Deer Hunting With The AirBow Air Rifle / Day 18 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Texas

[Music] I'm Zachary Fowler and that's Chris thorne and this is the 30 days survival challenge Texas there's only one rule if you want to eat you got a catch and cook it I think I hear turkeys like just outside her camp all that traipsing around I hear turkeys I'm gonna get up go after my long johns [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] fresh underwear [Music] switch knives again this morning little back forage one of our sponsors sent me this one I've been liking it using it a lot beautiful beautiful night a little chip here banging on it badly poor handling of my knife but I'm gonna switch back to what I was using at the beginning this knife here from Casey knives put that back on my belt no particular reason I just switch back and see now what the difference is between the two knives and how I feel about them both seem to be really excellent knives and this one's in Fowler Orange I think I might just burn these old underwear there's been a deer that's come through camp and since I'm not running off to go and see if I can't find those turkeys I'm a little dejected after so many days of looking for turkeys and so I'm gonna stick here it can't but have some breakfast and and rig this thing up with an arrow that buck comes through here again like it did he's mine so good and sharp especially I don't even know the name of it but Chris gave it to me to use and he said that most that it matches the the way the practice had most accurately without so it doesn't throw off the aim and stuff since it can't be shooting this at targets from practice I'll pop this on one of the air bolts for the bazooka the giant slug behind it just so it fits in the 50 caliber then you got the arrow is they reach up and poke it through my tarp get some more close to 15 shots 10 shots 12 shots on high-power or something like that ud is is I could have this out here I don't need air tanks from a scuba store put it in and give all the fletchings a twist in the same direction there we go they're all twisted and folded and down she goes I just need to seed it with something I'll just use the butt of my knife she's in there we go she's locked and loaded set to low power I tried to use it on high power but practicing with it on the come on the but practicing with it on the crossbow target they punch right through on high power so I got a I tuned it up it's the digital scope so I just have to go in and change the settings from being zeroed for shooting lead shot to being the way a zero dump for shooting the arrows on low power profile 2.0 load scope is good to go we are ready to shoot the airboat if that deer comes through I'll make myself some coffee and wait [Applause] [Music] that rope stick this morning [Applause] it's amazing how lazy you can be with fire lighting here you get a little bit of flame on anything the little teeny stick and then you just pile a bunch of stuff on it and within seconds just heard like a pigs grunt just outside I can probably cuz he came and smelt the fire and that was like uh turn the other way but I'm gonna take a peek and there is animals here everywhere and so many times just out of range just when you think you got it figured out something like the storm comes the other day and changes the dynamics completely when we lose our ability to catch catfish for days and days and then we catch a big one after it goes back down and then the other day I felt like rain a bunch and the turkeys were just were not out in the evening who knows but it's consistent persistent effort if you don't put your hooks in the water you don't catch a fish keep on keeping on and all that [Music] who is date changed drastically it was almost starting to be like Sun peeking out and things all of a sudden it's rainy Chris is up and Wow rabbits to rabbit Absolut's rabbit raccoon crawdad catfish do by this point the ever Stu go hide back under my shelter [Music] dear diary I would give anything for a salad right now I hope Chris doesn't bring back another raccoon I go back in time until 6-year old me how awesome vegetables are and how you're totally missing out and you have no idea what it's like to eat raccoon for two weeks straight wonder if I believe myself it's Sunday that means it's livestream while we're out here we're heading up to the front of the property Chris is already up there I'm meeting him and me doing away in and a QA so let's see what I weigh so once again the live stream went extremely poorly we did the weigh-in on Chris's channel but he's deleted that since then so I can't show you our actual way in just my emptying in my pockets and we had the butcher box as one of our sponsors they are a healthy choice for awesome subscription meat that comes to you monthly in the mail I love them but we got only one rule for this survival challenge if you want to eat you got to catch it and cook it yourself and that doesn't include coming in the mail so we did something special with this butcher box and we gifted it to Bob and Shana to say thank you for having us out to the property and allowing us to do this 30 day survival challenge out there on their property got any questions leave them in the comments below and also all of our other sponsors that made this whole adventure possible are linked down there if you want to know what gear were using those are the gears and the sponsors gears that we are using out here gears I don't know if that's right but whatever that is all over the livestreams in the weigh in I got to get out there hunting but I'm surprised I've only lost like two or three pounds in the last week I think the scale is a little teeny bit off but even so it was off by two pounds when I saw I stepped off of it so it's still like like if it was that would be five which that would make more sense I think as you reach your fighting weight and me being already heavier but not not overweight as I was before alone that you you you drop less drastically as your body is in tune with your outdoors thing and I've already been in a ketogenic diet before this so coming into this it means I didn't have to transition and my body and dump all this unwanted things and have to transition I'm looking around as I'm talking cuz I'm like oh I gotta get out there and get there I feel out there and get some something bigger Chris bought in raccoon today but we really want a turkey for Thanksgiving oh that comes out pretty easily I was wondering how that would go I don't want to use that I want to use a slug for the turkey but I can bring it with me should I get a chance at a deer I did want to get a deer with the air bolt I think that would work a lot better make things go quicker so what am I got here I'm down a little bit I surprise throw a hundred pumps on her it wouldn't hurt nice shot a rabbit last night the rabbit the day before and some practice shots and some shoot some stumps whoo fifty snack before I head out hunting rabbits – Shh don't anybody tell Chris I'm eating right out of the pot actually whoa just falling apart beautiful rabbit from yesterday's dobo get it just right hmm everything I'm growing boy needs the Evers do is now got a little bit of everything we got some crawdad bodies we've got some rabbit we got some raccoon oops maybe I should put it into my pan just rich broth I was big about fat layers there used to be on top because we've eaten most of the raccoon catfish in here and a little bit of everything there we go snag some of that rabbit blopps of fat from the raccoon it's hard to tell what the rabbit is and everything now it just also melted apart in here oh that's a air bladder from the little fatty air bladder from the catfish there we go we got some raccoon you never know what you're gonna find in the ever stew it's just a little bit ever thing get it Evers do everything some fat let's dress it all up with some wood dobo the rabbit is very lean so this fat from the raccoon with the with the rabbit hmm it's like having a little blop of butter with it very good definitely highly recommended and this'll be interesting I've had these on the coals before the air bladder from the catfish is very fatty no it's good very fishy very very fishy actually that's almost the most gamey thing our pot the entire time I've been out here how fishy that flavor was of the air bladder and I know what people think like deer that has a gaming flavor I don't go huntin hey race you ball Safety's on let's go oh there goes another deer [ __ ] down do some huntin feels like it's a lot later than it is I mean it is pretty late but huh it's so dark out all day it's just turned how y'all like glimmers of Sun this morning so whatever that's uh that's weather for you on the corner and see if there's something there spike horn Oh couple of them having a tussle their ways over there I can hear one over here blowing because the wind is coming right at me so if they're coming down this way I'm okay but whatever one is over here is pretty startled so he's going shh shh I was gonna use a slug but since I don't see turkeys than the deer all over the place maybe I'll take it here with the air bolt all right this just blows I'm sitting here getting my idli wetter and wetter as this light misty rain stuff comes in I don't know if it's gonna keep going or either way if it keeps up like this I'll be soaked in an hour you're gonna charge my way back slowly see if I can't surprise something and get a shot all right that's I might do at least that way it gets me headed towards back too small too small too small for they got antlers gotta have a 12 inch spread or 13 inch bread yeah 13 I think that was that was not their check on the river see if we've got anything this is when it gets to be survival miserable gotta keep on going on there's rain coming down and I just want to be back under my canopy nice and dry keep trying though rebate the hooks and get back or as people are like ah you got all this stuff you're just camping this is where it becomes the difference between camping and trying to survive up or catching and cooking because we're just camping I'd say I'll go back and eat those steaks and hotdogs I brought with me but right now I know if I don't do this I might not it might be my only chance of eating something bigger or better tomorrow but keeping these hooks faded [Music] [Music] I'm done playing hide-and-go-seek with one four hug ten minutes now trying to get the camera into position realizing the flap was closed and not getting it any went over there and I went over here later I had brushed between us he couldn't smell me cause I was downwind for a member but after ten minutes I can go seek it is now lights out and so it is he's safe not allowed to shoot him after this time a night our victorious blowgun slash trapper Chris he has managed to get us another raccoon we're back in raccoon fat hey unsuccessful very close very very close like I stalked I had my sights on one deer but they were just weren't quite 13 inches and the next one was big and they like played hide and seek for a little bit I got my guys on film and I think most of it I'm hungry and I'm feeling like something fresh since we got the new raccoon maybe some cracklins and some fried crawdads yes let's do it yeah I'm on board all right eat some raccoon raccoon raccoon raccoon basically just shaving off chunks of fat which will do turn it into chips and then there'll be a lot of friend or fat in the pan and we'll have the crawdads in there with it and we'd have a feast OOP it's done there we go all right this what a feast this looks epic yeah because the flavor of this meat is what's gonna be the star oh yeah yeah well what was that crunchy bit that you just ate that [ __ ] that was a piece of raccoon meat fried up mm-hmm I'm going for a crackling mm-hmm I've tried mine up with the the tail and then I'm gonna the small ones I like I picked those and give him the bigger one so I could eat them with the whole shell mm-hmm oh wait I got to say grace lord thank you for this delicious smorgasbord of fried up food and our [ __ ] fat thank you for crawdads and jesus name amen not a bad day mm-hmm fresh raccoon fresh bat and fresh crawdad due to this primitive trap I made check out the video linked in the description primitive catching cooked crawfish in a cactus hot pocket I wonder if it's the fried foo this making is actually like not lose weight as fast well I think there are denser calories all the fat calories mm-hmm so over this last week as we've started to get used to our diet out here and then we're eating these denser calories and even though we're eating once a day because we're having fat for energy it means we're not hungry except for once a day and then we like almost a day's worth of calories but just sigh because we're still losing weight dumb people like you're gonna have a heart attack after all that fat and stuff but that's not how it works you get your body gets fat and get clotted arteries from sugars and carbs that turn into bats the bad sugars this is a treat because for the most part everything we've been eating boiled as boiled stewed soft tender you know kind of thing you feed the old people in a nursing home so they can get it down and you know to be able to fry this up and have some crispy things which we don't have out here not actually well not nor net normally but we've done something here that I don't think a lot of people do mm-hmm today this is one thing I could really go for is a really nice salad yeah all right time for bed it wasn't your fault that that first deer was too small it wasn't legal and so tuck you in don't you worry about tomorrow we'll get another chance all right you'll get another chance I'll take you out we'll get one no I can go to bed and I'm in oh it's good to be in bed it's good to be in bed I have been out here for 18 days and not once did that outdoor vitals sleep bag when I try to zip it up did the zipper ever get snagged on the sleeping bag it always zipped all the way up they did a cool thing I'll show you right here this cool thing and it's like a shell over the zipper and so it zips up without zipping the edge of the sleeping bag and getting all stuck I don't know why everybody does just do that that's like the most innovative thing I've ever seen got a little bit wet on my walk back unfortunately I was able to change into my second fleece I brought two of everything out here basically so I have you know two pairs of pants two pairs of socks two pairs of underwear two wife bless errs a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt and a jacket a quilted jacket my this one's my L bean and my quilted outdoor vitals I like my outdoor vitals one almost better it's a little tighter and eat this one's more like a poncho and like a thing but I hate rain gear I hate I hate getting all sweaty inside of a wet on the outside and sweaty and stuffy and a plastic suit inside but then again I've never really owned a nice beautiful set of like ultra light breathable rain gear or anything like that on alone I ended up using my ringer the entire time even though it rained a lot I only used my rain gear for a doorway in my shelter eighty-seven days and the hood was a water catch so I had like a sink inside he who's out of the hood and I just wore my jacket that got wet and I'd bring it in dry it out every day but as enough for now thanks for watching guys I'll see you tomorrow hello out

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