Bug Out Survival Tips – Top Prepping Mistakes

hi it’s AlaskaGranny did you realize that camping is a form of prepping camping prepares you for a bug out situation you can test your emergency survival skills when you go camping is a form of prepping if you are worried about having bug out gear or emergency gear and having to
bug out if shtf or in an emergency situation well then you need to conquer your fear and actually go camping to test your skills and your gear so if
there’s an emergency and you are the person in charge you will know what to do to bug out and survive and now you have to get
all your bug out gear really know how to use your bug out gear because if you don’t you could
be in a very bad situation you need to become familiar with yourbug out gear and emergency gear it’s fun to
learn to use your gear and you can learn to face the challenges that you can overcome that
help you feel more confident that you’re going to be able to face any emergency situation practice pitching a tent building a fire cooking over a campfire being outdoors seeing wild animals prepare for shtf by camping learn more
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