Building a Survival Shelter in the Mountains – Day 1

Day one Each landscape is unique in topography, climate, flora and fauna Similarly, each landscape needs different survival techniques. Survival in these mountains is not the same as survival in the desert or on a tropical island This landscape offers new opportunities as well as new challenges On this adventure I wear my usual cargo pants, cloak and sandals My minimalist tool contains a gourd bottle containing about two liters of water About a hundred feet of rope that I twisted myself A survival knife from Ontario Airforce A Bayiet ferrous rod for lighting fires Twelve feet with hand-twisted Yucca cord Some pieces of dry beef I carry in my bag would be hard to find food And also some pumpkin seeds Dry beef and seeds are a good nutrient-dense food that is convenient and requires no preparation I want to take a quick second to thank today's sponsor, CuriosityStream CuriosityStream is a streaming service with thousands of documentaries and non-fiction titles About just about any topic you can suggest Do you like cute animals? They got it Want to learn more about quantum physics? Did you cover Anything from the worlds of science, nature, history, society and more I like a lot of the documentaries about the history of food and how early humans survived The best thing, it's only ninety-two a month Even better, if you get it for an entire year, it's only twenty dollars for the entire year.

And to my audience you will get thirty days free if you use promotional code Tarzan when signing up So click on the link in the description below and look at it Because CuriosityStream really helps keep this channel going Go to CuriosityStream dot com For unlimited access to the world's best documentary and non-fiction series And for my viewers Enter the promotional code TARZAN when prompted during the sign-up process And your membership is completely free for the first thirty days And now back to Survival Mode I've never been to this place before, so I'll keep watching what I find Simplicity makes life a more profound adventure After leaving the waterfall, I returned to this place with the rock wall Because it looks like a good place to build a shelter I was glad to find Yucca here As many people know, yucca is one of my favorite plants and has so many uses Another useful botanical plant is the willow tree Strips of the bark can be used as straps or to make rope, and even for medicinal purposes I gather branches to cover my shelter Moth in California is a very aromatic plant native to the western United States Native Americans have used this plant medically to treat joint pain and headaches And to treat rashes like those caused by poison oak It is also known as dream plant Indigenous people smoke it or drink a tea to make their dreams come alive The strong aroma of the leaves also repels insects So I'm going to weave some branches in the wall of my shelter I also used the branches of white alder to make the wall of my shelter The hot summer evenings hardly need a fire But it will help ward off insects and give me moral entertainment before I go to rest I use a bunch of California moth as a pillow to keep insects away from my face during the night Please sign.

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