really beat boil that stuff out and then a little purple thing on the grounds of is a guitar pick if you scratch it or not you need a good knife to do it you can use those as a fire starter it's just not my tossed and there doesn't weigh anything so I don't use it then oh well then I have chapstick and a little signal firework I have some wise fire it was like three dollars it's really good buy I think oh and then I forgot paracord some more paracord and a foldable shovel with the wise fire haven't tested that yet so we have a bag so I don't really want to waste it um Chinese cook set this is my wool blanket rolled up and then then the shovel $10 military canteen pellet gun i'm not sure if i'm going to fully add that in yet i mean it is good to source of this break barrel ust flint and steel and a gator which is a mouth cover too windy weather you might want to put that over your face and that's my updated bug out bag um I had update excited a lot of stuff that wasn't entirely useful and so yeah it's pretty basic I didn't buy a lot of the stuff in here mainly presence I mean when I had a job i bought some stuff like the shovel and i didn't have to buy a lot of this stuff i mean this is a really advanced one I mean I could probably survive two to three weeks to emergency blankets make a great shelter um paracord ah you guys are probably wondering where my knife is that I haven't ordered that yet and it hasn't even come yet I'm ordering a kabar kukri I believe that's what I'm looking for right now and that's because you kind of have to have a knife and I mean he'll have to bug out before I have that one that I have a little thick splayed hunting knife or and I usually have a pocket knife on me I can I've to shelters one shelter or set up and I know how to build lean to raised beds yeah there's with my wool blanket if I folded in a certain way I could turn that into a little hammock if I couldn't make a raised bed quick enough because you do not want to sleep on the ground the connection I think I believe it's called will suck the heat out of your body so yeah you're right I don't have a nice and that's the most important thing in here but the shelter I do have mom all i have to do is make a put sleep on one of the emergency blankets and the other one above me to keep the rain off me so I do have a shelter and that's the most important thing I have water purification tablets I have a little cook set that I can boil water in I'm I took out my se stove I think it was because it didn't really boil really need that in there it's just an extra two three pounds but I don't really feel like I need that to cook I have plenty of fire starters I have the LifeStraw and the water purification tablets and those ones are kind of cool because they don't not only purify the water but they also um one of them takes the texture out of it um I have a metal canteen that i'm going to add i picked up like two bucks out of pawn shop and so I can boil water than that but I do have the pots and don't know if I'm going to take those out yet or not but if there's anything you want in detailed review about really the only things the goal zero in the UST stormproof matches there are some great matches i will tell you that i've tested then they burn while they are in water you can fully soaked with water and the shell burn so that's my video and have a good one thanks for watch

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