CR-V bug out vehicle update

welcome back to the wealth around this everybody just about going here and film a couple shoots and just when we get interrupted by those deer I have been tracking here a week or two but we just wanted to stop and give you guys a look at the CRVs new updated state of affairs hopefully that guy in the vet doesn't come over here and yell at me but check out inside we've really refined it down we've got a fishing rod on either side that's all fish and stuff and in back we've turned it into a survival gear type situation we took all that stuff I had lash down and we just put it in one central container for ease of tissue for transport so makes for a lot better stuff this latches to that that's the EDC the day carry bag and this is everything else there's a here boat a couple cans of food a water container and everything I like a pair of gloves my hunting jack is just everything you need a propane bottle heater you know just just the bare essentials but as you can see it gives me a lot more room to utilize the power and the extra power outlet that I installed and it's just a lot roomier in here now I can actually fill it up with groceries use it as a daily drive car and I don't you know you can't see all the stuff out there cuz concealment is another big one that that's a kind of a must I'll take you back around here to show you what's in the SIA and just something right with a pair of extra sunglasses for the passenger and umbrella and over there we've got the honeydew my mag light a crowbar and that's that's immediately so I can grab it to smash out that window if we go I'll throw it or something like that just give you another look I'll just snack my scalp on my pan pitch jig and that's it that's about the end set up on the CRV bug out vehicle so thanks for watching and remember there's a wealth around you

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