Bug Out Van – New Mods & Future Plans

watson cycle cruises all the one motorcycle channel subscribe today hey folks if you miss a tour of my bug-out moto van click below to watch now wait I just want to do a little update video here on my bug-out modal van I did a couple of new mods here very simple and easy mods I just added two aquarium temperature gauges here I use one for the cabin temperature so I know about what the temperature is inside and the other one I use for my seven gallon water container that I use for washing up at the sink taking a shower or whatnot and for those of you guys that did know I had also have a five gallon container of reverse osmosis drinking water specifically only for drinking water with a hand pump there I know some of you guys think didn't realize that I had that also have of course a backup six gallon container of water for backup but you have the two temperature gauges very cheap include links to where you can get these if you want to get one yourself so now that when I get ready to take a shower and I want to heat up the water just hit you know flip this switch here which activates the heating element 300 watt heating element that's in the seven gallon container of water and just wait till I reach a certain temperature here and that'll let me know how warm the water is so that way you know I don't have to guess at it and then I can take my little shower or wash up at the sink or whatnot as far as I also wanted to tell you guys I forgot to mention in my review video when I went out to Colorado this came in very handy this dispenser here the dispenses the hand sanitizer so that way it's Satan y'all you know a lot of water every time I wanted to wash my hands handling the dog you know I just tapped the dispenser here and get some hand sanitizer when I was good to go now as far as future modifications future modifications here I did get rid of the microwave because I don't use a microwave and it just takes up unnecessary space and adds weight to the van so what I did is I I'm going to remove this nightstand here and I'm gonna do a custom-built cabinet and that way I can utilize the space all the way up here and down there'll be a single door with shells and it'll be contoured to the rib here so that it fits nice and flush and that way I can put all my cans of food put my clothes in there I'll have more room to work with and that way I don't have to carry a container underneath the bed like I did on my trip which takes up extra space and it's extra junk to the van it's all about utilizing the maximum amount of space here in the van and so I'll do a full build video on that it'll be very simple in design just like my counter cabinet here that I built it's more I'm more about utility value than it then looks I'm not a carpenter I'm not a woodworker so it's just going to be very simple in design and so look forward to that video but that's all I have for you guys if you want to see a full tour of my van if you haven't seen that video I'll include a link in the info section of this video actually all of my van videos where I took the trip out to Colorado my van build series the review on the van the tour everything that I did on this van I have a playlist for so if you want to go see those videos they're in my bug-out van playlist over at my website psycho Cruiser com click on the menu bar my videos and then select the bug-out van video playlists and also have a bunch of other playlists as well they categorize all of my videos over 530 videos now so or you can go to my web a youtube channel and you can type in the search box and put in a keyword and that way maybe you can find a video that you're looking for because I know a lot of you guys always ask me to do a certain topic but a lot of times I've already done it so just go check my old videos I appreciate it guys thumbs up if you want to see more of these bug-out van videos and subscribe to my all-in-one motorcycle channel I'm not going to be taking any more trips this year drain the tanks and but I'll be taking a trip next spring I'm thinking about maybe going to the Smoky Mountains and riding Tail of the Dragon maybe I'll bring my CBI 1000 hablar or maybe not maybe I'll bring a wr250r I don't know you know as you guys know I'm not about doing any ballsy moves out on public streets anyhow but it'll be nice to hit the twisties on those beautiful roads out there and enjoy the Smoky Mountains so maybe that'll be my next trip so look forward to that and I absolutely love this van guys everything worked out absolutely fantastic so until next time I'll catch you guys later deuces welcome to psycho cruises click the gold links just click on the pictures below to go to my recommended videos and my social media sites also don't forget to visit my blog and store at psycho cruiser dot-com if you have any trouble clicking on these links there are also provided in the info section of this video thank you and subscribe to dick check out my new channel where I'll talk about anything and everything not just motorcycle related psycho cruiser motive law

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