Bug out trailer and vehicle for sale.

right camper trailer would look fantastic they're just temporary wheels forcing upon alloys on there with a bit better ties fill the arches out there you go there's the awning so roll that awning with two legs comes out a few meters and we've got the warning light that works really well at night it's not too in-your-face got the LED lights inside so the control unit it's a digital one not some cheap crappy one with the flexible marine solar panel on the roof allows your battery under the seat here this is with the bed set up a double bed and it's got a blackout blind on that window there's prop alone one driver window this section here all these packs away under the seats tether the piece off there you've got two bench seats and an end bench there got the proper caravan roof vent with flyscreen these are the cupboards that one slides that way you've got that made the right size for wolf storage bins all the way up and then under that side there's a water tank and gas bottle sink in that corner there three burner hob here smooth and storage and draw these we've got a little plastic slide out drawers there they're in there so our plenty of storage there every one dollar for count blind as you can see it's a shorter door it's a garage door standard NATO hitch and all the electrics have been changed for 12-volt now also include the NATO hitch and that half of the tow bar so if you've got the leather type thing it'll go on there yeah that's a beautiful side tow is fantastic it's the original from stretch bar that much which makes it toast so much better it doesn't weigh much at all combined weight last time I weighed it and the soft top was 2.7 ton with all my camping gear in it as well so there's no beer in the back of it as well as that this will be for sale and as well the soft tops on eBay as well that's for sale I didn't want to salt the trailer port when my friends text Mandira now and he's given me a ridiculous offer and if we can get the money together in time I won't be saying no to it so there's an interest people also Dobbs portrayal del Sol trailer I really don't want to sell the trailer but I think I've got some still deliver with the reason I'm selling it my wife it'll matter because you see I've got a nasty over there and also you can see when she looked out the window is this stuff so I'm getting in the neck if I can get rid of that one that one the black horn will live there and the silly project if I can sell stuff in time will live there okay people the reason for sale I need to get some money together if you serious about the trailer send us a message he isn't going for nothing because bear in mind a good sound key is 500 quid as you know there's a thousand pounds worth of compass it just to make the the shell the obviously the steel for doing the box section it's got a full box section space frame underneath this you'll see me all the videos that's not cheap it's all marine ply it's all kingspan down so it's fully insulated it's a marine ply now after it's being insulated and obviously I mean just this work to pull out there's 90 quid to develop mininum before you even put fabrication costs on it then all the checker plate doors you know how much the things and everything cost full solar system it's not cheap bought I'm not asking silly money I basically want to get my costs out of it that's it so if you are genuinely serious give us a call but if you someone that thinks it's gonna be 1500 quid you dreaming because just think about much stuff cost costs in materials before you even build it I've had a few people that clearly don't understand how much things these things cost there's a reason that the Australian ones a $35,000 to $50,000 so anyway yeah that's a trailer also um pictures and things like that such a faithful group being booked out vehicles UK so if you're on there have a look at it there be a few pictures of this in use like a psych one Rover and trailers are for sale gives a shout if you're genuinely interested

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