ok today we're going to talk about a very important step and prepping your custom through your parts to get them ready for primer and paint we're going to be prepping the joint area this as you can see the factory color is pretty close to what I'm going to stay with but they put a white ball joint swivel in there so what I'm gonna want to paint that to match their did billions in when I have my figure done when it comes from the factory it's pretty tight this hard plastic doesn't take paint very well at all you can even see where they had tried to paint it for the factory but their factory painted it and hopefully it rubs off but we're gonna we're gonna do away with that paint road we're gonna make paint hold if you look in a side view of it you can see the raised edge raised white edge we're essentially gonna do away with that this is one that I've already prepped as you can see side view of it pretty much done away with any exposed white but you can see another example as you can see here there's not very much gap at all compared with this guy we've got a nice decent gap in there so then when we paint it's not going to rub or paint on when it articulates through the joint the way I do this is with a multi-speed roadie rotary tool the bit I use just like a little dentist burbot style bit I usually keep my speed said about halfway crazy what this was that is fairly really cookie clean cuddle on the piece which is important because you don't want any burrs and phrase and a little ground piece of the plastic lift off also use an exacto blade to trim any extra burrs that will be on there you can scrape them all for the edge of the exacto blade make sure you can check your gap make sure everything is nice and clean on your on your joints before you paint okay for this clip the Dremel itself was a little too loud to hear me over so basically what you want what you want to do is you're gonna slowly take off a little bit of material at a time you're going to keep your bit parallel to the surface you're working with so that you get it nice and flat and you don't have any uneven surfaces on the edge try not to get into the edge of the limb around the actual joint and just slowly take your time take off a little bit at a time until you've got a surface that is smooth and even with the edges of the figure around it for example this joint is white when I hold it sideways and look at it I want to be able to not see any white sticking up over the silver parts of the actual figure part so I'm just gonna let you watch me Dremel this thing away with it sped up and listen to the music and I'll get back with you on the next clip okay the next thing we're gonna do is we're going to take I've gotten like it's a synthetic terry cloth type towel I take that we're gonna rub rub away Annie excess we see up to the edges once we get up to the edge little every board nail file file off these edges here get rid of the loose pieces that are left over from dremel II and filings and shavings all good and use a synthetic because it kind of is like a juries little more friction I'll drop off any excess see one little bit right there it's good flip it over same thing on the other side a little cloth there should be problem areas take your exacto blade check in our joint here make sure there's nothing jammed up in there Stephanie on the other side she's a joint make sure it's nice clean there you have it now that won't rub off pain whatever user gone because you can put your level of paint on and you've got a nice gap and ice travel through to the other side so that your your joint part is not gonna rub okay the next step and getting a good paint job on our figure and now I have a joint rub is primer this is a badger airbrush brand self-leveling water-based acrylic polyurethane surface primer that I use it's great great problem also suggest acrylicos vallejo makes a great service primer it all just depends on what color you're gonna paint – what color primers for this just kind of use a brush a little primer on these guys I'm gonna be doing a whole lot of color change this badger primer as you can see it drips out I mean it's same good consistency of a good quality of acrylic paint paint I'm just gonna take my brush a little bit hang on now I don't mind if I overlap just a little bit because even though we're staying close to the same color of this piece it is gonna change a little just like was your paint damp coats I do one little thin coat make sure everything's good covers on it other guy think make sure you've got your joint extended all the way to one end and then you're actually painting there will be your overlap rather than just going he's gotta be exposed and all you don't paint above the flange of the pig because that's gonna be buried if it sided harm I don't want that exist and therefore gripping around this but it's articulate that simple private once the primer was this drives come back a few say 15 minutes or so put another nice little coat on it after that let it cure for a few hours I usually don't use the little cure for two or three hours then I'll come back and actually put my color on here and you'll see a tremendous difference okay now that our primer is Jazmine dry cure a little bit of color I'm using acrylicos vallejo gone gray besides as well players don't want to see why we go home and with a good paint like Vallejo or Citadel bottle masters your paint flows anyway so it doesn't take a whole lot for good coverage and there we go yeah the one I've already painted now once those dry we'll flip the joint to the other side paint it chicken make sure once again that we don't have anything that's gonna rub and then we're gonna seal it and we won't have to worry about it ripping off and we articulate our figures all right on to the next step okay now that the paint has dried then we put over a joint we're gonna want to roll it to the other side where you hang the other side I always like to take my exact or not come in I find the scene just run your exacto knife if any pressure really just sold it out away from her we see our pain on this side the other side okay now for the last step and keeping our pain from rubbing off for our joints going to use superglue the original superglue Jill got a little bit of it already out on a post-it note here what are you gonna do is take a toothpick a little small bit on your toothpick paint it over the painted section of your joints cover the pain oh good all the way down to the bottom and you want just a really really thin layer of your superglue Jill tip of the toothpick just right on the actual hard plastic part of the joint itself the little fan code for superglue Joe once that dries I will do just like we did when we painted it take our exacto knife blade go into the side of the of the actual joint just to open it up a little bit in case the glue set up a little on the sides move to join all the way to the other end put our little coat of superglue tie it in with the other super glue on the other side and then it's sealed it's not going to rub off your super glue is gonna hold it there and you can pose your finger to your heart's content your dog in a rub off give this a little bit of time to dry I'll come back keep the other sides and they don't will actual see the joint articulating and actually okay our glue has had time to dry so what we're going to do is we're just kind of roll the joint around to the other side give it a nice little coat of glue spread over re-roll designers one thing I did do before I rolled it over just take your exacto knife lay the blade in just roll it over from side side and I just opens your gap just the case whenever the your spreadsheet looted case you go there just opens it up and let's assert it glides freely a tortoise that what you say and once it dries have ruffery joints scared now with anything I would recommend before you try this on a good stick your parts then you know you want to have one set of lower arms I would take some scrap pieces and in practice you know get some old junker figures legs is you're not here practice fight this makes perfect as Winky I want to thank you guys for tuning it was it can be sure to show us some some love all the video like it and share it subscribe to our Channel thank you all may the force be with you

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