Bug Out WHAT!!!!!!!!!

thanks to back again this is pain stir I just want to do a video I'm in the video in a while and I was looking online about them bug out vehicles and my take on that is I mean if you're going to bug out in a vehicle and you're living in the city it's going to be hard to get out I mean everybody to rushing out I got two trucks here have an 88 Bronco to pick this truck up or foreigner bucks I 100,000 mile 102,000 229 and I'll ride it out I just adore the rockers are good i got the doors over there forty bucks usher ons glued and and I also got this behemoth this is a Dodge Ram 96 38 teen idol hood I think got too much light here but uh that's what's your left sides got 35 on it good meat I can't win a total box trucks in pretty good shape and its tax on and you know another thing about i did a video about again I'll get cheap cars and and yeah I got the trike in the back kids are riding last weekend guy told me is a the same guys bust me about cheap car oh you can't get two cars he tells me all right well you can get cheap Carlos you got a cube truck I said well that's what trunk and I said well I saw see where i can do I said you know I'm not really into buying trucks right now because it against but uh I'll sue I didn't go he says he says oh well you know people from would be on a lot of people don't i see well i'll see what i can do so i went to craigslist everybody get on craigslist you know have to be a dealer to buy off craigslist i bought they struck off craigslist i paid 1600 our first truck tires on this truck it's on a good view tars came with this truck these tires new or 250 bucks i would say there's 200 hours of threat on so it's eight hundred dollars and tires on his truck the sacks there's seven and a half inch deal stacks kid pay 935 dollars for the kit and that's what out install so i paid six hundred dollars just for the stacks and tires i got the truck for free full wheel drive feed me oh well drive can't wanted dole antennas CB la la la all the good stuff time of cover was leaking on bone cooling out in the parents bottom of BMW he went to a college and his mom didn't go into a job interview on his truck so I've on the BMW so he's asking 25 for a truck actually went to East Java University and you can look down at 18 and I try to get him down 16 and he wouldn't do it but his parents are like you know what I got a thousand bucks in the tires you know we paid dumbest a thousand dollars for the pipes on his birthday let's call 16 get it out of here so I game 1,600 bucks drove the truck all had no heat just pissing colon so putting the water pump on it coolant the colon gasket to any on a time cover gasket to put that new on it and new fan belt and she's race friday and I you put some stuff in nerd us to try to seal it up and called the heater core in it and I fixed that blew some air through it so yeah it's race-ready inspected if you look back on my old videos with that maroon van that i bought for it was 800 and i sold a conversion van and i made 27 off that so I paid for both Vega vans and I made a profit there if I drove the van for free for a year put 20,000 miles on it I sold the van for 1200 total cost i got in this was inspecting it everything's twenty six hundred dollars but a sold demand for 1200 and it was all profit I drove it for a year for 20 off of the brake pads so take 1200 off that a truck I have 1400 dollars in this truck and you know it's a nice truck so can you still get them like that yes you can it takes a lot of time you got to be near the computer don't be when you see a deal you jump in your truck you jump in your car and you go you buy it you know don't wait around because nothing sits around on craigslist so anyway back to them I story to bug out vehicle what would I choose if I was going to bug I will choose the Bronco too why would I choose a Bunco too because you can make a right off the highway and go through the woods you're not going to be able to keep your vehicle when you're bugging out that's not going to happen unless you had a wood burning vehicle that's the best thing to get that's the best vehicle diesel I don't want to hear about diesel ok and we much diesel around you're not going to find a lot of vegetable oil and it's all going to be hoarded up woodburn being could be the best but this I would run this off the highway I can get in between trees of this truck it's so small turn so sharp if I'd put like a jerrycan on it full tank of gas get me where I want to be strip her down for shelter you know yeah i mean i wouldn't even think about having a vehicle and you're bugged out or you're hiding from somebody the truck way too big for every bug out vehicle I mean way too much on gas you're not going to clear anything in the woods you're going to get hung up I mean it's got a level kid in it I mean it's pretty high I mean it's not real high but it's I I mean it's got a big bed space and stuff but not ideal for my god Leah cool truck they said I paid 400 for it and everything I put on it was tires it's got 39 50s on it I mean it's it's pretty high so it's got a stance to it then we'll put the doors on it and to fenders and just hit it with a fifty-dollar paint job or something I don't even know if everybody just better spray bombing or something but it's a fun little truck to drive around and it's not new tiny minds but for a bug out I think this would be perfect unless the wood-burning truck and we get a wood-burning truck you get with economy council extras on it and maybe something if you had something like that i bugging out trunk maybe if you had a conversion kit that you can pull along with you convert it in the woods or something your tools you know that would be an ideal way but to drive around now as a wood-burning truck and it's your daily driver not good idea so a lot of people were insane well you diesel diesel there's these on gas in case we're going to learn how to feel so I would not plan on riding your vehicle around the woods I mean you know what we need a vehicle for you know tired up using for shelter these seats out of it just used to get somewhere I mean they're both full drives its full driver go places or you know I mean in a lot of places but we'll wind chill and get some weird places with it oh I haven't been on a while I haven't built anything but I'm sure I'll get back i doing things and just give you a little update of what i want to say i got my dodge done and my van is gone and the room bands gone and i wasn't going to say oh sure do you carry my truck i don't know how to see it much less team tearing my truck at the woodgrain dash I don't like the newer DRA juice because the dash brakes on them they just crack the other thing with the newer dodge is the four 7s or junk junk motors they're expensive replace like took green for a used one I mean they're just highly wanted motors the 3a teens or a dime a dozen the trainees are a dime a dozen the trainings are junk and dodges we all know that but if you take it easy on it be fine now give you a better video the Rockets in the garage right now it's raining out I don't know if you can see the tailgate or anything let's go a little artwork on the back green Reaper the toolbox came with it and it's a decent truck show and for 1400 when I got any way I'll get that all day so if I drivers truck for three years and I put out for 1500 this truck will go and I drove for free you know no payment no car payment to and who needs a new truck you know you buy a truck like this and then it's not that bad shape it's not rotted out looks nice you know here for 1,400 bucks you know you're not even know for 20 30 grand you know the truck does have a lot of miles on it that's 205 on it but uh it's not bad you know runs good and it is what it is Stevie Bronco to pretty good shape 400 bucks like I said and this bumper is Lowell the only I don't have a spot of rust on them from the bumpers just just the doors rotted out on it and the rockers are good you believe in you if you look on ebay you want a lot money for these trucks I don't know why I mean but I got the door is there they're not rotted out got him for twenty bucks apiece and I'll be throwing him on and it's seen a couple new fenders for fifty bucks I'm going to snatch them up throw it on there and throw a cheap paint job on it spray can or a roller and be done with it maybe have 700 bucks in it ain't bad for a full drive SUV 100,000 miles with a 290 you know it's going to hold up and he said he's ticked this thing don't tick and you can tell us she's old but uh she ain't bad yeah sorry for the lighting but uh so that's what I'm up to I probably building our bikes on I wrote looking at a over up mini bike so I don't know if I get it for cheap it will be doing something on that as the camping thing goes maybe next year still working on getting everything my financials up and everything you know so I'm probably getting our conversion van and we'll go from there and do some camping so I would see making a trail ridge pole with this but i'm not going to pull trailer so that's it for now thanks for watching there youtubers i have a good day bye

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