Bug-Out Bags: Useful or A Waste of Time?

[Music] what's up everyone as you can see in the video title what we're talking about today is bug-out bags and here's what I want to throw out to you and I love to hear comments below and let's get the discussion going bug out bags the concept is it's a bag you have ready you can grab you can bug out of a situation or bug out of your house bug out of your town to get away from for example civil unrest how realistic is a bug out bag or should you be thinking more about how to prepare your home in case power goes out there's civil unrest something like that a bug out bag for me let me just give an example okay myself I've got me my wife and my two kids my oldest is four my youngest was just born how big a bug out bag am I going to need to have to get away and to provide for them I'm going to need a lot of gear a lot of kit to do that so bugging out versus staying in if there's a power outage civil unrest something like that think about Hurricane Katrina people are getting out of New Orleans but if you stayed and you survived the hurricane should you bug in and basically set up shop in the house and survive there should you get out of town let's get that discussion going the 72-hour bag same concept you know get out of that get out of the area for 72 72 hours how about to get home bag that's another concept so I just want to bring this up because I see a lot of people talking about bug out bags but the it seems to me like the opportunity to use a bug out bag is very small and people are thinking about that very small opportunity which is good to think about to be prepared for something like that but are we even thinking about the day to day stuff that's more likely to happen power outage major storm where the best option would be to stay at home and are you prepared to do that do you have the stuff at home that would allow you to be prepared I'm not ragging on bug out bags I'm saying they're stupid you shouldn't do it all I'm saying is hey let's get the discussion go let's hear your take on bugging out versus butting in having a bag to get out of there or maybe having a survival bag like I have in my trunk that is built for more day-to-day stuff that might have that's the purpose of this video let's get the comments going let's hear your thoughts and please keep it friendly you know you don't have to tear somebody apart if you have a different opinion be respectful you can disagree you can agree whatever but don't be nasty in the process of doing it let's just get the everyday tactical abuse community up and talking about this very interesting topic all right thanks let's get it going you

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