Bug out Vehicle- electronics part 2

there's another item I think rechargeable batteries are far superior nowadays the technology has sort of reached the point where they don't die they don't squat off power and you know the older ones if you guys familiar with those or tried to use in those years ago it was really kind of a disappointing waste the idea was great that you could recharge a battery but you also know that they weren't anywhere near what a standard alkaline could give you and some of these you know 26 milliamp batteries such as this energizer are incredible and these are believe nickel hydride nickel metal hydride and you know they're great great battery for rechargeable battery and you know I having to pick this up on clearance and it's feature that got me was it had a cable for the car and that was a great feature for me because at the time I didn't have some of the other things that meant I could recharge batteries while car camping while driving around and then it has one for the wall obviously for the house but a lot of these tiny little Chargers just have a little flip up jack in the back that you just plug into the wall and you know that's not going to do you a whole lot of good unless you carry an inverter in your car and so it was just a neat way to do carry a rechargeable source for all of your electronics on the fly and I recommended you guys you know start thinking about that all right well I'm down there I'm hardwired in this in and this is my mind werder what an inverter will do is it'll take your DC current from your car battery 12-volt car source it'll turn it into AC current at 110 volts basically 115 you can check out with voltmeters you know most your items will say is 110 it does have a USB 5 volt DC jack which is great for you know a lot of your modern stuff has two jacks I recommend you not get once any smaller than 400 watts 100 watts is enough to run small appliances lap tops just about anything short of you know blenders tires things that are going to suck up it's not going to run your home TV very efficiently but a lot of especially into these sort of camping low amperage motorhome type appliances you know you're not going to have any trouble with this and you know good ones and this is a block in dec remodel this was only 22 dollars i think at target it does have a cooling fan which i think is a great addition because these things create heat when they when they make you know that transfer from DC on up this one is especially robust it has screw attachments so you can hardwire in hook it directly to your battery if you choose to use it that way you're also able to draw your 12 volts to the same system from a cigarette lighter some of your modern cars a cigarette lighter really isn't made to pull a lot of that same ambridge so some devices won't be able to get the full juice it'll also create heat in those wiring harnesses behind your dashboard which isn't the greatest so if you you know if you ever install the car stereo or something like that like here's for instance I've got an amp under here and I've got a larger table for the power and this goes straight out to the battery you know if you run it straight to the battery you could hardwired and I could easily mount this you know up here under the dash and be able to plug stuff right in my passenger navigator whoever's next to me can easily hold a laptop and you know run certain things off there but you got to remember unless you have everything made for 12 volt service out of a car your bug out vehicle is going to be able to adapt we'll get into extra batteries and powering those from alternators and stuff in a little later video but you know and how many things are you going to be able to plug in to one cigarette lighter you know and even if you get one of those adapters it's the same as in your house when the fire marshal tells you you know you shouldn't have one extension cord plugged in and eight things attached to it with all these different multi ports you know like I mentioned if you're wiring it maybe it's an older vehicle like this one if you haven't modified it to carry that amperage you know you risk a fire behind your dashboard and you know slowly I'll get through some of those videos in and we'll go from there I'm going to do a little electrician action and little maintenance action and we'll get to it as we go but sort of want to highlight some of the items that you can start getting right now and some of them are at a great deal because people are going under places are closing or it's a product they're not going to be caring anymore and you can get a surplus these things for a great deal I mean see my i'll probably just drew these all together in one big video but yeah keep your eye out for good products and start buying them now

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