Do You Need a Bug Out Bag for WROL or SHTF???

straight up surviving where's your backup Magnum what kind of a prepper are you without a b.o.b it's right here dudes it's not a hundred percent done yet it's still work in progress and I'm probably a couple weeks away from doing a full video about this but i just wanted to show you what it looks like and sort of my philosophy behind the bag choice so this is just like a normal sort of school bag from my local mountain equipment co-op for you Americans it's sort of like REI Canadian version I wanted to go for a sort of a normal-looking bag I didn't want to go top loading mountaineering I didn't want to go talk to Cole with any camouflage stuff I think an important thing about bug out bags is that they look normal and that they hold a reasonable amount of stuff okay this is what my philosophy behind this bag is just there's a disaster I don't know what kind of support i'm going to be getting i'm just going to leave the house i only have time to grab one thing and this is it it's going to have everything in it that i need to survive for 72 hours or whatever time frame you know that you personally think is acceptable so yeah just it's pretty normal looking if you see a dude on the street wearing a bag like this you're not going to think he's geared up or whatever it's got a couple of fluorescent strips on the outside of it so that it's easy to locate easy to be seen or I can take those off and go covert if I want to it's also got a it's got a strong carabiner on the outside as well to attach things to it um and the rest of the kit you're gonna have to wait for it's not done yet but this is the bug out bag that i chose let me know what you think and yeah stay tuned the kid video is coming soon this will give me a boost get it done in the next couple weeks to train you guys I just watching

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