Bujutsu Weekly Self Defence Tip – Bear hug escape

hello I'm sensei mark welcome to the jutsu martial arts and fitness center today we're looking at another self-defense technique that's particularly relevant to ladies and it's a man coming up from behind and grabbing around the waist and holding you most likely is going to be a friend being silly or it could be a stranger that you don't know you need to get them off so I'm going to show you how to deal with that first thing we have a look at is firstly how to use your body weight all I need to do guys you grab and lift her up pick out a leg and she's down on the ground so the first thing that learn is how to stop that from happening how to stop somebody from picking you up so soon as I come in from behind and grab Robins going to drop her weight forward okay now you saw how easy it was for me to pick her up before now watch how hearty they don't try my hardest to pick her up okay so just by shifting weight Robins made it almost impossible for me to get her off the ground so here's the defense move okay probably coming from behind she grabs me around the waist and he did drop my weight forward now reach back grab a leg and step behind my knee goes behind the leg keep my head up good posture I grabbed the other leg now with my right thigh I'm braking balance with this thigh here watch how easy it is for me to kick her up and in a moment ROM is going to demonstrate how a good technique will cook me up I'll just drop them on the ground shift way forward reach behind grab the leg shift back raking balance with my thigh now here we go grab the leg use your fire – get her up in the sky up and out okay now Robins going to show how simple this technique is okay it's all about technique an osprey Robin's 56 kilos I'm 88 0 so lipstick out works for a girl against a heavier and stronger attacker by coming in I grab this way takes a leg behind here we go

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