Bug Out / Extended Duration / INCH Bag

hey fellow youtubers I've just finished arranging my setup as you can see here for my current video I'm taking a slightly different tact compared to my previous videos rather significantly different tack I wanted to put out this video because I just finally finished doing something that I told myself I'd do for a long time and that is to create my personal survival kit also known as a bug-out bag for those who aren't familiar with that term bugging out refers to evacuating or escaping your own environment and relocating to a new presumably safer environment FEMA on their ready.gov website recommends that every person or household have a 72-hour survival kit for emergencies such as local natural disasters now just the word of warning this is a fairly extended video as I'll be going into detail describing some of my gear especially some things that I haven't seen other people cover in their videos so if you don't have the attention span to watch this feel free to click away now also several items in this bag are fairly expensive and I don't expect everyone watching is going to want to buy some of this stuff but they may help give you some ideas on what to purchase for yourself also I want to clarify some terminology first since the words bug-out bags survival kit survival bag pretty much all mean different things to different people in this video I'm just going to refer to different types of bags in terms of the amount of time that yourself is expected to last and helping you survive so in other words a 72-hour survival bag or bug-out bag versus a long-term survival bag or a bug-out bag with 72 hours being the typical amount of time a lot of people aim for when putting their kid together in this video I'm actually going to be using all three terms changeably my own without bag is tailored towards longer-term survival so that I've so that I've included some things that I probably wouldn't put into a 72-hour bag and also excluded some things that I would put into a semi to obey such as hand warmers you know candles glow sticks or even a small stove and fuel I do have an MSR pocket rocket stove which I use whenever I go backpacking but which I feel is not really appropriate for my long-term setup here and also as I go along I'll point out some items that I personally will not include in a 72-hour kit and items that I would add one other thing by now versus stay put there are already some good videos out there that deals specifically with the subject so it won't spend too much time on it I do agree with the general consensus that you should try and stay put if at all possible and leave your home only as a last resort this is obviously because your home is the most familiar environment to you and contains almost everything you need to survive you can also stockpile survival items and food and water that you couldn't possibly carry with you if you had to leave there are very few situations that would necessitate you absolutely having to get out of Dodge as soon as possible anyway let's get into the details of my bug-out bag setup here I have some external items laid out here that I'll go into before digging out the contents of my bag first off are my paracord bracelets have got a total of five paracord bracelets of one of which as you can see is wrapped around the Handy little compass three on my right hand and two on my left hand because of my watch that gives me roughly 40 feet of additional 550 paracord and they're already conveniently divided into eight foot links okay next is my cargo pants and the gear associated with it the invisible items are my Blackhawk Serpa tactical holster carrying Glock 19 and 2 mag pouches my Gerber LM f2 infantry knife with its sheet a Garmin GPS device this is a 62 s and a Petzl I think it's called an e light headlamp that would normally fit inside this little mini front pocket here that is a gen 3 glock 19 included in my survival kit almost purely for the purpose of self-defense for survival hunting i've got my air 7 here so I really don't need my Glock for that I chose Glock because of its reputation for reliability and durability that thing is very easy to figure out and maintain it's almost any improvement I chose a 9-millimeter because the 9-millimeter Luger has less like it compared to a lot of other handgun calibers and also because it's probably the most common type of ammo out there so buying rounds for it wherever I go has never really been a problem for the same reason scavenging ammo for this thing would probably be much easier than for any other caliber save for possibly the 22 long-rifle that benefit could potentially become very useful in certain scenarios also you can see that my holster of my sheath are located at the level of my thighs instead of at my waist and that's because a backpack that has waist straps will pretty much monopolize all of the area around your waist so that it basically becomes impossible to carry anything else at that level so whatever you would have liked to wear around your waist you basically have to shift it down your thighs the good thing about this holster and the sheath is that you can easily remove either both of these very quickly with these straps and I have this beam in here if you have to detach them and still them inside of your backpack such as if you're coming up to a police or military checkpoint during an evacuation and either don't want to freak them out or and or don't want to get your stuff confiscated that is of course unless they single you out for a bag search okay this is my Garmin GPS device as I said 62 us model this device is set up to give me a rough topic top Bo graphical map information of the entire US and very detailed topographical information of the entire West Coast and even if the GPS part stops working I can still use the map store in there it's also a compass barometer altimeter and you can use this to send data to another Garmin unit moving on to my knife this is the as I said Gerber lmf to infantry knife it's a good solid knife for general use though I believe it was originally designed as an insect Lee I think it's one of Gerber spinous products I'm not going to do a full review on it that's already been done elsewhere on YouTube but I will point out all of its features briefly as you can see the blade edge is serrated all the way to the midpoint of the blade there are three holes that you can use to lash the knife to a pole and turn it into a spear the sharp button can be used to break glass and if you put the knife in the sheath the flat end here can be used as hair the button or the pommel is also electrically isolated from a blade which could be very useful if you have to saw through something electrically active I not to worry about it shocking by the way the sheath also has a built-in knife sharpener which is very convenient feature now just the word about the number of fixed blade knives to put in a bug-out bag in general from what I've seen the vast majority of bug out bag videos have got right on these guys will pack one or two quality fixed blade knives in their bags that's it you know nothing fancy nothing excessive some videos I've seen have like four or five or six or seven or even a fixed blade knives in their bug out bags they're like this ones for skinning this one's for flying this one's for bushcrafting this giant jagged curved one is for self-defense this one's for backup self-defense yeah yeah and I'm watching all this and thinking of myself what are you doing let's get real all you need is two fixed blade knives that's it you might even be able to get away with just one though certainly nobody's gonna raise an eyebrow if you take two because frankly the knife is probably the most important single piece of equipment you can take with you into the world more important than any firearm even in my opinion the old adage two is one one is none could easily apply to knives if you have a good quality knife such as those from ke baare Gerber or maybe Ontario or SOG you actually should not expect your primary knife to break it off but in the very rare instance that it does you can have a backup but just because a knife is so important doesn't mean you should go overboard and start carrying arsenal of knives around that's gonna do nothing but unnecessarily weigh down your bag and take up space and also make it look like you have some kind of cutting fish your primary knives should be able to do almost everything that you need done in a survival situation again all you need is two you could maybe justify 3 but 4 is definitely semi-retarded and 5 or more is fully never go full just take 2 my backup is a Gerber profile fixed blade knife that I keep in the lid of my backpack here it's a little smaller than this Gerber and when I take it out you will immediately be able to see what it's primarily designed to do though it's also easily able to serve serve as a general purpose might as well and while I'm on the subject of knives there are some survival knives out there that to get real fancy you know the kind of talking about their handles are cylindrical and Hollow so as to carry some kind of matches or fishing line or whatever the hell they carry in there my advice my advice is to avoid those types of knives like the plate knives when the hollow handles have a weak point right here at the guard because that's where one piece of metal ends and another begins these knives are not full tang and have frequently been known to snap right at the guard when the user is putting stress on the knife you don't want a knife like that something so untrustworthy if you have one of those knives do yourself a favor ditch that thing right now and get a knife with the full or nearly full tank a good fixed blade knife is definitely an item you shouldn't skimp on ok moving on this is Petzl I think yeah it is the e light emergency headlamp I prefer this particular have Petzl because of the waterproof case compact size and light weight and the fact that it has a little swivel mount and has several modes including red light modes that help you preserve nighttime vision in each pocket of my cargo pants I have these MTM animal wallets instead of carrying a giant break of ammo like this thing here you can distribute the weight and volume of your ammo into these easily carried ammo wallets and stuffed them into your pockets I have four of them you certainly couldn't carry this break with you in your pants pocket meaning you would have to put this in your backpack which would add more weight to it and this thing is not like when I waited for was almost three pounds whatever you can do to take weight off your back and your shoulders and redistribute it to your waist and your thighs is a good thing and something you should try to do if you can your shoulder muscles especially a relatively weak and easily tired compared you core muscles the core muscles being the ones in your lower back at the minute pelvis so do yourself a favor and lighten the load on your shoulders I've got one a my wallet in each of four pockets the other three each hold 100 rounds of 22 long-rifle but this one contains 18 rounds of 9-millimeter Luger and these are all rejected hot ones so between the Glock itself my two mags and this wallet I've got 48 rounds total of nine millimeter and yes I did count correctly and yes I live in California you know I I don't feel I need any more than that honestly I don't plan on going on getting into a shooting war with anyone because frankly in those circumstances you're liable to get killed regardless of whether you have a gun or not best advice avoid confrontation you're trying to survive eat out an existence for a while and hope for a better future not go all Rambo on people you're going to shoot if you're in a situation where you find yourself having to bug out it probably means that something has just done horribly wrong with the world or at least with the area in which you live which means there's a good chance that you'll run into desperate people you know looters criminals just like what we saw after Hurricane Katrina but regardless of who you run into the best solution is again to avoid confrontation if you can if you're absolutely forced to stand your ground and defend yourself well then you got to do what you got to do of course now that thing over there if you don't already know is the rifle formerly known as the Armalite ar7 now officially known as the Henry us survival rifle it was designed by Eugene stoner the same person who designed the m16 and its chamber for 22 long-rifle the leading contender for the most common ammo in the US the entire gun is stowed right inside that stock barrel receiver mags naw that's the whole rifle right there in fact it can still one mag in the receiver and two more in the stock for a total of three mags and 24 rounds I'm not going to assemble it right now they're already like I said youtube videos that do that already so you can check them out if you're interested I can put that thing together in about 30 seconds but I bought it not because it's easy to assemble but because it's very light and compact and I can carry this in either hand pretty much all day without my arms getting tired or I can even strapped to my backpack and also and most importantly because I can easily carry hundreds of rounds of ammo for the state much more easily than for almost any other caliber unless you got like a 17 or something this is really the biggest reason I chose to include the AR 7 rather than my a ar-15 for my bio pay this wallet here contains exactly 100 rounds of 22 long-rifle and I have three just like it in my cargo pants here here and here for a total of three hundred and twenty four rounds and all of them carried in my pockets or in the rifle itself that's almost the entire contents of this 375 round right here that much ammo should relax me several weeks at least maybe even a few months if I'm careful in contrast a similarly sized 223 magazine like this PMAG here will hold only 20 rounds in roughly the same volume actually this isn't even a 20 round Magnus is at 10 20 P mag and said only what this button tool here yes love the California anyway that means in order to make my ar-15 useful and worthwhile I would have to carry a lot of ammo in my backpack in addition to what I can fit in my pockets that makes me think about why I'm carrying a rifle in the first place well for me my rifle will be intended for small game hunting maybe even medium game if I get real lucky with my name not so much for self-defense now I'm not a hardcore hunter and I also don't go around shooting animals up just for fun and I'm not saying hunters do that in general they certainly do not but out in the wild you have to do what you have to do to survive and the more ammo you can carry the more targets you can shoot and the longer your rifle will be useful to you in that respect the ar-15 in the does not compare well to the two 22 long rifle in my personal opinion nor does any other firearm that is not chambered for the 22 long rifle for me to go out into the wild carrying 324 pounds of 223 ammo or some other type of heavy grain cartridge would just be way more weight blind than I'd be comfortable with an ar-15 or the long gun will also be pretty much impossible to conceal inside a backpack should the need ever arise but you know for those people who have nay are 15 or some other rifle chamber for a larger caliber you know 30 odd 6 or whatever and intend to take it with you if you have to bug out more power to you they've obviously got more range and more stopping power than the 22 long rifle no arguments there I personally just prefer my AR 7 for the amount of ammo I can carry and for its size and weight it's all about trade-offs and for a long-term survival hunting I prefer more ammo and I prefer that little to none that needs to be carried in my backpack by the way I just recently learned that the Ruger 10/22 now comes in a handy takedown version you guys should check that out and I would definitely consider replacing my Henry with the new 1022 now if I can actually get out of Dodge in my car and I will never assume that I can then all bets are off I would most definitely take as many things as I possibly could but if I have to walk out on foot with whatever I can carry on my back and in my hands and my pockets this is what I'm taking by the way this is an ammo wallet that has been loaded with 22 long-rifle according to the manufacturers intended sign manufacturer being MTM this is what I actually have in them an mo wallet overstuffed with 100 rounds total three rows of 32 and 4 extra on the side so that's that's everything that's not on or in my backpack now move to the backpack itself okay I'm actually gonna go zoom in closer at this point give me a second all right you get a better look the time alright this is the Arc'teryx bora 95 backpack Arc'teryx is also the same company that designed the ilbe backpack that the u.s.

Millions use in fact the bora 95 is actually the direct ancestor of the ilbe after extensive testing and modifications including you know changing the color from black to digital camo adding pals webbing all over the place for your Molly gear adding a few pockets here a few straps there and some other minor changes and you've got the ilbe designed by art Erickson and manufactured by proper if you've ever worn it I'll be you'll notice the very close similarities between it and the auras that go through the rest of my video our tariffs by the way is basically the Louis Vuitton of the outdoor and sporting goods world it's pretty much the high end of the high end it's almost like a boutique company and it's obviously not gonna be cheap this 495 will set you back four and a half Benjamins and it's not they're not even their most expensive backpack anyway the bora comes in three sizes 65 80 and 95 liters switches where I have 95 translates into 50 hundred cubic inches by the way and I can overstuffed this backpack to a hundred liters easy that would be 60 100 cubic inches or almost double the total capacity of the enlarged Palace pack I mean this thing's a beast if you can't fit all your bug out gear into this bag you definitely can any too much gear the Bora is an internal frame backpack meaning that the structural support is on the inside of the backpack okay so the the backpack consists the frame of the backpack consists of two strips of aluminum that run down the backside serving to give the backpack some rigidity and helping to reduce the weight of the backpack reduce the weight of your shoulder on your shoulders and we redistribute it down to your waist where your core muscles are the IOP actually has four spars rather than two for additional structural support as I believe the ilbe is actually rated for up to 120 pounds of gear imagine that anyway now some people may ask what's the difference between an internal frame backpack like the or on the ILB and an external frame backpack like the Alice pack or some of the other brands out there like Kelty Teton JanSport and watch someone give one versus the other well that's a very good question and a good answer would take a separate YouTube video to properly explain I may do one on that look subject later but for now the general wisdom on external frame backpack is that they are best for carrying heavy loads over relatively even train well internal frame backpack SAR best for carrying medium to light loads over relatively uneven terrain these generalities are just you know stereotypes and mini backpacks completely destroy these stereotypes like this one so which type of frame should you choose the answer is it depends on where you plan to go how much gear you plan to carry and what you're willing to pay if you are planning on moving over mostly even to right external frame has the advantage uneven terrain internal frame if you have a lot of gear external frame not as much gear internal frame if you are willing to shell out the big bucks you can buy internal frames like this that combine the best of both worlds if not I think in general with all of the things being equal you probably would do best with a moderately priced decent quality external frame backpack as your choice for a model bag by the way in general for 72-hour survival bags you should probably aim for a maximum of twenty to thirty pounds and for long-term survival bags maybe forty to fifty pounds as a rough benchmark when I go backpacking depending on how long I plan to be out my load usually tops out at thirty to thirty five pounds max this set up here weighs in at just over 51 pounds now I'm used to being a decent amount of weight but even then the burden of a 50 plus pound bag is very apparent and without this bore I would feel even more burdensome so a word of advice if you're going to pack something as heavy you better know what you're getting into yeah that's pretty much all I'd say there's nothing worse than throwing out your back two hours into an evacuation because you have no idea how heavier setup was and how unused to carrying heavy loads your back was now I know there's probably gonna be some military folks out there it was chuckle and say well I used to top 80 pounds all day every day well that's good because 51 pounds will probably be a breeze for you then but for us civilians we need to be a little more careful with our bags some advice practice humping you are set up on your back and see how it feels set aside some time every weekend and walk around with it for a while that way you will help strengthen your shoulder back in the core muscles so that if the time ever comes you will be ready because being ready is really what this is all about right okay moving on let me turn this back back around on the outside here you can see I have four two on each side these black diamond neutrinos are real climbing carabiners rated to 500 pounds of force these particular ones are the wired gated rather than the screw gates which I find to be much more convenient for my purposes I also have some gear attached to compression straps on either side of my backpack mainly stuff I want to have easy access to and he it is a Maglite LED double-a flashlight this is a lens etic compass you can see this here yeah on this side I have a chain mate 24 inch chain saw very useful for processing what at the end of a if you want to see this in action they hire YouTube videos on it I believe at least two or three this is an Orion 10 by 40 to waterproof monocular and let's work our way backwards here this is a poncho nothing fancy it's just something that can carry it's fairly lightweight this thing here is a ultra sill pack cover the one thing that I don't like about the Bora series is that they only come in blue and black the black really soaks up Sun in the middle of the summer and the blue is just horrendously ugly and you can see it from my way this pack cover however is great and I use it both in the during rainy season and during the actually we don't have a rainy season when it rains and during really hot days during the summer when I want to cover this backpack these are gloves these are really work / shooting gloves they're fairly thin but since this is California we don't get much colder than early fall or late fall or even early fall for a lot of other states so these are plenty enough to keep you warm and thin enough for me if I need to manipulate small objects such as that trigger here I have a u.s.

Canteen stainless-steel canteen this is a very neat little thing this is a combination combination bucket hat and mosquito net now if you don't need the mosquito net you can just tie this up and it becomes a regular bucket head otherwise you can drop it down over your head and it becomes a bucket head and mosquito net that's about it oh here I'll let you see this but this is an Ozark Trail multi-function whistle I have been very pleasantly surprised by this thing here it's one of the very few cheap items you can buy this is actually extremely useful it's a combination whistle compass magnifying glass here you can push it out and thermometer it's a great value let me see I think that's it okay so let me move to the interior this is the anterior compartment which I keep someone loose because this is where I keep my MSR dromedary water bladder it's a 4 liter capacity this is what it looks like in here I keep mostly items that are fairly elongated in shape such as my 30 square feet of aluminum foil 2 plastic ziplock bags 100 feet of sorry this is a milspec 100 feet of milspec 550 paracord and 100 counts 14-inch uv-resistant 75 pound tensile strength zip ties these are also most effective I also keep my Gerber Gorge entrenching tool in the air bag for a 72 hour bag I probably wouldn't include all that stuff I probably just keep the paracord and one bladder and leave everything else out now inside the anterior compartment here I have this quick tech waterproof Bank which you open it close with these these little knobs here this bag contains the SAS survival guide in miniature format I see some people bringing novels to read to pass the time but personally I think in a survival situation brushing up on your outdoor skills with the survival guide would probably be more useful than reading war and peace or an amine Gables anyway this is a pack of cards with instructional information on edible wild foods printed on the card is one food for each card I'll tell you can see this but this is a right in the rain writing pad it can basically write when it's wet nothing else special about it these are lithium batteries lithium and double-a batteries for my Garmin and my flashlights and lithium button batteries for my that's a little headlamp this is a toothbrush holder that basically co-opted for use as a writing utensil holder inside I have a mechanical pencil gelling pen and a Sharpie permanent marker these little flash cards here basically are a handy little knot guide for different types of situations that require different knots back here I have state local maps important little detail desiccant don't forget these especially inside waterproof bags where you presumably want to keep the contents dry they're basically free because they're found in basically every mail package and for good reason now if I were planning for a 72-hour bug out bag I probably would not including this and stuff in here I'd probably just keep the maps and the survival guide this envelope here by the way contains 300 dollars in every denomination from once to 20s and they're separated by several other end envelopes paper money will be useful in situations like earthquakes other local natural disasters where the economy is still intact and the value of the dollar is stable local natural disasters are going to be by far the most likely by god scenario although if you are planning for end of the world total economic collapse I guess you could include they're silver or you know some other butter items instead okay moving on to the bottom compartment this is actually part of the main compartment and it's separated from the rest of the main compartment by an optional bag which I have chosen to utilize by the way the flora is water resistant and it's zippers are designed to be watertight but it is definitely not waterproof I don't know if you can see this little gap right here but it's basically impossible to close no matter how tightly you squeeze these zippers together but anyway in this bottom compartment I have a 10 liter dry bag and then 20 liter dry bag the 20 meter dry bag weighs in at 3.6 pounds total inside I have the Swiss sport ultra compatible 20 degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag although reviews say this is more of a 30 degree sleeping bag I haven't tested it out yet so that window but again this is California it does have its uses California's you know great Sun and it's very very rarely cold unless you're up in Tahoe and if the sleeping bag is insufficient I also have a durable Mylar blanket in the lid that I can use to supplement things this sleeping inside the time later sleeping bag I have this cocoon inflatable sleeping pillow this weighs almost nothing so very easy for me to include I also have the Patagonia nano jacket with hoody this thing weighs I believe less than a pound and it's so thin that you could stuff this inside this this pocket here and you can invert the whole thing into this pocket and it ends up with the package that it's about this big and maybe this thing as I said it's a very thin weighs only one pound this thing is waterproof or nearly waterproof it's wind proof and it's warm enough to essentially serve as a full-on winter jacket on that King and not just in California the only downsides of this thing really is the cost it's definitely not cheap but for the purpose of a buyout bag it's it's perfect the last item I have in here is the therm-a-rest inflatable mattress pad it weighs almost exactly one Mouse now for a 72-hour bag I probably would not include the sleeping pad or the pillow or maybe even the sleeping bag I probably replace all of those things with one of these things here these emergency bins they will only about half town the basically mylar blankets in the shape of a mummy sleeping bag I probably had a second my love when I get to supplement this bill if I were to make those changes I would lighten my bag by about 5 pounds maybe more than that okay moving on apartment – it the hora by the way has a side a separate access side zipper access in addition to the bottom access and the usual top-loading access and it's like opens up I have these items immediately inside this is the katadyn pocket micro filter with an additional carbon cartridge it's probably the the best micro filter out on the market and probably also the most expensive the filters down 2.2 microns which will keep out most bacteria and protozoa including the most common waterborne pathogens as well as some viruses and it's silver impregnated for additional antimicrobial activity it claims to be able to filter up to thirteen thousand gallons of water before it needs to be replaced now if my math is right that means this thing will last one person about thirty six years at a water consumption rate of just under a gallon a day or about eighteen years for two people or nine years for four people you know if katadyn claim is off by half this thing is very impressive this whole package weighs in at one pounds 12 ounces by the way if you're wondering how I measure these things I use these two items this is the oh sorry kitchen scale and this is the eat smart things Club eat smart luggage scale this thing is accurate down to the gram and its weight ranges from zero to 11 pounds this thing's weight ranges from zero to 100 pounds and it's accurate down to a tenth of a pound though anything under ten pounds not very accurate which is when I use the Azzurri next thing in my pocket I also keep my top request one man maybe tenth I have tested this out and it's awesome this thing is it's waterproof its wind proof weighs two point four crowns and it also has an additional mesh screen at the level of your head and chest for hot summer nights if you want more ventilation or if you just want to see the stars were laying in bed if it's cold when you're raining the whole thing can be zipped up like that cocoon like I said I've already tried this thing just after I bought it and it's very very nice now for 72 hours of Outback I consider not including it and maybe just the using the my lip blanket and lid making that great tent or lean-to but since it's only three point four pound it's really a positive for me anyway open up this lid here this is sea2summit ultra sill stuff sack I keep all my food items and only my food items in here so that this bag is basically the only thing I need to you know hang out that night it weighs 4.40 pounds total with this setup in here inside I have three mountain house meals chicken anyway one SOS laughs 306 3600 calorie emergency food rations and I have an MSR Titan the titanium mess kit with a titanium spork inside this setup gives me 6300 calories total or about 2,100 calories a day for three days just as a note if you are an average 160 to 180 pound male and you're humping something like this back around in the woods for about seven to eight hours a day you're consuming somewhere in the range of 2500 to 3000 calories a day if you're a lot bigger than that and or you're doing a lot more active things you could be looking at 4,000 or maybe even 5,000 calories a day so this will get you through the short-term but will possibly not be able to meet your daily caloric needs anyhow what you're doing if that happens you will start losing weight right after the first day to be honest that's not necessarily a bad thing for a lot of people but obviously it can't go on forever which means you'll need to find additional sources of food as soon as possible now a lot of people don't think about the nutritional value of food when they're putting their back together they'll just throw in whatever sounds like would be tasty as an experiment I watched several videos and did a calorie count based on all the food that people presented and the lowest calorie count of all the videos that I counted was a shocking 600 calories or thereabouts and this was presented as being enough food for three days worth of solid meals in reality 600 calories is like a single meal now I'm not gonna say that I was but I do want to strongly emphasize that you need to be aware of how many calories you're actually putting into your bag by the way don't worry about the protein content your food least in the short-term calories are the most important consideration now it is definitely true that you can survive for about three weeks without food and for this reason some people choose to skimp on the food but if you are making especially just a 72-hour bag there is really no reason that you can't include enough food for a very reasonable cost and weight space to meet at least most of your daily caloric requirements you just have to pick the right foods and what are the right foods the ideal bug-out food is something that is simultaneously energy dense non-perishable and has durable packaging emergency food bars and dehydrated food packages satisfy all of these criteria items like ramen noodles and Snickers bars satisfy few or none of these criteria now I know people love to stuff a bunch of Snickers bars or Mars bars or whatever into their bags and as much as I love Snickers bars myself I would definitely not put that stuff into a survival bag those things are somewhat energy dense but whoever puts that into their bag and has to evacuate them in the middle of summer is going to regret Grayson and if you take a tumble or the contents of your bag shift and your Snickers box goes splat inside your bag you're gonna be licking off chocolate off the inside of your bag for dinner and you also may have just put yourself in danger because some bear is gonna catch a whiff of that caramel and nougat and peanutty goodness coating the inside of your backpack and come looking for a Snickers size snack in the middle of the night only to luck out and find a human-sized snack instead as far as MREs go don't put them in your bio bag that's my advice MREs are bulky and heavy space and weight are in a bug-out bag and MREs are some of the least energy dense food packages you can put in your bag don't believe me pairs on em are you pears emergency food bars look at them side-by-side these weigh almost exactly the same the MRA is actually very slightly heavier the Emory also takes up roughly three times the volume of the food bars however the MRA only provides about 1200 calories every MRE regardless of menu provides about 1200 calories by the way and that's if you eat and drink every last thing that's edible inside this package the food bars provide over 3600 calories that's three times the calories for the same weight and one-third the volume Mountain House meals they weigh about 4 to 7 ounces depending on the meal and these rice and chicken meals provide about 840 calories so two of these meals will provide almost 50% more nutrition with almost half the weight and less volume compared to an MRE if for some reason you feel you must absolutely include an MRE because it's what the military uses or for whatever other reason at least field-strip these things down before you put them in your backpack a significant portion of the weight and bulk of anna-marie isn't acting so as much of that as you ditch is a good thing or you can just put them in your bag at all the US Army's first-strike ration if you can get your hands on that is much more along the lines of what you would want to be packing if you're looking for military style rations that thing is designed to be light compact and calories dense perfect for a bug a bag I believe it will provide you about 2900 calories or basically an entire days worth of nutrition in a single package that's only slightly larger and heavier than an MRE the only problem the first rations that they are at least for now very hard to get stateside and of course they are still not anywhere near as dense as emergency food bars as I mentioned earlier this is my MSR Titan mess kit all titanium construction total weight including leather actually goes inside one point three pounds I've also included a titanium spork here inside I have a scrub pad I have a 2 ounce bottle of soap a 3 ounce bottle of olive oil for cooking purposes and this GSI spice missile by the way a single ounce of olive oil contains 251 calories so this thing that names about 750 calories you know just in case you're desperate and also in here is a pot holder because these things don't have handles this GSI spice missile is a very neat little thing it's got a six compartments which I have filled with salt pepper parsley my show steak seasoning garlic salt and chili powder this Montreal steak seasoning by the way is just awesome put that on any red meat such as medicine and you will have a magnificent meal these pots are one leader I was packing for a 72-hour survival bag I would add a small stove I'll show you this is my pocket rocket stove here and an 8 ounce kind of people by the way as far as MIT's best kids go a good quality aluminum mess kit such as those made by GSR or MSR is almost as light as titanium I have a GSI soloist I use for backpacking and it's held up very well if a few extra ounces aren't an issue a decent quality aluminum mess kit is probably gonna be the biggest bang for your buck as far as markets go all right now this takes up the majority of the space inside my party it's a sea lion thirty liter transparent dry bag in this bag I keep my first-aid kit my hygiene kit my utility kit and a complete change of clothes first my first aid kit unzip this thing this is the adventure medical kits weekender first-aid kit they also make a day tripper a first-aid kit which is small and lighter and what I would choose over this larger version of photo we're making a 72-hour bug out bag the total weight of this kit including all the extra stuff I crammed into it is 2.6 pounds this is a skin stapler with the staple remover it contains 30 staples total my philosophy is if you can't close a wound with just a skin stapler bandages QuikClot and pressure out in the wild you're probably gonna die some people keep tourniquets like this thing here in their bug out bags but I don't in my opinion if you sustained a bleeding wound out in the wild that only a tourniquet can stop you are probably going to die but tourniquet is always a temporizing measure with the assumption that you are on your way to an emergency department if you cannot reach a hospital within several hours of a tourniquet application you're in demise is almost guaranteed especially once the extremity with the turn to get out it starts dying off from lack of blood flow and starts becoming gangrenous in a long-term Bigod situation the chances of receiving prompt emergency medical care are slim to none that's why I keep this in my long-term survival bag instead of this for a 72-hour bag it might possibly be justifiable to include the tourniquet I do include this thing in my glove compartment however of my car as I said before I've included a quick Clive bandage most of you know what that is along with extra burn gel extra steri-strips extra and about appointment moleskin and Dassey my dad by the way if you end up getting a lot of small superficial cuts during your time out in the wild and you end up running out of antibiotic ointment you can use a small amount of honey apply it directly to the cut if you can find some more have some honey is bacteriostatic which means it inhibits bacterial proliferation and can help buy you time while your own body mounts defense now regarding is potassium iodide let's be clear on what it does and what it does not do I see some people talk about this like it's some kind of magic shield against radiation poisoning well that's just not true potassium iodide does absolutely nothing to protect you from acute radiation poisoning what potassium iodide does do is reduce the chance that you develop fibroid cancer or other thyroid disease in the future from a current radiation exposure it will do absolutely nothing to protect any other organ from either the short-term or long-term effects of radiation it's a thyroid cancer preventive that's it that's all it does on the other hand since weighs almost nothing it's something to consider Carol these are mostly over-the-counter meds that are included to treat some various commonly encountered symptoms here I've got mucinex for cough zofran for nausea benadryl for allergies and itching vodiane for diarrhea be very careful using imodium when you have infectious diarrhea vicodin for severe pain and ibuprofen for mild to moderate pain by the way I recommend against bringing aspirin for pain relief it is a blood thinner much more so than its relatives like ibuprofen and a person so it's not something you want to be taking for pain well where are your chances of injury and bleeding are much higher than at home this is exactly how much aspirin I've got in my first aid kit and that's only for somebody having a heart attack and it's used in heart attacks precisely for the reason that it's a blood down you can also tailor these meds or you don't means if you have heartburn alive including an antacid and you know constipation included a laxative ask for a snakebite it's I don't have one studies indicate that they do not work and could make your injuries worse if you get bitten by a poisonous snake out in the wild you either live or you die in a snakebite kit will do nothing to change that these are the four antibiotics that I would choose if I could only take four with me even with all the various disease resistance patterns across the US these are good choices in my opinion I've got up mminton levofloxacin and doxycycline and metronidazole if I wanted to include more I would consider adding clindamycin and bactrim also known as cetera now I understand that most people will not have access to antibiotics and routine basis but they may still this may still be helpful if you're able to scavenge some at some point or if you're a health care provider watching that's obviously very able to get your hands on some antibiotics make sure to write the name the dose and the expiration date on the bottom if you don't know in your head what the dosing regimen is also write it on the bottle for example levofloxacin the 750 milligrams one tablet daily for three to five days for an infection and for five to seven days for a pneumonia now most antibiotics are still effective a few months maybe even a few years or more past their due dates but they do start losing their potency sometime after they expire when that is who the hell knows and actually a few antibiotics like the doxycycline start to actually become toxic at some point after they they expire cool dark storage conditions and oxygen absorbers will extend the shelf life of your antibiotics nonetheless use and expired antibiotics at your own risk also antibiotics do absolutely nothing or viral or fungal infections many antibiotics are also not safe for kids or otherwise have radically dosing and different dosing regimens compared to adults for example the doxycycline and the levofloxacin here are generally contraindicated for kids also a lot of antibiotics have different dosing regimens if you have kidney or liver disease if these diseases are not accounted for while dosing antibiotics can build up to toxic levels in your blood also a lot of antibiotics have interactions with other prescription meds and you need to be aware of them if you're on those meds they can also have a lot of unwanted side-effects or induce an allergic reaction these side effects or allergic reactions can sometimes be fatal so the bottom line is if you're going to carry antibiotics you need to know exactly what you're doing with them I see some people pulling a bottle of something out of their bug out bags that they got online for their pets and saying this here is my antibiotics like somehow they have in their possession now a bottle of magic pills that will annihilate any and all infections don't do that I'm telling you you could be carrying what is ineffective I'll poison that you don't even know it or you could end up trying to treat some infection that you're antibiotic that's absolutely nothing against or could actually make worse there is a reason why antibiotics are prescription only alright first off is augmentin also known as amoxicillin clavulanic acid clavulanic acid is what's known as a beta-lactamase inhibitor it's useful against strains bacteria that have developed resistance to certain penicillin antibiotics it also helps amoxicillin increase in spectrum of coverage such as against common skin bugs like staph aureus people who are allergic to penicillin which is fairly common like this amoxicillin could choose as a throw Meissen instead which has roughly similar coverage also if your allergy is mild you could probably get away with choosing a close relative of the penicillins like cap lexan which goes by the brand name keflex augmentin is good for the empiric treatment of various skin infections as well as pneumonia sinusitis ear infections and some ear infections this would be my antibiotic of choice for skin infections or the prophylaxis infection if I have a large wound or sustained a bad animal bite or something like that by the way if you ever get bit by a human to the point of skin breakage you must take antibiotics or the wound will most likely get infected whereas if the wound is from an animal that is not extensive and is relatively shadow shallow you could probably get away with not taking antibiotics it is a scientific fact that we have dirtier models than almost every other animal out there think about that the next time you brush it to you okay next is legal phlox is in which has a very broad spectrum of coverage much broader than ciprofloxacin an earlier generation antibiotic and same family although I have to admit it is far more expensive in several its forte is urinary tract infections and chameleons acquired pneumonia and is my first choice for either of those but it's also very useful for the treatment and prophylaxis of inhalational anthrax as well as pneumonic and septicemia claim it can also be used for some skin infections and satisfactions as well as infectious diarrhea due to bad food it can also treat TB in a pinch but it's definitely not recommended as long term monotherapy for it because TB will eventually develop resistance to libo if used alone next is doxycycline not my first choice for most types of infections nowadays and I rarely use this in a hospital anymore but I keep it mostly because it has several almost unique uses in addition to being used for skin respiratory and urinary infections it's also effective against anthrax like the label and along with quinolone antibiotics like levo it is the first choice of treatment for mass casualty scenarios involving the plague such as you might see from a bioterrorist attack or a pandemic it's also uniquely useful for the treatment of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever both of which are tick borne diseases Lyme disease is most prevalent in Minnesota Wisconsin and northeastern United States Rocky Mountain spotted fever is somewhat of a misnomer and it's actually most prevalent in the states just north and south of the mason-dixon line as well as the eastern seaboard if you live in one of those areas consider packings antibiotic if you're able to especially during the summer and of course learn or review the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease in Rocky Mountain spotted fever Doxey is also one of the few oral agents that can treat and once they infections and it will shorten the duration and severity of cholera for which the mainstay of treatment is actually hydration and time finally we have metronidazole which goes by the brand name flagyl in the US this ancient is indicated for the treatment of many anaerobic infections mainly those that are deep inside the body where oxygen is not present so Jenna's gastrointestinal or pelvic infections if you drink bad water and are now developing massive diarrhea this is the go-to antibiotic it will kill many of the most common waterborne pathogens president untreated water including bacteria and protozoa but not all of them and to be honest if you get bad infectious diarrhea out in the wild and you're not sure whether it was from bad water or bad food or both I would probably consider a combination treatment with both the libo and the flagyl at the same time just in case however if you try and treat your diarrhea with any other antibody you will probably make your diarrhea much worse almost all antibiotics disrupt the normal healthy bacterial population of your gut and it can cause what's known as an osmotic diarrhea just by the fact that you taking antibiotics some antibiotics also have a greater propensity than others were killing off most of the resident you know symbiotic helpful bacteria that normally live in your gut and thereby allowing any foreign harmful bacteria to spread with that competition for nutrients and real estate insider cut this is the mechanism by which the organism cluster a.m.

Difficile causes serious gi infections which sometimes end up being fatal in summary antibiotics are a mixed bag that can be very helpful survival tools but if you have them be sure to know exactly how to use them otherwise they could harm or even kill you all right that's my public service message for antibiotics okay moving on next is my hygiene kit this is a Victorinox hanging hygiene kit this bag weighs in at a hefty 3.9 pounds in this side pocket I have bug spray and sunblock in this side pocket have toothpaste toothbrush razor in shaving cream and the main compartment I have a whole bunch of stuff I have a four ounce bottle of camp soap this can be used to you know wash my body wash my hair basically wash anything to anse bottle of hand sanitizer this will light up and burn for a while by the way if necessary chapstick package of floss plastic toothpick way down there and tiger balm for those of you who don't know tiger balm is it's good for the relief of insect bites headache stuff noses and sore muscles this is a small towel this is our slope obviously this is the not a bag dispenser it's basically one long cylinder of plastic that you can break off and tie the ends off and create small plastic bags with here I've got six rolls of toilet paper and choose a block block effect they also come with handy dispensers very convenient in this bottom here I have a bottle of pills divided by cardboard talked with a cotton ball and it also contains a desiccant package here this little package is very useful to have during a long-term survival situation there are not many sources of sodium out loud which this is one gram salt tablets these are multivitamins if you have to bug out there is some rate you will be losing a lot of it through your sweat you lose other electrolytes in your sweat of course but you lose sodium the most that's why animals are particularly attracted to salt lake's because they're so rare out in the world if you have heart failure liver cirrhosis or chronic kidney disease however be very careful with salt tablets otherwise you can end up looking like the Michelin Man you can also crush these and sprinkle them over your food because after all it's pure salt the multivitamins are you know pretty self-explanatory in a situation where you're down and out and have had very little to eat for weeks or even months multivitamins can provide a vital source of essential nutrients anyway as far as the hygiene kit goes for a 72-hour bag I would probably just take the bug spray sunblock one roll of toilet paper chapstick and my toothbrush and toothpaste and I put them in a plastic ziplock bag breath in this large hygiene bag and everything else would stay behind note shave off almost three pounds off the weight of my bag next is my utility bag this is a case logic bag it's really meant for an iPad but it's pretty useful for my purposes as well in the top compartment here I have two rolls of toilet two rolls of duct tape two rolls of 15 inch reusable velcro ties these are nice complement to the cable ties that I showed you earlier the plastic ones they can also be these can be used for non load-bearing purposes while the plastic ones can be used for the load-bearing parts of structures that you're making such as a shelter or lean-to is just squishy plugs in here I've got a flat knife sharpener as well as a Smith's Pocket Pal knife sharpener this is especially useful for sharpening serrations and here I've also got a Romeo clipper tweezers and a p-51 not a can opener the p51 is basically a larger version of the p38 and again there are YouTube videos showing you how to use this if you don't know and this is just a basic lightweight sewing kit in the body pouch here I have a waterproof bag containing the Etan raptor which is a combination weather radio solar cell phone charger got a LED flashlight in addition it's also an altimeter barometer thermometer compass alarm clock stopwatch and bottle opener for the wind down at the bottom of my dry bag I have a complete chain of clubs I mentioned earlier one pair of cargo pants just like the ones that just like the one I showed you earlier that was decked out in all the gear long-sleeve shirt short sleeve shirt underwear and two pairs of socks last but not least we come to the big compartments now the lid is the one reason I chose the Borah over the other Arc'teryx backpacks as I believe this is the only model where I can completely remove the lid and use it as a fanny pack by unclipping all four of its cliffs two in the front two in the back and taking out this strap here with a built-in buckle that's conveniently tucked inside this bottom coach I'm not going to take this out of paint and stuff back in but if for whatever reason I'm no longer able to carry this backpack such as if I sustained an injury such that I can no longer carry 51 pounds of gear or I'm trying to run a forest fire or I'm being hunted down by assassins or men of low character then I can just unclip the lid from the rest of the backpack slide out this belt buckle it around my waist like any fanny pack and keep going this lid weighs a total of eight point four pounds with everything in it it's like a mini bug out bag so in this bottom compartment I have a Mylar blanket as I was telling you earlier every bug out bag 72-hour long-term whatever should have a durable mile up blanket like this one this is one of the most useful items you can have next to your knife this is a 5 foot by 7 foot MPI space all-weather blanket it will retain 80% of your radiated body heat it's wind proof it's waterproof you can use it as a clean working surface or sleeping surface as an emergency raincoat emergency blanket a line of frege's sleeping bag a wing break morning dew collector and because it's grommeted you can use this to make an apron tent or lean-to and set it up as a heat reflector for your campfire cheap space blankets like I will show you here like this thing they come in nice little packages but they will almost rip a few 300 the wrong way and once they rip they continue to they tend to continue ripping so do yourself a favor get this instead these things cost I don't know $10 $15 they weigh less than a pound each so there are so many useful uses for this thing it's just smart to have one this is the knife my backup knife as I was mentioning over there this is the Gerber profile fixed blade knife it's a full tang titanium coated blade and non-slip rubber handle one guess as to what it's good for on the other hand it can easily back up my other Gerber as a general purpose okay now first thing is this this is a katadyn base camp water micro filter filters down to 0.3 microns and the filter is good for 200 gallons that makes your filter tucked inside along with the TV I like this because besides serving as a backup to my katadyn pocket it can serve as an extra water carrier if I have to move on from a water source and don't know when I won't be able to find water next and a hold a total of 10 liters or two now analyzer I just take this up untreated water on my lake or stream or whatever the treated water will flow through the filter and out here well you can attach the tubing if I'm forced to ditch the rest of my bag including my katadyn pocket and we'll still have a reliable means of water purification that I can take with me inside my lid this is a it's a mold X yeah it's more like p100 disposable respirator mask in my opinion for emergency purposes if you're not going to pack an outright military-style full face gas mask in preparation for Armageddon or government beatdown you will do just fine with the P 100 for most situations it will offer good protection against most bacteria many viruses and it can be vital in getting out of a burning building forest fire or chemical spill I don't feel I need to devote the space and wait for a heavy bulky gas mask because the situations in which gas masks are more useful than this thing are extremely limited and unlikely the ratings by the way go from n to R to P referring to how oil particulate resistant they are with P rated masks being the most oil resistant and from 95 to 99 200 with 100 filtering out the largest percentage of particulates so a P 100 rating gives you the most protection and an n95 rating gives you the least get a few 100 the only marginally more expensive than 95 you can get them in packs of fire for like 30 to 25 bucks Teena Brandon really doesn't matter as long as their P 100 they all work ok this is my fire-making kit housed in an on box waterproof case inside I have to pick lighters in the lid these are moisture resistant matches most of you probably recognize these these come from the MREs inside I have some more waterproof matches in a waterproof case this is a ferrocerium rod and striker by the way it is pronounced ferrocerium not fro see'em this is a bar of magnesium and this is a plastic bag with 14 cotton balls soaked in Vaseline although I hear wax is even better than Vaseline I've tested a couple of these out by the way and both of them stayed live for between five and six minutes a plan to save these for damp conditions or if I'm in a hurry and don't have the time to use the other methods this is a Bear Grylls ultimate survival kit it contains a lot of the most basic items important for survival I have this just in case for whatever reason I can't even take this lid with me in this case in that case I can just put this wallet-sized thing in my pocket and keep going that way have some minimal means of survival if I end up having to ditch almost everything else it's a good backup for some of the items in the rest of my bag as well you can look this up on youtube if you're interested so with this thing I have basically a bug-out bag with any bug out bag with anybody off bag depending on what situation I'm in and how much weight I need to ditch inside this mesh bag I have two 13 gallon heavy-duty trash bags 10 latex gloves collection of snares of annoyances snare wires an emergency fishing kit I got the I got this online sounds basically too lazy to make my own and these whites yo-yo Otto Rios these things are great they're like a fishing poles without pole they turn one of you into three of you so you can use your fishing kit and string these up under branches overhang water or you can create a stick and make your own or a wrench and you can just basically leave this alone bait it and come back in a few hours and check it these things will create highly recommended again it also on youtube if you want to check out let's in this bag I have two bottles of potable aqua water purification tablets along with two bottles of iodine taste and color remover consisting basically of ascorbic acid also known as vitamin C vitamin C can help you prevent scurvy by the way this backs up my katadyn filters and the to these bottles together can purify a total of 50 liters of water about 13 gallons this is my Otis deluxe pistol rifle cleaning kit it weighs nine ounces and it will take care of any caliber from 17 to 45 this is a waterproof pouch containing an Orion flare gun with four flares it can obviously also be used as a weapon class or weasel it you know if the Bears chasing me down and it's either my ass cheek or a lip flare in its mouth I'll choose the flare thank you this is a bahco laplander 8-inch saw very well reviewed I haven't tried using it though because I haven't had occasion to this is a signal mirror in a pouch I don't remember what brand this is though it's at three by five minutes this is an extra stuff sack what I used to carry my food in it's good for carrying stuff that you forage like edible plants tender wood or whatever else you need this is another dry bag which can also be used to carry more water since it's waterproof so that's it that's everything in my bug-out bag I expect this setup to last me for a few weeks in relative comfort and a few months in relative discomfort once my toiletries went out I could possibly even live on this setup indefinitely depending on availability of food and water in the area and on how well I can avoid disease and injury well guys I appreciate you sticking it out with me till the bitter end I know it's been a long video and I hope you find my ideas helpful for stimulating your brain to think about how to pack your own bug-out bag thanks for watching guys

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