Crayfish Hunting in Tasmania | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

I'm 30 feet down using a dining system I'd never tried before called snuba I'm trying to keep my air hose from strangling me praying I don't run into a great white below the surface I try to focus on finding a crayfish I fight through the thick kelp underneath it these Krays are hiding somewhere in the nooks and crannies limbs on the line I place my hand into the unknown of each dark hole damn these crazy move by lightning finally I managed to spot a Cray poking his head out of a crack in the rock it fights me with all of its might using its powerful tail to break from my grasp while I've done a little diving in my life I'd never quite experienced anything as majestic or rewarding as catching at a Z cray [Music] look at the size of that baby man they move fast yeah yeah right I can't wait to taste the motor right there and the sweetest thing you'll ever taste guarantee hard work done it's time for Shane to make the most of this beauty by cooking it two ways while the amazing tale goes into the pot Shane serves up some crayfish sashimi look at it gonna throw in it beautiful sabe nice look at that the sheen on that is incredible isn't it yeah bloody you know that this delicious always tastes a bit better when you've earned it next Shane serves it simply steamed the money this is where it's at nice look at that baby oh my lord god the weight of that yeah I mean it's enough for six there is enough you've done extremely well today look at that Wow that is delicious Joe I'm amazed of the yields in terms of that's the muscle there you felt the power of how much it is and here you can see yeah see how it all equates that crayfish was translucent delicious meaty sweet and super firm incredible I'm definitely use it for my face at the end of the week I'd love you to come and join us I would love to you know what goes really well with this a bit of wallaby I think you need a bit of game in there bit of each I know a lady that might be how to help you out service yeah don't ask any other locals for Sara Sara yep loves a bit of fire yep she'd be right up your alley the addition of a protein that wallaby would be amazing yeah that's because mainly in serpent her that has to be a centerpiece on my feast do I do it like a seven turfed I keep it separate I got to think about that but what I have got is an amazing start because that crayfish it's like the rolls-royce at sea basically travels they like to catch you at the end want to see more for my uncharted adventures please click here to watch more clips

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