Discreet Prepper – Prepping From The Hip: Survival Gear To Have On You

hi this is Brett rainbow from scream pepper thank you to Nanette at discreet prep where we built discreet every day carries survival solutions we want to make sure you have the emergency gear necessary to handle those situations and to get you where your loved ones home safely and we want to make sure that gear is within arm's reach today we're going to be looking at some survival tips and tricks for Preppers this might be the ultimate little side pack you can take with you everywhere and it doesn't really show that you have anything in it first of all I needed a cell phone case so I went to Menards found myself this fearless it's called fearless cell phone case it's got a heavy duty police or military style hooking back here which locks in place you have to lift it off your belt to get it on hook that's a very secure cell phone case it's got the velcro top holds a flat phone okay it had a pallet has a pouch in the front and it had a little notebook in it has little tube type areas on the side which you would put like a sharpie or something so what I did was I put a fire striker on one side tied the strap down through the middle and out the bottom and on this side I have a little stream light flashlight they're not it's not terribly bright not terribly huge but it'll get the job done when you need a flashlight so I got a light on one side fire on the other on the inside I packed it with some goodies that will get you by in an emergency let me show you what's on the inside here first of all I have a sharpening hone I have wet fire for starting fires so you could split it into two pieces and that means I would have four fires in bad weather if it's raining it's snowing whatever this stuff will light no matter what that means I have for guaranteed fires once these are out I would use the striker the way I would with any other tinder or would and I would dry it or I would cut off the wet bark and use the inside of the dry wood and then shave that down and use that start my fire so I would use make a traditional fire but this would be for inclement weather inside I also have twelve packets here for water purification this is called portable aqua each tablet will do one quart so what I did was I put a 1 quart ziplock bag in with this and wrap them up together with a rubber band and I wrote the instructions on here in case I forgot but each pill will do one quart of water and takes four hours to cure so I wrote that on the pack here so I have my instructions with me so I have 12 quarts of water and inside I also put some paper clips paper clips can be folded up to make fish hooks you could use them for all kinds of things but right now my idea is this goes with my belt now let me show you the belt this is the bell i wear everyday this is paracord power cord 550 of strength cord 110 feet long of power cord so if something happened let's say I'm at work all I have with me is my briefcase and what's on my body what's on my body is 110 feet of rope which can be broken down and divided into smaller fine cord which then I could use if I had to for fishing that's what I would use this for for the paper clips I would make my own fish hooks I don't want to have something sharp in the side of mice my cell phone case something poked in my hand I don't want to I don't want sharp fish hooks sticking through my wet fire package or through my ziploc bag that's why I'm just using the paper clips they're not real sharp on the edge and I can always use the file that's in my super tool my Leatherman super tool to make fish hooks out of that so right now I have a way that gets some protein in me I have a way to stay warm I've way to sharpen my tools I have a way to have potable drinking water I have rope that I can tie things I've in the back whatever I have way to make fire I have a flashlight now you've if you remember my other video I showed you what I always carry on my person anyway I always carry a Swiss Army type knife this has all the tools I would need and it's all blade a nice sharp blade screwdriver all that you know Swiss Army knife my new addition is an M&P one-handed tactical this is the MP model s/w mp3s so it's a really nice one-handed tactical it's heavy duty metal frame it's got great rough edge here to hold on to so it doesn't slip out of your hand it actually has a lock on it kind of like a gun so it's got a little slide lock here I thought that was kind of neat I don't know one I'd ever have my knife lock but with the kids around you never know it's got a nice belt clip on it or that I wear this in my pants and just hook it on your on your pants like that so all my person I always have two knives and I always have my cell phone case and my cell one case on my gear my belt I always have my rope last but not least in my briefcase I have this flashlight this is made by Larry and it is a triple a flashlight led super-bright it's got one two three four five six seven eight LED lights as you can see super-bright what's nice about this is I can clip this on the collar of my shirt when I'm working so I can work hands-free this moves so the top of this moves around so I can direct the light wherever I wanted to plus this is magnetic so this is a nice little handy light it's nice and thin I could put this in my my BDU pants my five 11s it's nice and thin doesn't take up any room super light so I can always have a decent flashlight on me and as I showed you before I have my super tool 300 made by Leatherman in this on each of the ports on the side here I used the tool logic tools this one here I'll show you the let's see if I can get it the tool logic logo now each one of these has onboard flashlight I can tune it just right so it's got a little flashlight so here's flashlight number three and a fire striker okay so that's second way to make fire then ever here I have another super tool this time with a diamond hone and once again another flashlight so I have now four flashlights on my person plus with this super tool I can sharpen my tools I could obviously have pair of pliers wire cutters that are replaceable you can take an allen head wrench take these out put new cutters in there it's got a fantastic serrated blade it has got a straight blade that is sharp enough that I could shave with it's got a metal file so like I said I can make my own fish hooks I can do a lot with a real file it's got punches it's got screwdrivers I also have a great really good saw for cutting wood everything I would need right on my person hooks on my belt takes up no room all goes back in its case and nobody knows the difference you're walking around with a toll on your on your hip that looks like you're just a handy guy I have my cellphone on my side no one's gonna wonder anything about that you have a pocket knife no one sees the pocket knife in your side no one knows I have a hundred ten feet of rope on me if you want to keep your prepping quiet not let anybody know what you're doing this is the perfect getup for me I just like to have something at my fingertips in case of an emergency you never know where you're gonna be what's gonna happen lately when you're watching the news if you're watching YouTube you're seeing some amazing things around the world that have never taken place they're now having tornadoes in Japan the tsunamis the cyclones that the Hurricanes that are just getting more more powerful you now have sinkholes all over the world they can't explain in the Dead Sea I heard or something like 3,000 sinkholes in the Dead Sea you don't know where you're gonna be what's gonna happen you don't know where an earthquake is gonna happen we live on the ANU betray'd fault right now you never know when that thing's gonna go or Yellowstone's gonna go if I'm walking down the street and something happens I have what I need to get by I have what I need to take care of my family for a short period of time to get us to a place of safety to get us to shelter obviously everything we need is in the truck or we have our backup backpack in the house I have a backup backpack in my own car but who says you're going to be near your car who says you're gonna be near your house what if somebody comes by your house and picks you up and takes you out somewhere for the day and something happens you have to rely on what is in your pack here on your hip so to try to make it easy for you I gave you all the model numbers I gave you everything you would need this fearless model it's called a cell phone pouch that's very original by the way cell phone pouch and the code is RT C T P a P G 3 3 a – a PG if I get a good view on that for you so if somebody wanted to find one of these you can probably find this on Amazon cheap these flashlights here this is a Larry flashlight model number five six one eight great little flashlight the super toll 300 check out tool logic and look at their line of additional tools that you can add into these little these old holes these little tubes the frames that hold the tools in place check out what they have because you can put a variety of tools in here whatever you're looking for thanks for watching I hope you enjoy the video and learn some of the new if you're interested in any of our products please go to discreet proper comm if you have any comments or questions please email me at be creamer at discreet proper comm subscribe here to our YouTube channel like this video and like us on Facebook thank you have a great day and God bless you

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