Can This Alaskan Teen Keep Native Hunting Traditions Alive? | Jewel’s Hunt


you never know what you’re gonna see when your Apple is that thing I just got I was good reading practice so I had a long day my name is jewel Wilson I’m 16 years old and I live in in Tikrit Alaska a big part of my life is so systems hunting which is getting your food from the land [Music] once you catch a moose the day after everyone in the town knows about it [Music] good morning in the theater I looked up gets Saturday September first we begin the state moose hunt today that means the end of Thames river is open everywhere from hunting good luck and hope you catch a moose since my older brother and sister are in college now it’s just been me and my dad hunting are like really close yeah we thought about moving away from me to Cleveland both my wife and I were both raised on the subsistence lifestyle we want to pass it on to our kids I don’t even know what would it be like to not be able to subsist this is one of the ones that I got about three or four years ago one from last year that I got and this is Jules first moose we share all of our food that we get with our community negative feast seal intestine [ __ ] screams darker blue the moose head boiled down this is all traditional native food [Music] Alaska is warming up fast and that means big changes for people who live there especially for Native communities that rely on hunting to survive yeah we have to go farther to get caribou and we’re not seeing as many seals sitting for the last two years [Music] brighto maybe too hot out Stila yeah son yeah they don’t move when it’s warm usually by this time of year we have moose have been killed a little slow right now though we’ve been going down to every day and we haven’t even seen it once yet [Music] oh did you see a moose if we weren’t going to go with assistance hunting at all nothing no gathering then we’d have to go to the store consistently every day and that’s just too expensive for people who can’t afford that Angra do you have delivery trucks I’ll bring your products right to your store save Dave not next day here we have two they’ve flown in so like cancels we miss our Freight then we have to wait here comes all at once another goal and a lot of what we get in usually close to rutting a gallon of milk in Anchorage is what $45 sores are on their 1374 a gallon here I say did they pass yeah – here I’m talking from here okay there we approach Daniel Austin all this country you’ve been looking at and we can’t even find one most to see a lot thanks Lou a lot actually it’s you have to go a lot further out to find what to find Gabe now like last year there’s people by the birds I caught a moose now they have to go way upriver hey LM go down the go phone its back I’m just gonna circle don’t fight back Oh [Music] if you’ve killed one calm loose over a 10-year span that cub looks could have produced with its offspring up to 30 to 40 moose [Music] subsistence has just been a big part of our culture in the many years we’ve been here so we’re just trying to keep the cycle God [Music]


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