Dental Supplies For Preppers to Stockpile- Prepping Emergency Teeth Dental Kit

dental supplies for preppers to stockpile dental supplies for preppers emergency preparedness Prepper first aid stockpile hi it's AlaskaGranny it doesn't need to be an end of the world emergency for emergency preparedness prepper stockpile you want to stockpile some dental hygiene supplies dental supplies for preppers to stockpile if you've ever been at bed time you want to brush your teeth you want to find a clean toothbrush toothpaste dental floss and things like that to keep you going on a day-to-day basis so you want to stockpile for emergencies prepper pantry stockpile some extras of those first aid hygiene items things so you will always have enough we don't want to have to worry on a day-to-day basis that we have the supplies that we need so make sure that you are stock piling extra of the simple everyday items that we enjoy having in your emergency preparedness stockpile to brush our teeth and maintain good dental health make sure you have an adequate supply of toothbrushes and toothpaste no matter what kind of floss you like make sure you have extra floss I like to have plenty of chapstick and I also like something like Blistex or Carmex so if you get a sore around your mouth you can pat some that on your skin a few extra dental supplies in your prepper pantry emergency preparedness supplies that you may want to have on hand for your emergency stockpile to avoid a dental emergency is a little kit like this from DenTek repair lost filllings repair loose caps repair loose crowns on your teeth DenTek for temporary repair for lost fillings loose caps on teeth these are the things that are going to happen to you at a dental emergencies and how to fix them yourself most inconvenient time you may not even be able to get ahold of your dentist for several days let alone get an appointment so something like this kit from DenTek helps you repair a lost filling for a lost cap or crown on your teeth take care of your own dental emergency until you can get to the dentist can be a real lifesaver a product that my dentist recommended in case you get sores in your mouth is something like a peroxide mouth rinse there's a name-brand one called Peroxyl but there's also a store brand or generic bottle of Peroxly peroxide mouth rinse if you look around you swish the peroxyl or peroxide rinse around in your mouth for a minute and it really can help ease any sore or pain that you have one dental health item most people don't even think about being a dental hygiene item is table salt salt stirred around in warm water can take care of all kinds of problems in your mouth or even help sore throats make sure you are stockpiling salt for all your prepping needs we never know when we're going to encounter a problem and so you want to provide the things that you can while they're readily available so no matter what comes your way you'll be able to get through it and you can handle it stockpile basic supplies for dental health care learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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