Dog Attack Shows Important Keys to Surviving | Active Self Protection

Even though dogs are man's best friends, we must be prepared to defend them if they are close. Hi everyone, this is John, with today's lesson on Active Self Protection. I am not entirely sure where this man is. However, the original is in Spanish. So, if you have any information about this, please put it in the comments. I will add to the description. Here we see a man walking his dogs, and the dogs charge him. We will learn important lessons about safety around dogs, about getting out of the danger zone, What about viewers, and breaking the proximity effect to help save someone’s life. I am not very aware of this story, you can see this guy with all his dogs And we will hear everything that happens to this officer involved And then we'll come back to learn some lessons.

AGENT: I ​​agree, turn off the engine and put your hands in the air! OFFICER: Throw the keys out of the window! OFFICER: Put your hands where I can see them! OFFICER: Hands up! OFFICER: Shots, shots. OFFICER: There were shots. OFFICER: Hands up! OFFICER: There's a fall! We now have an audio tape with a body camera. We will continue to listen and learn some important lessons in a minute. OFFICER: Okay, can you move? OFFICER: Okay, are you ready? he is sure? Ready? I have you. OFFICER: He … doesn't move. AGENT 1: Wait here. AGENT 2: I have the camera on my leg.

AGENT 2: You are here: OFFICER 1: Here? Accordingly. AGENT: Wait. OFFICER: Look at him. OFFICER: Check it out. AGENT 2: I'm fine. AGENT 1: I know, I just want to review. OFFICER 3: Is everything okay? AGENT 1: Yes. Okay, now let's learn some lessons. It is a difficult situation, especially for law enforcement officers to stop a crime, it is difficult. Although police officers will not have to do this often, but we can also learn some important lessons. First, the armed struggle begins to see this officer being shot, He moved back and fell on his ass on the floor. Now, this is because he received it in his vest. But we also have to think about changing back. This is something that you really want to train. So, if you have to move backwards, what would be the first thing you think, they could do it without falling.

If possible, go to a safe place. You cannot blame this officer, even when a vest is fired, you want to back off if possible. Now, as we can see from a second angle, one of the things that I want to see here It is this guy comes out of firing squad. You can see at least 2 laps as he shoots back at them. 2 rounds that both were on the floor next to her. And this is a very natural reaction, because the hard grip on the gun officer, and he did to take the first low shots. But this is something that you really want to train friends with, especially low stress times, They want to put that first shot where it belongs. Because this will stop more shots in your direction. For the first couple of shots that didn't hit it really adjusted.

And then the first officer started shooting at him, managed to stop shooting. So the first shot is of great importance. Now, think about it for the first time here, the aftermath. There are some hot areas. When I talk in the community about caring for victims of tactical combat, when they talk about people not sworn, like you and me, They talk about the hot, hot and cold areas. Hot is when someone is shooting, you have to finish it..

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