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easy ways to start prepping prepper beginner tips tricks hacks prepping supply list hi it’s AlaskGgranny Alaska Prepper I wanted to share with you today some easy tips on how to get started prepping easy ways to start prepping whether you’ve been
prepping for a long time maybe you’ve started as a prepper but you’re not sure what to do next or you haven’t begun preparing for emergencies at all these are
some easy tips ways to start prepping and a checklist that you can go through and see how you’re doing
figure out what to do next a great place to start prepping beginning preppers is with food storage it’s important to have a good supply of easy to open food that is simple to prepare foods in your pantry if you can make meals for several days a few weeks even a month
having that food on hand prepper pantry is a wonderful way to ensure your family security long term food storage it doesn’t have to be some apocalypse for you to need to go to your pantry and be
able to prepare a meal from food storage what if someone in your family is sick and you can’t go
out to the store what if there’s a winter storm and the roads are closed or
it’s just too dangerous to go out and drive around there’s always the
possibility that you could lose your job or get cut back at work and have fewer
hours we don’t ever want to become redundant at work or get laid off but it
does happen and most of the time it’s when we least expect it
having a full pantry with foods that are easy to open easy to prepare and have a
several years shelf life things that you know how to cook and that your family
will eat those are the kind of foods you want to stock up on plan them as meals
don’t just put random food in your pantry plan on how you’re going to use
the food storage items that you choose what can you have for breakfast what will you serve
for lunch what can you make for dinner and what about some snacks store foods
that you would normally eat and then rotate them and add more you don’t have
to buy a month’s worth of extra food all at once many of us can’t afford that but
when you go to the store every time choose an additional item or two the
foods that you use everybody can figure out how to get an extra can of sue
another can of chili another box of cereal something that you know your
family will eat think of your food as a working pantry foods that you normally
eat and you’ve planned into your meals how you’re going to use them and have
extras of those things on hand along with food we need a supply of fresh
drinking water we can’t always rely that our water will be running or that the
water flowing from the tabs hasn’t been contaminated in some way you can buy
extra bottles of water at the store you can refill a variety of empty food
containers wash and rinse them very well and then you can refill them with clean
drinking water if the water coming out of your tap is already safe for you to
drink you don’t need to do anything extra to the water that you’re going to
store just put on the lid and store it in a cool dark place
never store water in old milk jugs it’s nearly impossible to remove all of the
milk residue and they’re simply not a sturdy container and trust me you will
have leaking problems you’ll have disasters if you try to reuse milk
containers and you won’t have the water that you would need to in any kind of an
emergency water takes up a lot of room and it’s very heavy so make sure before
you buy a large water storage container that you know where you’re going to put
it how you’re going to fill it up and that you’ll be able to move it or
relocate it if you need to another great tip is to have a water purification
filter if you run out of the stored water that you have then you’ll be able
to filter and purify any other water whether it’s flowing into your house or
whether you get it from a secondary source so that you can continue to have
safe drinking water know that some of the water that you’ll store will be used
for things like hygiene dish washing so fill a few extra containers of water and
stick them under your sink in your kitchen and your bathroom so that you
have extra water available where you’re likely to need it stash some cash money
– there are all kinds of emergencies where a few extra dollars can go a long
way to smoothing out an emergency type situation try to have small bills
collect them a little at a time save them up everybody can afford to put away
a few dollars at a time because if you think times their heart now what would
you do if times were worse and that does happen to many of us lots of times so
having the extra cash on hand gives you an emergency fund whether you need to
fill up the gas of your car you need to give your kids a few dollars for
something they need for school or you are in a real emergency situation and
say the power is out and ATMs don’t work you’ll have cash to continue to provide
the things that you really need keep your gas tank in your car as full as
possible never let it go below a half a tank when you don’t fill it up somewhere
you could find yourself in the middle of the night when someone is sick and you
need to go to the hospital and if it’s any kind of a distance and you haven’t
filled up the tank of your car you could have a real emergency on your hand there
are also times when there are fuel shortages and then gas is just not
available trucks maybe can’t get through or there are oil embargoes there’s all kinds of reasons you might find that gas is not
available when you go to the gas station I know I’ve experienced that many times
plus if you live in an area where you have an emergency evacuation from a
forest fire or hurricane your gas tank is full and you need to evacuate or go
somewhere in an emergency you’re already ready to go put yourself your Bug Out
Bag in your car and off you can go if you needed to declutter your home a few
minutes each day look at one drawer in your kitchen one bedside table get rid
of the things that you aren’t using clear it up so that you can organize
that that you do want and you do need then
organize the things you have in a way that makes sense put together candles
batteries flashlights put together fire starting equipment get some lighters
matches dryer lint cotton balls Vaseline you probably have a lot of that stuff
around your home but it may be scattered and disorganized and if you clear out a
little bit sort your things out just do it a little at a time a few minutes
every single day and before you know it you’ll realize you already have a lot of
prepping gear it was just scattered around and you didn’t realize it and if
we don’t know where our things are they’re not useful to us at all think of
ways to use what you already have figure out how they’re useful to you or how you
could use them in an everyday environment how you could use them in an emergency and the more you think about the things you have you could come up
with creative ways to use those things in every extra way that you figure out
how to use something it means that it’s one less thing you need to buy because
you already know how to make it out of what you have there are a lot of ways
that prepping is just interesting it’s fun it’s creative it helps you have
peace of mind that you have what you need and also gives you the confidence
that you can make the best of each day you can figure out what to do next
using the things that you have not sure prepping is for you try looking at the
news tonight and see if there’s anything that sparks a little bit of reasoning in
your mind of why maybe you want to become a prepper too learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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