Current Bug out vehicle dress-out and must haves

hey everybody welcome back to another episode of the wealth around this is an update for mix flip in the gang with the crossover bug-out vehicles but this is a little episode I wanted to do about the thoughts and mentality of the crossover bug-out vehicles and just brought out vehicles in general and some really must-have items this being the first of them a good CB radio I'm able to pick up stuff you know on all these different channels around here I've met recently since I've had it Preppers I've met other people like-minded people like me mister high-fidelity from North Carolina and he does a channel on YouTube I have yet to discover I don't know if he does his tags right but uh I've been looking for you buddy I'll get back on eleven and talk to you but uh this isn't like an absolutely must-have item for a bug-out vehicle of any kind if you don't have communications it's not really you know much of a bug-out vehicle and you want to be as well equipped as you can be for just about anything like right now it's July 4th and we've had severe thunderstorms hence me having it up underneath this tree so protect it from hail but as you can see turn these guys down a little it's easily mounted it pretty much is just like a bolt-on type of thing not really many modifications remain for it I didn't you need to buy a hook for it because I have the honeydew works just fine for a hook and an antenna of course but that cord has lots and lots and lots of slack on it so I can actually like pull up to that this thing over here get on top of the CRV and put it up way higher and I'll get much better reception and range off of it and kind of turn it into a little base station the CRV itself is basically a generator I have power ports all over it and this little item here I don't think a lot of people are ahead of me on this but uh yeah we can turn the CRV into a portable generator slash solar generator but the battery setup and the voltage regulator and whatnot on it so that's another little must-have I feel that a lot of people are overlooking those are available at northern supply Fry's Harbor Freight another must-have item you got a bug out you know do it right another little thing I don't know if a lot of people were putting in I have these in my bug out bags but uh you can see what I'm wearing right now to protect me from the rain and this came in real handy earlier when it was heavy downpour but uh it's a nice little thing that eco dry I don't know if you can find these any more about this at my salvage store but that's what it looks like it snaps all the way open and all the way shut has easy access ports it's breathable it's green recyclable you can burn it and it won't let off any toxins or anything and lasts a long time it's a lot better than you know emergency poncho kit and it's breathable I mean it's really not hot underneath it at all and it's real form-fitting and tight and I like it you know it's more durable didn't just you know junk and it all goes back into this snap top pouch and it goes right back under the seat with a serious medical kit I mean this is as serious as I am qualified to do but we had an instance recently where a woman fell and skinned her knee and I got my little medical kit out of my bug-out bag and damned if I wasn't as disappointed in it asking about was just about it may as well it'll been nothing it really a couple of antiseptic wipes and some band-aids that's not going to do anything for you so I've got actual gauze in there tape disinfectant saline wash bottle of alcohol some emergency stuff pads things like that emergency drugs like antihistamine and benadryl stuff for my allergies when those acts up sometimes but all that should be right where you know where it is where you can get to it at all times and you know probably be it's just about the same size as that when this thing is packed up into it Farah series go you can do a lot of things with them like we also have GPS in my bug-out vehicle we also have this right here which is just a simple like iPod adapter for your radio but with that I can hook this very phone that I'm filming on up to it and it does all sorts of things it's like a police scanner of fire emergency scanner it's got an emergency band we've got satellite internet we do have audio visual capability if we need to make contact with it its 3G unfortunately it's not 4G but it'll do it'll do and it's satellite phone so basically you get reception everywhere I've never been in a place where I really don't get reception it's like not in a cave or something and through all three or four of these mediums you can basically you know retain contact and remain tactical and remain informed out in the field and that's what you know a bug-out vehicle should be it should not just be you know a four-wheel-drive car you can pack all your stuff oh yeah it should be a system a truly much much more modified vehicle than you'd see normal civilians walking around with because really it's you know it's not for sheeple people don't know how to use bug-out vehicles that's just my thoughts finally last little cute thing I installed on it for mix lip so thanks for watching everybody and remember there's a wealth around you

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