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hey guys what's going on this is rogue with mass tactical I just wanted to show you all the back of my beast and what I've done to organize it and keep some of my stuff secure and ultimately just give you a way to customize the back of your Jeep on a budget so let's get into it alright guys I just wanted to show you a little bit about my my Jeep and some of the things that I've done to it to help me with organization of gear give me a little bit of extra storage room and do it on a budget so let's get into it the Shelf that I've got here is a $37 shelving unit from Walmart and it actually came with five of these shelves the whole thing put together I think he's got like a 550 or 750 pound capacity so there it is plastic but they are pretty heavy-duty plastic shells but for $37.00 I only had to use one shelf and one set of legs to get this thing in here so it's very cheap I've also got it secured to the top of my head rests and I've also got it secured to the bottom of the seat just by paracord and the reason why I did that was whenever I said I want to be I wanted to be able to still set my seats down so whenever I set my seats down now it'll actually pull the Shelf with it and the Shelf will say stay moderately moderately secure to the back of my seats when I lay them down so this isn't you know like a permanent set up I can say set my seats down and give my dog some more room if I want to ride with him in here or I can lay them down to put more gear in whatever I want to do and overall whenever I'm driving it helps with the overall stability of the shelf it still wobbles just a little bit but that's why I've secured my pack down with a you know compression strap and ran it through the bottom of the Shelf here to keep it all secured in one spot so it'll bounce around like this whenever I'm driving but overall it pretty much stays in place this storage unit that I've got right here is just another storage shelf from you know Walmart or any of the other big-box stores just a pretty cheap little shelf plastic keep some extra food MREs and some duct tape I've got an extra bag of dog food down here for whatever we go on camping trips and need that you know have some extra food and stuff with us this is just you know emergency stuff basically or you know stuff for whenever we're gone camping something for an extended period of time in the top I just keep some basic gear for now like I said I just put this together the other day so still filling it up with stuff I got a tarp in here some gloves my leg thigh holster rain cover for a pack I got some paracord some walkie-talkies some hand warmers just a basic gear but it yeah overall it does a really good job of keeping me organized on the right hand side over here I don't like to keep a lot of stuff in my gym bag and tie pads are very very big they need a bag on them on their own so I just keep my tie pads in here for when I go train on the left hand side I've got a little charcoal cook stove it's got a cooler part portion on top of it so you can put some drinks and stuff in to keep them cool it collapses down and then of course just the stove here pretty good little stove having actually used it yet but it looks like it's a pretty well made so we're gonna be testing that out the next time we go camping and then of course as with every Jeep or vehicle for that matter you've got the storage compartment down here where your spare tire and stuff would normally go jeeps just have this this little dip in so you can put some basic geared stuff in I keep a little lighter a little multi-tool some tow straps and then some basic tools and jumper cables and you know some wheel cleaner and stuff like that so just basic stuff nothing too fancy back here yet guys like I said I just wanted some some extra storage abilities when it comes to the back end of my Jeep because you know the jeeps are nice and ER there's so much you can do with them and so much you can customize with them but the stuff is not cheap so for the time being you know I thought that this was a pretty idea and you know so I hope this helps you guys if if anybody has done anything customized to their jeeps and would like to share that information you know I'd love to check it out I'm all I'm all about it guys if you guys can it can do something on a budget and get what you need out of it I'm all for it so if anybody has done anything awesome DIY you know some some storage compartments or anything like that built into a jeep or any other vehicle for that matter whatever bug that vehicle you have I'd love to check it out so just briefly I'll go ahead and show you guys the rest of my Jeep and you know one day soon I'm gonna do an entire review on it so you guys can see exactly what I've got going on and I'll let you know some of my plans and you know what I hope for this thing to look like in the future so let's go ahead and check it out all right so on the sides I got my at most decal my mash decal caution canine decal I also put these on the back more of a scare tactic my uh my husky is not the meanest guy in the world so more of a scare tactic and anything but I definitely think it helps aftermarket wheels these these wheels were on the Jeep when I bought it it's actually a green it probably looks black in this video but uh in most lights it looked black but it's a deep forest green got a match decal up here on the front to these jeeps are a hardtop Jeep but it's uh it comes apart in three sections you got the front panel here the front panel over there and then the whole back piece comes off by itself the jeeps are these manual jeez don't have not no electric components or anything on the door so these doors are made to come off so you just pop that off and unhinge the door and it's as simple as that as far as the speaker system goes it's actually ran through the roll cage here and the speakers are up top and yeah so that's a pretty cool feature does that like I said it does have a fully built in roll cage these things are pretty heavy-duty and meant for you know off-roading interior is a pretty nice in my opinion you know it's all black cloth interior just depends on what you like got the windows tinted I keep a little tactical dad bag here for my little girl you know got the got the big baby diapers and extra clothes and stuff like that in it keep my EDC bag down here a little bit of miscellaneous stuff some extra water for my dog whenever he rides with me nothing too fancy guys having had this thing long I hope to do a lot to it but like I said this stuff can get expensive but overall I'm very happy with this purchase I think this is the best vehicle I've ever owned and I don't envision myself owning anything other than a Jeep for many years to come if I do own something new it'll be to trade something trade this in and get a newer version or something so yeah pretty awesome yeah if anybody else has jeeps show them off guys I love these things I'd be happy to see yours too and see what you've done to yours always I'm always looking for ideas and things to do to mind so that's about it guys I'll go into detail on this in a later date in another video I just wanted to give you guys a quick rundown my bug-out vehicle what I'm working with so hey guys if you like this video please remember to comment like subscribe and share to your friends all the support that we get here at masks I can't thank you guys enough for it I really appreciate it and just remember you know our growth is completely dependent on our member support and you know from everybody sharing our articles and sharing our videos and stuff and every little bit helps so if you like this please share subscribe to our channel and I'll catch you guys in the next video see a little bit of paracord thank you huazi survival in this cards at which I'll be glad to be one news and I do

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