Oh you you hello welcome back to two bros today we're going to show you about making a bug out bag and i'm going to show you one that i put together and what this would do is have everything you might need for sublease 72-hour period of time if you had to vacate your home or get back to your home if you're out and about and something happens like an EMP hits or who knows what and you need to maybe be on foot or if you are at home and you need to leave for some reason but it's fire earthquake biological release nuclear accident flood whatever it might be where you can't stay at home then you have to you want to have something you can grab throw it on your back and bug out quickly and could throw it in the car if your car runs and you're able to do that or you might just have to put it on your back and head out on foot so i'm going to show you some of the things that will make this easier so first of all i want to talk about the kind of backpack that you should have this is a internal frame backpack this is important to understand this because when you have a lot of gear that you're trying to carry if you've just lugged of something small to an airport for instance you know what mature that could be and if you imagine trying to do that for miles maybe carrying that kind of weight you want to have something that's made for the job so an internal frame backpack has a frame that transfers the weight of this not just onto your shoulders but onto your pelvis as well so you're you're not fatiguing your shoulders now here's an example of a traditional backpack like you might throw two things your books at school or something in if you load this down and it weighs 30 40 pounds and all of that weight is being focused on these two straps on your shoulders is going to really fatigued you it's going to cut off circulation and nerve supply in your cervical brachial plexus here it's it's not going to be very fun and you won't be able to do it for very long so you really need an internal frame backpack if you're going to carry anything substantial so this is better than no pack but it's worth the effort and the extra expense to get an internal frame backpack so what I'm going to do is show you not necessarily an order of importance but just as I open this backpack I'll show you what we got so we'll start on the outside we've got our cold steel shovel this is a really fine well made heavy-duty durable shovel maybe ice cold steel the course can dig 'with it can be thrown you could use it to hunt with you could use it to defend yourself defense with you can sharpen the edges you can cut with it chopped like a hatchet with it has many uses very handy thing to have I have that here on the outside on the other side I've got groundsheet now groundsheet will you roll this out you have to lay on the ground and it'll inflate automatically when you open this and then you close it and you have a little cushion of foam and air under your body so to keep you warmer protect you from the the heat sink of the earth pulling body heat out of your body and make a comfort of your laying on rocks or roots or something pretty lightweight so it can really make a difference if you get good night sleep and that's so important to get comfortable sleep when you're when you're having to walk and and do a lot of manual labor okay so we've got several compartments here and just this is a removable could be a daypack that you could wear just this foot essentials in if you're going to go out from your camp not very far you don't want to take the whole pack with you but again here but I've done I'm going to turn this over loaded this with okay this as a bladder a hydration bladder and has a tube that comes through here I have it inside all true and you can keep hydrated that way while you're walking you just have this tube and you can drink from your hydration bladder without having to stop take it off poor something and drink that you can just keep moving so on the other side we've got that food again this is going to be for like 72 hours three days potentially if you're saved 6070 an hour away by car it could be several days by foot to get back home so you want to have enough quality food that doesn't weigh a lot so this is some albacore stakes get some white chicken stack and field and dried apricots got some spirulina plankton tablets it's the highest energy food on the planet seventy-two percent protein is ninety-five percent to adjusted when these are the tablets you can chew on those and they will sustain you so I've got some coffee filters if you had to filter and make any drinks go make coffee drink or beverage or whatever I'm very handy this is knife and fork and spoon that all fits together and here kind of handy this is a selection of little packets of herbal tea just heat water and there's coffee and a chocolate drink so these are easy to work with you just open the package it's like a unit portion each you don't have leftovers to do so so if you might want to get too quickly to be something to eat you're traveling to stop so so I put them in here now each pack is going to be different with different compartments and zippers and they're all unique so you'll have to find the best configuration for yourself this is how i did it and the outside shut the compartment here now this has urgent see blanket it's like a Mylar blanket and I've got cordage in here I've got parachute cord cordage can come in so handy for so many things you want to make sure you have that and this is some smaller Masons line which is which is pretty strong and if you need to to lash anything create a tripwire whatever you can use that going to compass and this is an analog watch not a digital electric watch which would be inoperable after a CMA or EMP pulse this is the old-fashioned lined up analog watch so if you wanted to keep track of time you can have something that would actually work suitable binoculars these are handy if you want to see in a distance these are 12 x 25 and they don't take up a lot of room but they give you a real clear view what you're trying to see I got all that in this permit now moving down to the lower compartment I've got basically clothes I've got a hat if you need to keep the Sun off of here lift that hair some gloves if you're climbing or are you going to move the building a debris shelter whatever it is you need to protect your hands but you want your fingertips uncovered so you have dexterity to do fine motor skills so this protects the back of your hand so some gloves to keep you warm very important a pair of shoes you can walk in and extra sock you want to have dry socks if you peek it wet it can really create problems for if you get a fungus in your feet or something it can really put you out of commission if you want to have dry socks you can swap out while you're drawing another pair ideally I've got these in here this is a radio this is a crank up power it's a multiband shortwave radio it's got weather AM and FM plus has got a little LED light which is could be handy and you just again no batteries needed crank it up and so that kind of has a small footprint and take up a lot of room but could be handy if there was not an EMP because this would get fried in a EMP pulse ER CM e if it wasn't protected in a Faraday cage got some dog chains that I use for my Doberman and Mike she was with I might need to have a collar for her to keep her contained but these can come in handy for all kinds of other things so they don't take up a lot of room so I just felt guided to throw them in a little carabiner here and these can be used for lashing could be used for hanging your ham it up which I have right hand this is my bed very lightweight and this you would string up between couple trees something it's cool if the bag is part of it it's all self-contained so you're not going to lose the bag forget it there's nothing to blow it won't blow away so here's your s hooks that you would attach your with your cordage we're out a couple trees and you can sleep comfortably in this you can get inside and you can be covered and concealed there's different ways you can configure this it's very versatile but again it doesn't weigh much and doesn't take up much room and it all falls right back into itself so that all fits in this little bottom apartment now on the outside I also have this little Gerber machete which was very handy so you can cut in saw with it if you had to build anything you're building a shelter getting wood for your fire-making camp furniture whatever you're doing this a handy dandy tool so that is right on the outside so you have access to it also another little compartment here i have a little tackle box for fishing em side i have a fishing rod and reel this fits together nicely right here and let the tackle on the tackle box extend this and you're ready to go fishing and get you some food for dinner so again this takes up very little room and can be very helpful for providing food have a knife kind of a medium sized fixed blade this is a cold steel knife that chose retrofitted with a shrink wrap handle so this could be handy for chopping cutting stuff that you might need around the camp for protection self-defense as multi uses in the kitchen food preparation so have that in their accessible these are on pretty much on the outside you can get to these things very lazy a little handy shovel it's all stainless steel so if you had to dig a hole or bury something or anchor something you can dig it to the roots different plants things bury your waist handy little shovel so that will fit in a small compartment now if we go inside this also has a rain cover that you can put over this while you're wearing it or why you're storing it this is the hydration bladder I mention it goes in this compartment top this is a folding cane if you get injured you need like a crutch or a cane to help you walk doesn't take up much room it also be used for self-defense so that fits in there nicely move floss very important along with having food you got to have toilet paper this is all fire-starting devices so we have lots of lighters and there's a little torch that uses a regular butane lighter and it'll give you a focused flame you could actually solder with something like this you could start a fire with it but it focuses there we go focuses the flame in one area again we've got couple packs of water waterproof containers with I have some cable ties these things can come in really handy for lashing things down and they're pretty strong so they take up a little weight and they fit right in here they have hurricane matches and striker again this is waterproof I have another waterproof with matches in there with a striker on the bottom you drop these in the water or whatever it will still function a magnesium fire starter you've got your magnesium rod and you create your sparks to get your fire started these are like large matches and you can strike these to light them and they burn for several minutes pretty hot you can get a fire going pretty easily with one of these so it's like your tinder your kin Lane everything all in one you get these in a box of about fifty or hundred of these so I just put like three and I figure 3 days I might want to have three fires with there's other ways again you want to have at least five ways to make a fire so waterproof matches little candles and tea light candles you needed illumination at night you want to create a lot of light so these all go in together so I know if I need fire to grab this bag this is the light bag this has flashlights the skin the National maglite that's led very bright 3 watt bulb and you can use it as a attitude adjustment tool you need to this light has LEDs very bright and hangs like overhead could be in your tent or wherever you're wanting to eliminate as for double-a batteries I took one of the batteries out because the switch is here and it could turn itself on in your bag and then when you need it the batteries are dead so click one of the batteries out and I have it in this bag also you can just pop that in if you need it to use now this is a light that you wear on your head and you turn it on and it eliminates your hands are free and you can see either red fruit night or you can have the bright and that's led so it's going to last a long time and the batteries will last a long time this is another handy crank up flashlight you crank this thing for 30 seconds to a minute and you've got several minutes of light with the LEDs inside here so you don't really need batteries with this so this is the light flashlight bag so all of that stuff is together course you could carry any of these in your pocket also the towel we need to wipe your body down nice to have a natural fabric tell the rep portage that this is 50 feet of braided nylon rope you can use this for all guys for rescue for securing for making a camp for putting up a lean-to for all kinds of stuff can't have it too much cordage there's some smaller 50 feet of and these are both braided nylon they're very strong a lot of tensile strength this is little grappling hook that could be used for retrieving something from seeing the water for you could throw it to gain access to climb up on to something good could have several applications put them in there so bag with kind of medicinal stuff I got some nature gel this stuff is so good for bites and stings and he's got herbs based in the base of a local Angela and other real good herbs in there some iodine this is a iodine and iodide together so if you need to protect yourself from radiation exposure iodine-131 from the nuclear accident something you have that there as well as you thought right needs it every day anyways these are a little itch relief for stings this is a repellent and you can spray it on a turn your body to take up a lot of room and this same thing for itching real relief some coal and herbs it's easy to get dehydrated and constipated period especially in a stressed-out survival situation so there's some herbal capsules it will help you poop you need help there you can make a huge difference in how comfortable you are and how well you sleep all kinds of things so I have all those in this little bag easy to get to if you need them going further this little mesh bags are really handy for containing it could be dirty clothes could be food something you want to put in water cold water keep cold and it protects it and keeps it accessible ski tow netting if you live in an area there's lots of mesquite is this can really be helpful keep your head neck protected from mosquitoes and it could also be used as a bee fail if you're going to rob a beehive and get some honey or something okay rat trap you can get these at your local china mart or any kind of varmint store now this can be used to catch rodents small animals or it could be as conjunction with a trip wire to create an alarm like if somebody trips a trip wire and you've got to hook to this it's going to wake you up if you're not already awake and alert you that some thing has invaded your territory there wherever your trying to sleep or whatever so that can be handy for that a tarp this is six foot by eight foot tarp and this can be used as a ground cover you can use it as a shelter as a lean-to like a tent you can string it over your hammock and as a variety of applications but hard to replicate if you don't have it we've got a water filter this is the katadyn and it's a ceramic hand pump device you throw this in your water source could be a mud puddle it would be a swimming pool any river and kind of Creek a stream you can pump this and it's going to purify that water and protect you from any bacteria anything that's in the water that could be harmful to you so this again doesn't take up a lot of room one of these would be plenty for a couple people so water is very important in a survival situation most people that aren't in a survival situation don't get enough water let alone they were trying to survive extra clothes a long sleeve cotton shirt and it notice it's darker and mud it blends in more with like a wilderness woodsy kind of setting you know attract attention to yourself if you don't want to these are military BDU pants these are hundred percent cotton again they got a gusseted crotch they've got offensive pockets reinforced knees and but so very durable here's the matching top light jacket and again 100-percent cotton and you can be color coordinated and look good all your surrounding okay going deeper this is a handy dry bag it opens up and you can put whatever you want to keep dry you got rain you gotta go in water you could take stuff and put it in here and then you can snap this on to your pack also and so that gives you added capacity waterproof capacity here extra socks and underwear very importantly and a rain suit it's really important that you keep your body dry you can use a lot of body heat if you wet it's very important so this is a rain suit it's got a top and pants and it'll keep you dry if you had helped the storm hurricane there's a lot of rain and to your house got damaged and figure out in that bad weather you got to protect yourself so this another important thing to have and I think that's the bottom of the barrel so these things will make it a lot easier for you to make 72 hours while you're getting to a bug-out location a backup location that for whatever reason you need to leave your home you have already decided where you're going to go if you need to get home during your cars and you have your pack with you you break down or for some reason you can't continue driving you can't get home by roadway you need to go on foot you got this pack you got stuff to survive and so hopefully this is enlightening for you and can help you put together another pack on your own now I didn't have a first aid kit in here should you should have a freak and I was going to go through my first aid kit separately and it's pretty extensive but I'll do that in another video

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